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     Colon cleansing is a normal health manner to eradicate one of the main causes of colon cancer as easily as a
               kind of new ailments. The colon is the fatal level of the digestive structure in our system.
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                                               109 - Homemade Colon Cleansing
                                                         By Gerry Zimmerman

   Today modern science and advanced technologies have brought about a revolution in the medical
system. While there are many advantages of the advancements we witness today, there are some
disadvantages as well - there is a positive and a negative side of the story. It is always wise to analyze
both the aspects of modernization today and also be well aware of its impacts.

Our body is an extraordinary creation having an inbuilt cleansing system that consists of the lungs,
colon, kidneys, liver and skin. All these organs together work as one team to battle toxins and
eradicate them from the body. The major organ here is the colon. The colon is responsible for the
absorption as well as the recycling of minerals and essential nutrients while eliminating substances
from our body.

The colon has a significant role to play in toxin elimination. In order to eliminate all the toxins and allow
the colon to attain normalcy, you must periodically undertake colon cleansing or total detoxification.
Compared to all the chemical substances and the non-traditional methods of colon cleansing, the
homemade colon cleansing methods are safer and more comfortable. You can comfortably do the
cleansing at home with some herbal solutions.

Homemade colon cleansing recipes have now been made for centuries. It has been widely recognized
that a proper and healthy digestive system can result in overall good health. Over time the different
types of foods we consume tend to get clogged against the colon walls, thus allowing the re-absorption
of wastes into the blood stream rather than being expelled.

Most of the colon cleansing home remedies comprise of Bentonite clay which is used in wine making.
This is a form of edible clay having strong binding properties. It can easily bind with the waste build up
along the colon walls, thus helping in expulsion. It is generally blended with psyllium husk and water or
juice to be taken for several weeks. During this course of time, you can eat only fresh whole raw foods
like vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water.

Most of the homemade colons cleansing remedies are juices. Juice diets are known to be the best and
the most effective colon cleansers ever. Juicing the vegetables and fruits afresh allows you to have all
the essential nutrients contained in the same for health benefits. However, do not opt for store-bought
juices. Eating the fresh fruits or juices allows you to retain the enzymes that help in colon cleansing.
Also during a juice diet, you might feel the needs to drink plenty of water. All these things put together

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

can help flushing the undesirable matter from the body.

Colon cleansing must always be supplemented to ensure good health. Probiotics such as acidophilus
must be included for restoring good bacteria on the digestive system. Raw egg yolk and yeast flakes
act as multivitamins since they contain both essential vitamins and minerals. You can also add some
healthy oil to your diet such as fish oil, coconut oil or cod liver oil. Some unpleasant side effects of
colon cleansing such as fatigue and brain fog can be reduced with a vitamin C supplement.

Colon cleansing is one of the greatest ways of staying healthy. You can easily make your colon
cleansing recipes after developing proper understanding of the ingredients.

Gerry Zimmerman's background of marketing/reviewing nutritional and health-related products for the
past 25 years makes his vast personal knowledge available to help us all avoid unnecessary
side-tracks in our pursuit of better health. - Health Visit Gerry's website review of Evercleanse and
other colon cleanse products at: http://www.evercleansereviews.com

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                                                         Herbal Colon Cleansing
                                                                 By Paul Java

As a rule, when it comes to colon cleansing many people choose to go out and purchase an
over-the-counter colon cleansing treatment that they can buy ready to go. There are also many people
out there that prefer the alternative approaches to medicine, and natural treatments are an important
part of this; herbal colon cleanse products are as natural as they come and use ingredients that are
readily grown from the earth to help rid the colon of some toxic waste build-up that can lead to a variety
of physical problems.

 People with acne, bloating, skin rashes, moodiness, and even headaches may be able to relieve some
of their symptoms through the use of herbal colon cleanse products. It may seem as if clinical colon
cleanse treatments are really heavy-duty, but in reality they are just ways for pharmaceutical
companies to make money in just one more health-related avenue.

 Some commercial herbal colon cleansing products are just fine for use. They are usually reliant upon
fiber as the major means of producing the bowel movements, but the ever popular psyllium husks and
flax seed, as well as fennel seed and aloe leaf are all used to help promote a cleaner and healthier
colon. Paranil is also a very popular ingredient in many herbal colon cleansing product options as well.

 All of these ingredients can be used to make regular herbal colon cleansing products, but they are
becoming increasingly more useful as a means of administering herbal treatments commercially.

 And then there are the regular homemade and home administered herbal colon cleansing products.
These may include the teas, pills, and foods that people eat in order to produce a bowel movement, as
this is an effective method of cleaning out the bowel system.

 Having herbal colon cleansing treatments in place is a great way for people who are aware of their
body and what it can use in order to produce a bowel movement or other favorable outcome. Having a
favorite herbal supplement may help to create more even and regular bowel movements for a healthier
lifestyle. Herbal supplements have a great deal of the power necessary to help cure acne and rashes
and the various other ailments that can be eased through the use of a cleaner and healthier bowel
system, so be sure to make use of them as much as possible.

 Herbal colon cleansing remedies aren't for everyone. while herbs are all natural, people have different
reactions to different herbs. It is wise to check with your doctor before you begin an herbal colon
cleanse. Take note of how your body responds to the different herbs found in these cleansers. Some
people prefer the regular commercial colon cleansing products for use in cleaning the bowels, but that
is not always the best remedy. Find the colon cleansing remedy that works best for you and stick to it;
herbal colon cleansing remedies just might be able to make a difference in your life.

For more information visit http://www.bowtrolcleanse.com Bowtrol is an all natural treamtent that is
gentle and safe for your colon cleansing at home. Try Bowtrol today!

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