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									Let me introduce you to today's money-making phenomenon. It's more
commonly known as espresso coffee. Countless coffee houses have emerged
over the past decade and a half. Starbuck's may be the largest one in
business, but they're certainly not the only java in town. There is a
plethora of little guys as well. Most likely you have at least one of
them in your neck of the woods. I reside in a small Mid-Western town and
we have at least four that I know of. That's in addition to our
Starbuck's. And you know what's great about it; they all turn a buck.
Naturally there is a reason for this. It's called supply and demand. They
supply the lattes, and we demand them every day.

My parents always shake their heads at the success of espresso coffee.
Since they come from the era of drip coffee, they fail to grasp what's so
special about espresso. Furthermore, they can't comprehend why in the
world anyone would fork out 4 bucks for a cup of joe. Well, I think the
success of espresso coffee is directly linked to the constant variation.
We now have endless options. We can get any number of espresso drinks any
way we please. This of course draws in more business. For someone like
myself, who doesn't really care for hot coffee, it no longer matters.
Because now I can get an iced latte any time of the year. And probably
some of the hottest caffeinated beverages amongst the young crowd now
days are blended espresso coffee drinks. Teenagers seem to go gaga over
these chilled coffee concoctions.

One thing that's difficult to overlook is the cost of espresso coffee
drinks. I will be the first to admit that they're overpriced, regardless
of where you but them. But, this is how the businesses turn a substantial
profit. We all need a decent income to pay the bills, right? On the other
hand, if you feel that contemporary coffee beverages are a rip-off, you
can always invest in an espresso machine of your own. This way you can
craft your own espresso coffee drinks at home at any time. This route
allows you to save money, and get more java satisfaction in the process.

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