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                                                            ‘Everybody Counts’
                                  Welcome to the Autumn 2009 Primary Mathematics Newsletter
                      - sharing good practice from around the County and updating you on national initiatives

                                                                IcT WORKED FOR ME!!
                                                    ICT Resources from the Primary Framework                      NEW
                                                   recommended by teachers in Gloucestershire
                       Counting ITP
                                                                             ‘click’ on the calculator symbol to select an object
                                                                              and the number of that object required.
                                                                             ‘click’ on the larger arrow to put these objects on
                                                                              the screen and on the smaller arrow to ‘double’
                                                                             ‘click’ on the ‘numberline’ symbol to choose a
                                                                              number track or line to help with counting.
                                                                             ‘click’ on the dots to choose how items are displayed
                                                                             ‘click’ on the semi-circle to choose the number, size
                                                                              and position of sorting circles.
Learning & Teaching

                      Discussion prompts/question stems such as …
                             What number must I double to get 10?
                             Convince me that I can count these flowers in 2s.
                             How could you find half of these flowers?
                             Susie thinks there are 14 flowers? Is she right? Explain your answer.

                               Forthcoming CPD opportunities (relevant booking details attached)
                           Effective teaching and learning of PSRN – exploring the resources in the Glosmaths toolkit to
                            support PSRN in the Reception classroom [Monday 30th November (now fully booked) or Monday 8th
                            February or Monday 10th May]
                           Teaching and Learning courses for class teachers (Y12, Y34, Y56) – focusing on
                            strengthening mental mathematics (Tuesday 17th – Friday 20th November and repeated
                            Monday 18th – Thursday 21st January, 2010)
                             ALL CPD EVENTS ARE FULLY FUNDED (INCL. COURSE COSTS AND SUPPLY)                                  
                                                Glosmaths Progression Grids - Update
                      The progression grids support teachers with effective differentiation and provision for all children in their
                      class. Grids for all Units 1 and 2 are available on the Glosmaths Toolkit (Version 3) and can be downloaded
                      from the Glosmaths website (
                      Grids for all Units 3 will be available by the end of Term 3.

                                                       Misuse of Maths – TV Special!
                              Derren Brown – How did he ‘predict’ the National Lottery results live on TV?
                              Join the debate here …
                              and here ..

                        =GO – guidance, and interactive activities, that support the Glosmaths universal CPD offer on mental

               - useful bank of teaching resources and, this month,
                        guidance on effective use of ICT to support teaching and enhance learning


                                                            glosmaths
                                                                             enjoy  achieve
                     Many thanks for your continued commitment to, and support for, the network meetings. Over 90% of the
                     primary mathematics community in Gloucestershire were represented at the recent events.
                     Evaluations indicated both a positive response to the workshop format and a desire for its continuation at
                     future network meetings.
                     If you have any specific suggestions for repeated, or new, workshops please email them to:

                                                                   APP UPDATE
                     Thank you to the many schools who have nominated a main partner secondary school to support future cross-
                     phase liaison in mathematics. If you have yet to nominate a school, can you please contact Matt Nixon by
                     Friday 20th November [].

                                                              ‘24 Game’ Challenge
                                             It’s that time of the year again!!
                                             Regional heats for this year’s event will take place on Tuesday 20th April,
                                             Wednesday 21st April, Thursday 22nd April, Tuesday 27th April and
                                             Wednesday 28th April.
                                             [The final will take place at The Hucclecote Centre on Wednesday 7 th July.]
                                             If you are interested in taking part in this year’s competition please contact Helen
Subject Leadership

                                             Davies ( by Friday 4th December.

                                            Reminders / Updates / Looking ahead …
                     The Expert Report Group on Assessment was set up to advise the Secretary of State for Children, Schools
                     and Families on, amongst other things, the future of assessment in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. The report findings
                     can be found at
                     Securing Level 2 in mathematics [Ref: 00687-2009BKT-EN] – The booklet was distributed to subject
                     leaders at the network meetings in October.
                     Securing Level 5 in mathematics [Ref: 00866-2009BKT-EN] – The final booklet in this suite of
                     materials. It focuses on six key areas of learning in mathematics that provide important steps in making
                     progress to Level 5 by the end of KS2. The Local Authority has ordered, and will distribute, one copy for each
                     school during November (2009).

                                   Mathematics Specialist Teacher Programme (MaST)
                                                          Glosmaths needs you!!
                     The Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST) Programme is an exciting opportunity for teachers in
                     Gloucestershire aimed at extending teachers’ knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematics and related
                     pedagogy, and extending coaching and mentoring skills. The longer term vision is that this group of highly
                     skilled teachers will help to support local partnerships and contribute to the aim of the Glosmaths Team that
                     all learners enjoy and achieve in mathematics.
                     All Headteachers have received information about the programme. You may also find the FAQs useful on the
                     ‘MaST’ section of the NCETM website (
                     The closing date for applications is Tuesday 8th December. Please contact Steve Lomax or Tim Foster with
                     any queries.

                                                                           The NCETM aims to support, and encourage,
                                                                           continuing professional development for all teachers of
                                                                           The Self-evaluation Tools are designed to help
                                                                           teachers check their understanding of the mathematics
                                                                           they are teaching and to explore ideas on how to
                                                                           develop their practice.

                      If you have any comments or anything to share for the next edition, please contact
             Steve Lomax ( or Tim Foster (

                                                          glosmaths
                                                                          enjoy  achieve
Effective Teaching & Learning
           of PSRN
      To explore the resources in
       the Glosmaths Toolkit to
         support PSRN in the
         Reception classroom

     For Teachers of Reception children

          30th November 2009 (now full)
                8th February 2010
                  10 May 2010

  To book your place please call
Glenda Ashmead on 01452 425060

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