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									I love coffee, and it would be a rare day when I was not drinking it
whether I was away from home or sitting at my desk. However, I know that
some like coffee for the taste, but they also need that jolt of caffeine
in the morning, or as a pick me up in the afternoon. They may not have
the time or inclination to sip coffee as I do, so they go for a shot of
espresso to get them moving in a short amount of time. Those who don’t
want to make a stop for their morning drink can often find an espresso
machine to have in their home.

Unlike a large cup of regular coffee, espresso has a lot of caffeine in a
drink that would come in something that same size as a shot glass you
would see in a bar. The espresso machine can make this amount of liquid
very quickly, and often it is not much of a hassle. The grounds used in
an espresso machine are much finer than what you would normally put in
your coffee pot. The grounds are often from very dark, robust beans to
get the best flavor possible.

An espresso machine can heat the small amount of needed water very
quickly, and then it is forced through the very fine grounds. In most
cases, a good espresso comes out in about a half a minute total. There
are varying degrees of richness and smoothness that some like, and that
means they will have their grounds and their espresso machine set up just
to the perfect specifications so they are getting the same brew each day.
Espresso can be a bit thick, and even a bit frothy, but that is up to
each person’s individual taste for the most part.

If you want to buy an espresso machine for your home, you are in luck.
These are more popular than ever, and it is becoming common to see these
sitting next to a regular coffee maker in many kitchens. While most still
love a great cup of coffee, they may save that for the weekend when they
have more time to enjoy it. With an espresso machine, they know they can
get what they need within minutes and be out the door and on with what
they have to do. You can find these machines in stores and online, and
finding a great one will be rather easy.

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