Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 2 May 2006
                         at the Old Fire Station, Rawtenstall

   Jerry Smith                - LCC Policy Unit
   Gill Rennard               - Haslingden High School
   Kathryn Gillam             - Kingfisher
   Jo Jackson                 - LCC Policy Unit
   Andy MacNae                - PEER
   Kaela Francioli            - Surestart
   Kay Renton                 - Lancashire EBP
   Sara Pelling               - Cybergames & Rossendale Community Network
   Steve Roman                - LCC Youth & Community Service
   Julie Lloyd                - Education Welfare Service
   Catherine Lightbowne       - Lancashire Economic Partnership
   Janet Wilkinson            - LCC - Extended Schools Development Worker
   Shahida Ahmed              - East Lancashire Adult Learning
   Andy Squire                - Head, Tor View School

   Iain Hulland (Chair)       - Alder Grange High School
   Barry Payton               - Haslingden Community link and Children’s Centre
   Ronnie Barker              - Rossendale Community Network
   Mike Snelson               - LCC School Effectiveness Service
   Sandra Whyte               - Learning & Skills Council
   Gina Cole                  - Surestart
   Peter Sweetmore            - Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale CVS
   Mike Kermath               - Head, St Mary’s RC Primary, Bacup
   Julie Bell                 - LCC County Library Service

TOPIC                                                                           ACTION
1. Introductions and apologies for absence – Jerry Smith opened the meeting
   with a welcome and introductions. In the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair
   Jerry agreed to chair the meeting. Apologies for absence were noted as

2. Minutes of last meeting held 21 March 2006 and Matters Arising - The
   minutes from the last meeting were agreed by all present. With regard to page
   3 of the minutes Steve Roman reported that the Youth Provision Strategy
   Group and the Joint Project Steering Group had now been merged to form the
   Youth Strategy Steering Group to co-ordinate and seek external funding for
   youth engagement initiatives.

3. Cybergames – Sara Pelling said that Cybergames now have a base in
   Rawtenstall on Queens Square next to Cartridge World, as well as their mobile

   work and she wanted to introduce their work and what is available in
   Rossendale to the rest of the group. The base in Rawtenstall has two rooms
   with 22 PCs and an overhead projector. The games used are intended to
   provide learning as well as entertainment, for example a number of
   Tycoon/Business simulation games are used, in this way the games can be
   used to deliver key skills. Sara said that they had just been awarded a
   Research Grant to look at work with primary Schools for the 7 to 10 year old
   age range and the impacts of influence of digital media. Sara agreed to send
   Jo a project summary of the research project to distribute. Sara explained that SP/JJ
   many of the young people that use their service have joined the membership
   scheme which allows Cybergames to keep a record of their work and the
   games that the young people have accessed. She said that although there are
   both Black and White young people it was more difficult to attract the ethic
   minority groups but added that she has been in contact with Abdul Mannan
   from Positive Start to address this. Steve Roman suggested that it might be
   useful for Cybergames to link into the Council’s ‘Passport to Leisure’. Andy
   MacNae said that they should contact the Social Enterprise Lancashire
   Network – Selnet.

4. Adrenaline Gateway – Andy MacNae handed out a briefing paper to the
   group outlining the background, aims and current position of the project. He
   said that the Adrenaline Gateway had reached the ‘long-list’ for the National
   Lottery’s ‘Living Landmarks’ project and there was now a need to demonstrate
   the social-regeneration aspects of the project and what it can do for the area.
   It is hoped that the project will enhance the lives of the local young people by
   inspiring them to take part in the activities it will provide and to provide training
   and employment opportunities. If the project goes ahead it will bring a
   nationally important facility to the district/area which could provide inspiration
   for success to the area. Andy said that if anyone has any ideas with regards to
   the social regeneration aspects of the project and inclusion of young people to
   contact him. For example it may be possible to make the facilities free for local
   young people at set times during the week or there could be other ways to
   make it easier for them to take part. With regard to career opportunities there
   is a need to look at training including sports, catering and retail. Gill Rennard
   said that there was an important link there to the diplomas that were being
   offered from 2008 at High Schools as there would be an increased need for
   work placements. Kay Renton said she would send Andy a copy of the list of
   courses that will be available. He stressed the importance of everyone working
   together toward the same goals and added that the project needs as much
   written support from organisations as possible.                                       KR

    Steve Roman said that the Countryside Service had just purchased two all
    terrain vehicles (Trampers) for Rossendale and perhaps there could be a link
    there too. Andy MacNae added that it was hoped that a youth panel/group
    could be set up to include young people in the project for example in
    designing the website or leaflets/information. Andy asked that if anyone has
    any questions or suggestions or people want to be more involved to please
    contact him at or andy.macnae@ef- or on 07971 190827.

    The group asked that its support for the Adrenaline Gateway be recorded.

5. LCARR (Lancashire Common Assessment and Referral Record) – Steve
   Roman explained that Rossendale had been a pilot scheme under ECM for
   MAAT (Multi Agency Assessment Team) since last May, taking the referrals
   that had previously gone to Social Services. Expanding on this Rossendale
   has also been chosen to pilot the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).
   From 2008 the Government wants to set up an index for every child in the
   Country. As part of the work towards this, all Children’s Trusts are expected to
   have a CAF. Mark Cartridge (LCC Children’s Integrated Services) and Carol
   Sanderson (Connexions) are currently working on this, covering children from
   0 – 19. Eventually the Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF) will be replaced by
   LCARR. The idea is that over assessment of children and families by agencies
   will be avoided as just one assessment can be done and the information
   shared, it will also mean that the record builds as the child grows and the
   information is kept together rather than on different databases by varying
   agencies. The pilot is likely to commence in early autumn and all staff affected
   will be briefed and training given. Steve said that at the moment there are a
   number of issues that need to be clarified, for example identifying what
   triggers the need for an assessment, where will the information be stored, how
   will all the agencies access the information and who will manage the data?
   The intention is that every child will have a file that covers Health, Education,
   Social Services and Connexions. Kaela Francioli said that the Children’s
   Centres are well placed to provide information as they keep this from pre-birth
   to the age of 5. Gill Rennard and Andy Squires agreed that the pilot needed to
   be expanded so that current systems could talk to the new system for example
   SIMS in Schools.

    Steve Roman added that the database of services for young people had been
    developed by Irene Shaw at County Hall and it is intended that there will be a
    database for all services. Steve noted that people should have received
    communication from County Hall about it. Steve said that he had some forms
    if anyone needed any and that although it would be difficult to include
    absolutely everyone in the database they were keen to contact as many
    people as possible including Faith/Voluntary Groups.

6. Money Buddies Initiative – Catherine Lightbowne distributed a briefing paper
   on the project to members of the group outlining the aims and background to
   the project. The aim of the project is to reduce dependency on door step
   lenders and allow people to make informed choices through training and
   education by recruiting ‘Money buddies’ - people known to local residents who
   have strong links with their communities. The intension is to provide
   signposting to improve levels of understanding rather than offering courses
   where people may be reluctant to attend. Initially it was intended that there
   would be 12 in Lancashire but due to the response it is now expected that
   there will be 12 in each district. In Rossendale the project was initially started
   in Bacup but this has now expanded. Basic training is offered to the ‘Money
   buddies’ in basic skills awareness to signpost people to alternative more
   affordable financial organisations such as Credit Unions. Several ‘Money

   buddies’ have been set up already through SureStart and Lancashire Adult
   Learning have been approached to write a mini course. It is hoped that if the
   pilot is successful there could be continued funding for the project. If anyone
   would like more information on the project please contact Catherine
   Lightbowne at or 01254 300497.

   Steve Roman suggested that Catherine could contact Alan Dorrington from
   the M3 Project and Chris Seel from Accrington & Rossendale College. He
   also confirmed that Greenvale Homes have taken over the Housing stock
   from Rossendale Borough Council and are taking a more proactive approach
   in looking at wider implications of the tenants’ lives and so again there could
   be a link in here. Andy Squires said that there was also the possibility of
   linking in with Primary Schools for the contact with parents and Secondary
   Schools in educating young people to help to prevent debt. Sara Pelling
   added that Cybergames are looking at a new game that is being developed
   called ‘The Money Game’ which could be used to educate children about
   financial management.

7. Delivery Plan 2006-09 – Jerry Smith referred to the Delivery Plan which had
   previously been circulated to the group.
    Objective – Youth – Steve Roman reported that as he had said earlier the
      two steering groups have now been merged and that they are waiting for
      Government guidance on the ‘Offer’ which is expected in the summer.
    Adult Education – Janet Wilkinson confirmed that she was working with
      RALF on this.
    Family Learning - Janet Wilkinson and Shahida Ahmed confirmed that JW/SA
      they are about to meet up about this target.
    Early Years & Childcare – Kaela Francioli confirmed that they were
      moving forward on this.
    Higher Education – Kathryn Gillam reported that UCLAN are going to
      have a building in Burnley to offer courses. It was also confirmed that HE
      establishments are to be allowed to offer more places this year and next JS/IH
      year. Jerry said that he would ask Iain Hulland to contact Kathryn with
      regards to this.
    Primary & Secondary – Andy Squires confirmed that Iain Hulland has
      arranged a Primary & Secondary School Conference to be held at Alder IH/JS/JJ
      Grange on 17th May at 4.00pm to look at this. It was agreed that this should
      be an agenda item for the next meeting.

8. Report from Rossendale Partnership Executive meeting 24th April – Jerry
   Smith and Steve Roman reported that it had been a disappointing Executive
   meeting that had been held at the Fudge Factory which was an inappropriate
   venue for conducting business. Also the meeting had not succeeded in
   completing the agenda. It was also felt that Executive meetings need to be
   concentrating more on the cross cutting areas between the Theme Groups.

9. Report from Community Network – Steve Roman said that the Rossendale
   Community Conference is to take place on Saturday 1 st July at Alder Grange
   to promote community activity.

10. Any Other Business – Janet Wilkinson said that standard funding is
   available for schools to apply for both capital and revenue funding to assist
   with Extended Schools. The funding is available to new and existing projects
   and a letter has been circulated to all Heads. Janet said that the applications
   need to be in by the end of May and there will be another round in the autumn. JW/JJ
   Janet agreed to forward a copy of the letter to Jo Jackson to circulate.

11. Date of next meeting – The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13 June
   2006 at 10.00am at the Old Fire Station, Rawtenstall – please note that a
   small charge of 50p per person will be made for tea/coffee.

12. Additional News

   Since the meeting, two group members have asked for the following updates
   to be circulated with the minutes:

   Kathryn Gillam has reported that Kingfisher have secured the contract to
   deliver LearnDirect for the next two years, it had been out to National tender
   for the first time and so it could have gone to anybody. She added that they
   won’t know the size for another four weeks.

   Kaela Francioli has let us know that SureStart were approached by LCC’s to
   be a pilot for module 10 of the Quality Assurance scheme. The module is
   aimed specifically at Lifelong Learning. An outside assessor came and spent
   the day at the centre and the results were graded under the headings –
   Evolving – Established – Excelling. In the outcome of the assessment they
   were found to be excelling in most areas.


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