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                                                                     ISSUE 8: DECEMBER 2008

Welcome to December‟s newsletter. Since the start of the new academic term there have
been lots of exciting developments and new activities launched. We share some of these
things with you below. Please also remember to check out the website for current
We wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year.

                            During „Hope on the Streets‟ this Summer, a free multi sports
                            camp took place for children aged 4 to 13. The response was
                            great and after some feedback and research, it became clear that
                            there was a demand for local, reasonably priced dance classes.
                            Therefore, „Dance Off!‟ was born.

                            With a financial helping hand from Dreams and Visions (and a fair
                 bit of faith!), we started two clubs at the start of term. Purely through word
                 of mouth we immediately started operating pretty much at capacity, with
                 over 25 students attending every session and 6 committed volunteers. We
                 cover all sorts of dance styles and abilities. Fun, fitness, fellowship and
                 friendship are our main aims.

              The all girls group for those aged 8 to 18 meets fortnightly at Heartsease
              Lane. Sessions cost just £1.50 and run from 4.30 – 6pm. At the moment
              we are working towards our first show on 19th December, this will see both
Dance Off! age groups coming together for their first public performance (in their snazzy
new uniforms!). The younger age group is for boys and girls aged between 4 and 7 and is
kindly overseen by St Francis‟ Church.

Christmas Show tickets are priced at £1 to cover refreshments. If you are interested in
attending or would like to know more about either of the groups, please contact Kate:

Already this term there has been trips to Eurochor, a panto at the Puppet Theatre, a Santa
Cruise on Wroxham Broad and there is a Christmas meal/ party for younger children and a
free Disco for students aged 7-14 (joining with Frankies) all in the next few weeks! Life
(and footwork) is always fast at Dance Off!
Alpha Café is a relaxed group where young people can come and have something to eat
and explore questions they have on anything. As a starting point for each session we are
following the session topics of the youth alpha course. However, we usually go off on a
tangent as we let the young people guide the conversation. The people who come are
very open with their questions and honest with their answers. They have got over the
awkwardness of the first couple of sessions and are now challenging the leaders on our
beliefs rather than just saying what they think we want to hear. This has proved thought
provoking and challenging for the leaders as well as the young people. We have started to
create a great relationship with the young people who come and would love more young
people to come and experience this very relaxed group. The group meets alternate
Mondays from 6:30 – 7:30 at St. Francis Church. For further information please contact
Sharon; youth@enyp.org.uk

This term we saw the launch of „Cookies‟ our Sunday evening chillout café, which
surprisingly like its name serves Cookies!! The café is designed for people to come, chat,
play on playstation, Nintendo Wii, pool etc and even give their hands a try at DJing. We
were really encouraged by the first few evenings, and look forward to more sessions in the
New Year. We‟ve been engaging with some new faces, and look forward to seeing more
new ones in the future!
For the next set of Cookies dates keep an eye on the website – we‟ll post them as soon as
we can, or email administrator@enyp.org.uk

                          DJ STUDIO & WORKSHOPS ‘THE
                          TOWER’ is a DJ Studio based at St
                            Francis Church. The vision behind it
                            is to create a DJ / music production
studio for young people. Each person will be able to explore
different ways to create music through dj-ing, music production,
sound effects and positive lyrics. Different music styles from
drum'n'bass, hip-hop, to breakbeat, electro house & café styled
downtempo music will be explored. A similar package called
‘SWITCH’ is being offered to the local schools across the East
of Norwich by delivering mobile workshops in lunchtimes and
after school clubs. We are still waiting on different funding
sources for this project, and we would appreciate your prayers so we can take this project
forward. If you are interested in finding out more please email dj@enyp.org.uk

                     In the seven months since Street Pastors have been going out every
                     three weeks in Thorpe St Andrew and Heartsease for over six months
                     we have seen a number of positive developments to thank God for,
                     which give us hope for the future. In both areas young people have
                     increasingly begun to trust us and open up to us about a whole range
of subjects including their frustrations and aspirations, their studies and exams and their
thoughts about the schools they attend and the communities they live in. Last month, we
were even treated to a passionate but good-natured debate between two teenagers on the
Heartsease estate about the rights and wrongs of fighting in wars! As recently as last
month, young people in Thorpe St Andrew spoke openly to Street Pastors about their
brothers, who were suffering with serious illnesses. The fact that young people are now
approaching us on the streets, in parks and even outside their houses and are pleased to
see us and walk and speak with us is as encouraging as the earnestness and openness of
the conversations.

Do these encouraging stories mean Street Pastors in the East of Norwich has been
without its challenges? Of course not! There have been times when the slow pace of
change has been frustrating. We have only been able to go out in one area on more than
one occasion. We have been asked by the police to go out around Pilling Park on the
Plumstead Estate. We would love to be able to go out in that area as well as the areas we
currently go out in, and go out more regularly, at least every two weeks. On top of this, we
have also been asked by the police if Street Pastors could stand outside Heartsease
Primary School and the Open Academy, at least once every two weeks, after school on
Friday. The continuation and expansion of the work is limited by low numbers. As Jesus
reminds us “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest
therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
The second part of this scripture is a reminder of how vital the prayer support offered by
our committed team of intercessors is to the continuing fruitfulness of Street Pastors. They
also help to keep us grounded and positive. Last month one of them had a picture of a
funnel producing a trickle of water at the moment, which would eventually become a gush.
This challenged my impatience and reminded me that we always need to wait for God‟s
timing rather than trying to dictate the nature or pace of change. As another of our
intercessors reminded us last week with reference to Acts 5: 12-16, our call as Street
Pastors must always be to take the good news of Jesus to people searching for the truth
but intimidated by and feeling alienated from church buildings.

For further details about ENYP Street Pastors please contact Olly streetpastor-

In the last newsletter we introduced the VAPS team. In this issue, each of them share
what the first few months have been like, and some of the activities they have been
involved in.
Sam Winter
               “These first few months of VAPS have been challenging; getting to know how
               everything works and learning the do's and don‟ts! I am, however, especially
               enjoying working in the primary school doing mentoring and reading, and
               seeing how such little things can be a massive help to the teachers and
               students. Working also in a church setting I am able to see young people
               coming to understand God and their faith more and more, which I hope to be
               able to see throughout the future. The most significant thing that God has
taught me in this first section of the year is how incredibly important it is for God to be at
the centre of EVERYTHING, no matter what I am doing.”

Dom Ward
              “My year has being going well so far. I have had plenty of exciting things to
             do so far and am looking forward to more in the future. I am very excited with
             some of the projects I am involved and am looking forward to seeing them
             develop over the next few months.”
Ben Slade
              “The first few months of VAPS have been positive and challenging. To start
              with the positive, I've enjoyed taking on more responsibility in the things I
              already do like Frankies and mentoring at Heartsease Primary school. It‟s
              also been great to gain a better understanding about how all the different
              denominations work. The challenging aspects are sticking to the amount of
              hours that you're contracted to do and keeping a record of that! All said
              though, I'm enjoying it so far.”

We are keen for as many people as possible to pray on a regular basis for ENYP. Each
newsletter we share prayer points with you on a quarterly basis (as below), but we are also
looking for a team of people who would be willing to pray on a monthly basis. Each month
Ellie Payne (Prayer Coordinator) will get in touch with the team with a list of 6 specific
points to pray into. If you would like to be involved in this way please contact Ellie –

      Pray for continued protection, wisdom, strength and health for all involved in the
       Project - Danny, the Trustees, leadership team and volunteers.
      Pray for the 9 churches supporting ENYP, thank God for them and pray they would
       continue to unite as they work together in this ministry as the vision continues to be
      Thank God for Sam, Dom and Ben as they have begun VAPS – pray their eyes will
       be opened to know who of more good is and their abilities in him.
      Thank God for the new activities that began this term – Dance Off! (led by Kate
       Doran-Smith, Youth Alpha Café (led by Sharon Chambers), Cookies (led by the
       team) and the future plans with the DJing (lead by Danny Doran-Smith).
      Pray for financial provision for the work of ENYP.

                                       CONTACT DETAILS

                                                                 Jane Cubitt, Chair of ENYP Trustees

                                                                       John Payne, ENYP Treasurer
  Danny Doran-Smith, Senior Youth Worker                                     treasurer@enyp.org.uk
  07912 464883

     For more details of ENYP activities or anything mentioned within this newsletter please contact:
  Lucie Fox, ENYP Administrator administrator@enyp.org.uk or visit the ENYP website www.enyp.org.uk

 PRAYER SUPPORT – it is vital that the work is founded in prayer, and for God's plans and
   purposes to be made known. We are looking for many people to be committed to supporting
   in this way.
 FINANCIAL SUPPORT – if you would like to give financially either as a one off donation, or on
   a more regular basis we would really value your support.
 BEING APART OF – Check out the website, or get in touch for more information.

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