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Assistant Director, Scottish Library Information Council/CILIPS

Career outline
Rhona Arthur, BA FCLIP, Assistant Director CILIPS/SLIC since 1997 and was previously
professional officer at the Scottish Library Association. Her work focuses on the development of
public and school library services, readership development and training. She is currently involved in
the development of self assessment tools for use in the public and the school library sectors and is
an External Verifier for the Scottish Qualifications Authority. In 2008 she provided consultancy
services as job share Interim Libraries and Information Services Manager for the City of Edinburgh
Council and she has recently been involved in consultancy work for the State Library of Victoria’s
Being the Best We Can self evaluation project.

Previous positions
      School Librarian, Blantyre High School 1980-1987
      Resource Centre Manager, Glasgow Education Resource Service 1987-1992
      Professional Officer, Scottish Library Association 1992-1997
      Assistant Director, Scottish Library Association/Scottish Library & Information Council 1998-
      Acting Director, Scottish Library Association 2001
      Assistant Director, SLIC/ CILIPS 2002 -

Representation on outside bodies and working groups
      External verifier for library and information sciences SQA
      SLIC Working Party on aligning self evaluation framework Libraries Supporting Learners to
       How Good Is Our School 3 for School Libraries with HMI
      Scottish Arts Council Literature Forum
      BBC Libraries Partnership UK Steering Group and Scottish Partnership Group
      CIPFA Cultural Statistics in Scotland Working Group
      Readership Development Network projects
      Scottish Government ECSnet
      UK Joint Forum Workforce Development Group
      Scottish Government Public Library Quality Improvement Fund administrator

Previous professional experience
      Associate Assessor, HMIe Quality Assurance Team 1999-2002
      Libraries Supporting Learners Working Party 2003-4
      SQA Qualification Design Team PDA - Dipoma (Level 7 SCQF) and Advanced Dipoma
       (Level 8 SCQF) in Applications of ICT in Libraries funded by the Big Lottery Fund
      Scottish Executive New Educational Development Division’s Innovation Practice Group
      SQA Qualification Design Team Information Literacy Skills online course
      Masterclass National Steering Group and Co-ordinators Group
     SLIC/Learning Connections Big Plus in Libraries and Scottish Premier League reading
      Stars Adult Literacy campaigns
     Careers Scotland/SLIC European-funded Careers Information project 2005
     CIPFA Communities Survey 2004
     IFLA 2002 National Organising Committee and Executive Committee
     COSLA School Library Standards Working Party
     SLIC Working Party on Performance Indicators for School Libraries
     SLIC Working Party on Performance Indicators for Central School Library Services
     Scottish Virtual Teachers' Centre
     Director, Scottish Writers BAFTA-shortlisted CD and reading project
     Readiscovery: Scotland's National Book Campaign
     Now Read On
     National Cultural Agencies Forum
     Scotland and Celtic Conference Planning Committees
     SLIC Network Forum

Educational qualifications
     BA Librarianship 1980
     ALA Chartered Member of the Library Association 1982
     FCLIP Fellow of Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals 2001
     FCLIP Revalidation 2007

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