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									Introverted Children

Many the most intelligent adults start their lives as introverted
children. Because introvert children are hesitant to respond and less
interactive than extroverted children, many people incorrectly assume
that they are less intelligent, but this is far from the case. Although
there is no firm rule saying that one group is smarter than the other,
all the research seems to suggest that introverts are at least
intelligent as extroverts as a group, and quite possibly more so.
Introverted kids have a rich emotional world and fantastic imaginations.
What they lack in social mobility, they make up for in mental

I have been reading a book on introverted children recently, and it has
told me some very interesting facts. Childhood shyness can mean many
different things. Many people incorrectly assume that it is linked to low
self-esteem, but this is far from a universal rule. A lot of the time,
introverted children are just simply more drawn to their own imaginative
lives than to other people. While other children seek outside approval
and recognition, introverts like to explore their own fantasy worlds,
perform scientific experiments, or investigate social phenomenon from a
more solitary outside manner.

The best approach if you have introverted children of your own is to take
time out with them. Just because they are introverts doesn't mean they do
not crave social interaction. Many of them will open up one-on-one in a
way they are not comfortable doing in groups. Read them lots of stories,
talk to them about the world around them, and engage their imaginations.
Don't require them to necessarily speak up in front of a group if they
are not comfortable with it. Instead, allow them to work on activities
that they are successful at such as puzzles and problem-solving games.

Getting introverted children to exercise can be a little bit trickier.
Although some introverted kids like sports, many do not like team
activities of any sort. One of the ways to get them to be physically
active is by allowing them to engage in activities like track and field
that don't really require a lot of teamwork. Some of these kids also
excel at martial arts, dancing, and other sorts of solo activities. They
are also good musicians, and frequently talented writers. Basically,
being introverted closes off few venues if any, and predisposes a child
to excel in quite a few areas. Just be patient, and your introverted
child will be a happy, successful.

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