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									Making homemade baby food recipes assures baby gets off to a good start
in life!

When you have a baby, there's no greater joy in life. Every parent wants
to give their child the best possible start to life. Whether you choose
to breastfeed or give your baby formula, at about 3 months of age, baby
needs to start on some solid foods. Pediatricians usually recommend just
a few foods to begin with, giving their stomach and digestive system a
chance to ramp up to the regular three squares. Once baby's passed the
rice cereal and applesauce stage, he's ready to branch out to some of the
other food groups. This is when you suddenly experience sticker shock at
the grocery store, all in the baby food aisle! You had no idea! Well,
don't despair. While diapers and car seats are unavoidable expenses,
there is a nutritious and inexpensive alternative to those pricey little
jars of baby food. Making homemade baby food recipes not only saves you a
ton of money, but you know exactly what your baby's eating.

You've probably noticed that there are the regular, national baby foods,
as well as the organic, 'all natural' baby food brands. Have you checked
the differences in price? Yikes! Stocking up on a single week's worth is
enough to give your wallet a heart attack! For pennies on the dollar,
homemade baby food recipes are fresher and more nutritious than anything
you'll find in a jar.

Besides savings at the check stand, another advantage to making your own
homemade baby food recipes is that your baby is eating pure food. No
additives, dyes, extra sugar or salt. With overweight kids now more the
norm than the exception, this aspect should be of particular interest.
Food manufacturers add both salt and sugar to processed foods for the
simple purpose of taste appeal. The regular baby food is no exception.
Once baby gets used to this added sugar and salt, he's less likely to
enjoy food that is not salted or contains no added sugar. With your own
homemade baby food recipe, you control exactly how much salt or sugar
goes into his cute little mouth. His future tastes will depend on what he
eats now.

Be sure to follow your pediatrician's recommendations on which foods
should be introduced, at what age. Beyond that, baby's meals can be
pretty much the same as what the rest of the family is eating. Let's say
you're serving boneless, skinless chicken breasts for dinner. While the
rest of the family may indulge in that yummy salsa topping, let baby have
the 'unedited' chicken. Your homemade baby food recipe is simple: dice up
a couple of ounces of chicken and run it through a mini food processor. A
coffee or spice grinder will do the trick.

However, there are special products made just for grinding baby's food,
which are a bit easier to clean and won't flavor baby's food with strong
tastes that can upset his stomach. Go online and search for 'baby food
mill' or 'baby food grinder'.

A homemade baby food recipe produces a superior tasting product as well.
While processed peas have an unappealing color and are seriously lacking
in the taste department, freshly ground peas may become a favorite,
simply because it tastes good! This means your child is getting maximum
nutrition, usually becomes a more well-rounded diner and doesn't develop
a distaste for his veggies.

All in all, homemade baby food recipes provide the best start for baby's
future eating patterns and overall health. Plus, with the savings you
realize, the cost of diapers won't be such a problem!

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