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                                                  Headteacher: Mrs Margaret J. Henshaw

                                                                    Friday 27th June 2008
Dear Parents, Carers and Friends,

East Cowes Area School Reorganisation
Some parents have asked for more information regarding the reorganisation plans for
the area. It has been difficult to offer information as it changes so frequently. The
most up to date information is always on the internet via the www.iwight.com link to
schools reorganisation.

The current picture is this;
‘In East Cowes consideration has been given to expanding East Cowes Primary and moving
the school to the Osborne site, thereby closing Whippingham Primary (and because
Middle Schools cease to exist in a two-tier system, Osborne Middle School closes as
well). An alternative suggestion conveyed by the East Cowes Working Party is the
amalgamation of the three schools on the Osborne site… Amalgamation means a new
school and so the potential of competition…’
Please note I have added the part in brackets for clarification.

My commentary would be that the original Local Authority proposal of ‘significant
enlargement’ of this school and relocation to the Osborne site would leave all staff and
governors in place, thus guaranteeing stability for the children and families of East
Cowes Primary School. The school would then expand as it grew to welcome further
children and families from the area and children up to Year 6, aged 11. This would give
continuation of an Ofsted criteria ‘Good’ school with all its values, ethos, ‘highly skilled
leadership’ and systems. This would build on the strength of an existing primary school.

The revised proposal of amalgamation of schools means that East Cowes Primary School
closes. The current staff may work at the new school, or they may not be able to secure
employment there, much depends on the success of an application to waiver competition
to run the school. Waivers are not granted as a matter of course with each case being
decided on its merits. A competition is where the Local Authority invites ‘proposers’ to
submit proposals for establishing the new school. In amalgamation East Cowes governing
body ceases to exist and a new interim governing body would be formed, probably
incorporating some members of the governing bodies of the three current schools.
It is worth noting that both Osborne Middle School and Whippingham Primary School
are judged by Ofsted criteria to be ‘Satisfactory’.

The East Cowes Working Party that the committee report (3/6/08) mentions is a group
that includes representatives of all pre-schools, schools, care providers and councillors
in the area.

I hope this clarifies matters. It is worth remembering that the reason for the new
school structure is to raise the standards of education for children and young people on
the Island.

         Developing a love of learning at the heart of the community
Our Chair of Governors, Margaret Lloyd, and other governors are pleased to discuss
these matters with you.

There is a meeting for all parents/carers of children in this area tonight at 6.30pm at
Osborne Middle School. I would urge you to attend. We are now in a period of formal
consultation and responses to the proposal need to be made either by post to Alex
Moffat, School Reorganisation Project Manager, County Hall, Newport or by email to

Register Class Groups for September 2008
We have drafted our Register Class Groups for the new academic year and on
Wednesday afternoon your child will join their new group and teacher for a taster
session, just that afternoon. We have considered the needs of each individual child and
put together groups that we believe will give the best conditions for learning in terms of
ability and productive friendships.
Children who are currently in Reception will join one of three Key Stage 1 classes, along
with the current Year 1 children. Mrs A. Johnson, Mrs Jones and Mr Shore will be the
three teachers, with Mrs Jones overseeing the whole Key Stage. Different groupings
may be used for mathematics. Unfortunately Mr Shore will be out that day so Mrs
Cooney will, very kindly, stand in for him.
In Key Stage 2 the current Year 2 children will join the current Year 3 children in one
of three classes. Mrs Buxton, Mrs S. Johnson and a new teacher (who we will appoint
soon) will be the three teachers, with Mrs Johnson leading the whole Key Stage.
Different groupings may be used for mathematics. For Wednesday afternoon Mrs
Gardner will, very kindly, stand in for the new teacher.
We have organised in this way for several years now with improving success for all
children. Children may change groups after an assessment period or if other concerns
occur. They usually all settle down after a very short period of time and lots of positive
encouragement from home and school.

Friday will be a non-uniform, mufti day for the Summer Fayre. Children in Reception
classes and KS1 should bring a packet of biscuits and children in KS2 a product that
comes in a plastic bottle such as shampoo or tomato ketchup. Thank you. Your child will
also be bringing home a book of raffle tickets for you to sell, if you require more please
come and collect them from the office.

Middle School Induction Days
All children who are due to transfer to Middle School in September 2008 should have
received details of their induction visits. If you are unclear of dates and times please
telephone the Middle School your child will be attending. Osborne’s days are Tuesday
and Wednesday. Children are expected to attend school as normal if they are not at
Middle School.

Many thanks for these. We will not be accepting any more and will make the draw for
the M&S voucher.

Let’s Get Cooking
Congratulations to the four year 3 children who went on the Let’s Get Cooking training
day. Everyone had a great time, learnt new skills and were a credit to the School. Mrs
Hiscock, the children and Mrs Jones can’t wait to get cooking in September.
        Developing a love of learning at the heart of the community
Focus Learners/Assemblies
Focus learners next week will be;
Reception – Jadwiga Maternik and Liam Hillier
Mrs A Johnson – Taya Childs and Marley-Lee Elliott
Mrs Cooney – Marcus Knight and Chloe-Ann Woodmore
Mrs Jones – Thomas Kennesion and Ashley Urry
Miss McGee – Sophie Wade and Chloe Lake
Mr Shore – Jack Kellett and Daniel Woodford
Mrs Johnson – Clarissa-Mae Elliott and Archie Armiger

Class Assemblies
This term’s dates are;
1st July – Mrs Mathews’ class
3rd July – Mrs A Johnson’s class

Safety Reminder
Please do not walk children through the staff car park, this is a no pedestrian zone and
is very dangerous.

Toys in school
Some children must have enormous pockets!!! Children are only allowed to bring one
pocket-sized toy to play with…

We seem to have hit a trail of bad luck with our cleaning staff and we are looking for
temporary cleaning staff. If you can work a couple of days only perhaps we could arrange
a job share. Unfortunately children cannot accompany you. Please ask Mrs Bail in the
office if you are interested.

Save a Life Give Blood
The next session is at East Cowes Town Hall on Monday 7 th July, 1.00pm to 3.30pm and
4.30pm to 7.00pm.

Positive Parents
This is a super guide published by the NSPCC which is full of great ideas to help with
the most difficult job in the world! We have copies in school if you would like one.
‘Children need rules and boundaries, they help them feel secure and stop situations
escalating out of control…’

Dinner money
Dinner money is £1.70 per day. Correct money in a labelled envelope please, to be
brought to school on Monday next week.
Monday            Sausages/cheese and onion pasty followed by rice pudding
Tuesday           Roast lamb/vegetable bake followed by shortbread
Wednesday         Mild chicken curry and rice/vegetable wraps followed by pears and
                  chocolate sauce
Thursday          Roast chicken and stuffing/Quorn burger followed by ice cream tub
Friday            Fish fingers/cheese and onion quiche followed by iced buns.
Fresh fruit and bread is available daily. The above menu may be subject to variation.

Win a WII
Luke Felix-Wood is this week’s lucky child who will be entered into the draw at the end
of the summer term for a chance of winning the Wii from Pabulum.

        Developing a love of learning at the heart of the community
Cooking for Schools
We are now collecting tokens from specially marked packs of Flora. This will enable us
to buy items towards cooking equipment for the school. Each token is worth 20p. All
you have to do is get the 10 digit token code that is on the greaseproof paper inside the
specially   marked     packs    of   Flora.      You     can    access  this   site   on:
www.cookingwithschools.com. Then just follow the online instructions to add your token,
alternatively, you can pass your tokens to Mrs Bail in the office.

PPA time
Next week;
Reception will be ‘out and about’ on Wednesday morning – (play clothes, sturdy footwear
and a shower proof coat please)
KS1 children who will be going ‘out and about’ on Tuesday afternoon (play clothes, sturdy
footwear and a shower proof coat please) are Bears (Tyler M, Alice, Brennan, Zoe, Molly
Wh, Luke B, Natalie, Oliver, Kaitlann, Marshall, Sophie S, Thomas L, Thomas B, Chloe W,
Thomas K, Megan and Dinosaurs (Luke T, Megan S, Kellen, Jodie, Marcus K, Emma, Alan,
Freya, Owen, Mia, Daniel C, Tazmin, Charlie-Jade, Toby, Marley and Cameron C).
KS2 children who will be going ‘out and about’ on Wednesday afternoon (play clothes,
sturdy footwear and a shower proof coat please) are Elephants (Michael W, Jordan C,
Daniel H, Kieran, Lydia, Kyah, Tamara, Aimee, Curtis, Marc, Archie, Rebecca Ch, Chloe,
Clarissa) and Foxes (Jack K, Luke F-W, George, Daniel B, Abbi, Maia, Lena, Lee, Leon,
Joseph, Joshua, Ashleigh, Kaicey, Lucy).

Breakfast Club/Kidz Zone
This is open each school morning. 8.00am start - £1.50. Please book with Mrs Edmonds.
Kidz Zone is open after school at Osborne Middle telephone 07513180698 for details, it
is also open each day, 8.00 to 6.00pm.

Monday – Choir
Tuesday – Library, No Football, last one next week.
Wednesday – Recorder at lunch time
Thursday – None

Well done to the ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ crew - Liam Suckling ~ learning how to rub in; Daniel
Woodford ~ learning how to chop crunchy carrots; Kyah Jordan ~ for tasting everything;
and Rosie Lye ~ learning how to slice peppers.

Local Events
    ‘The Children’s Guide to the Isle of Wight’ will be launched at Quay Arts on
        Saturday 12th July at 10.00 to 1.00pm everyone is invited.
    The Isle of Wight Music Service are holding an open morning on Saturday 28 th
        June at Newport CE Primary School from 10.00 – 1.00pm.
    MCAFE are operating football classes for reception class age children on
        Saturdays at Rookley Recreation field from 9.00 – 10.00. Contact Matt Mair on
        755537 or 07870426206.

Visits and visitors:
     Wednesday ~Boomwhackers in KS1
     Thursday ~ Madame Brochocki for French and Mrs Carlisle for violins

        Developing a love of learning at the heart of the community
School dates
KS1 Sports – the morning of Tuesday 8th July
KS2 Sports – the morning of Wednesday 9th July
Summer Fayre – Saturday 12th July – 11.00 till 1.00pm
R Sports (with Sea Shells) – the morning of Monday 14th July
Whole School Summer Concert ‘Over the Rainbow’ – four afternoons (we can add a fifth
if needed) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 14 th to the 17th July at 1.30pm.
We are hoping to perform outside, so tickets for performances will not be necessary.
More details to follow.
Summer holiday – 25th July to 2nd September ~ return to school on September 3 rd.

Please avoid term time holidays if at all possible.
As you are aware, I can only authorise 10 days in an academic year for holidays and I am
reluctant to do that: every day a child misses school they miss their education…
You must complete a holiday request form, available from the office.

Yours sincerely

Margaret J. Henshaw,
Head teacher

        Developing a love of learning at the heart of the community

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