FUNDING & INFORMATION BULLETIN

                                            February 2009
19 February 2009

Dear Colleague,

Please find the February edition of the Funding and Information Bulletin enclosed.

This is the last paper version of this bulletin to be issued. As of March the bulletin will be emailed out
to all community contacts. Please email me as soon as possible with your up to date email address
in order to receive bulletin ( The bulletin can also be downloaded
from the Council website Click on „Living‟ and then „Community Services‟ to
check on an ongoing basis and to print additional copies.

I can only include so much information in this bulletin therefore you may identify more funding
opportunities that I may have omitted by accessing the grant tracker yourself
You can use my login details: username lima024 and password lima0603. Subscription would
normally cost your organization £100.

A new opportunity has arisen for groups in the borough. Council has set aside an amount of funding
from its economic development budget for the year 2008/9 to help community groups apply for
assistance which will help them develop business plans for large-scale, economically-focused,
projects. Download the application form from the Council website.

This bulletin is issued to groups throughout the borough therefore is an excellent way to promote your
activities, events, training, AGMs, good news stories and staff/board member opportunities. I have
received information already from groups so please continue provide me with details any of the above
as and when.

I am also developing the Community Services page on the website with details of organisations that
can help the growth and development of your group. This should be uploaded shortly.

Kind regards,
Jennifer Neff
Acting Community Development Officer
[The information in this Bulletin has been collated from a range of sources. Limavady
Borough Council does not however accept responsibility for any third party content or for any
of the opinions expressed.]
                                                                                                    Jennifer Neff
                                                                            Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                       Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                     7 Connell St
                                                                                                      BT49 0HA

                                                                                                  Tel: 028 77760311
                              Funding Opportunities
Royal Bank of Scotland 6 million entrepreneur awards
 The Royal Bank of Scotland has recently launched its 6 million Social Entrepreneur Awards in
association with the Sunday Times. Whether your organisation is a charity, voluntary organisation,
church or any other not-for-profit organisation, large or small you are eligible for these awards.
Entries are welcome from organisations whose social or environmental purpose is central to their
activities. Rather than maximising any kind of shareholder value, entrants main aim will be to raise
funds and maximise impact on social or environmental goals and increased impact on the
communities they serve. There are two awards on offer:
Up to 5 million of funding or a donation of up to 500, 00
Up to 1 million of funding or a donation of up to 100,000.

The two winners will also receive mentoring from one of the UK‟s leading social entrepreneurs as well
as publicity with the Sunday Times and networking opportunities. Please be clear which element of
the reward you are applying for. Please note the minimum funding which can be applied for is
500,000 and the minimum donation is 50,000. For more details and to submit an entry please visit: or to request a form, please contact: 0845 603 2672

The closing date for entries is Friday 23 February 2009.
After submitting an application you will receive an email confirming successful receipt of your entry.
Online entries are preferable; but the bank is also accepting entries by post.
Please send your entry form and accounts to: Vikki Thompson, Bank of Scotland Corporate, 2nd floor,
New Uberior House, 11 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh EH3 9BN.

The Limavady Borough Council website hosts information regarding the North East Peace III Joint
Committee and Peace III Partnership. These programmes are aimed at challenging attitudes towards
sectarianism, racism and supporting conflict resolution and mediation within the cluster areas. Click
on Living and Community Services.

Further information on each programme and a Register of Interest form can be accessed at Completed forms should be returned to: Development Services, Coleraine
Borough Council, Cloonavin, 66 Portstewart Road, Coleraine BT52 1EY. Contact Patricia Mc Callion
with any queries on 02870347034.

Rural Development Programme
See information included in this envelope.

Economic Development Small Grants Request Technical Assistance Programme
Council has set aside an amount of funding from its economic development budget for the year
2008/9 to help community groups apply for assistance which will help them develop business plans
for large-scale, economically-focused, projects.
                                                                                                 Jennifer Neff
                                                                         Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                    Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                  7 Connell St
                                                                                                   BT49 0HA

                                                                                               Tel: 028 77760311
Any application made will be considered, assessed against an economic appraisal and a
recommendation on its outcome will be made to Council. This programme opens on Monday 23rd
February 2009 and closes on 4th March 2009. You can download an application form from

Awards for All
Big Lottery Fund (Northern Ireland)
Awards for All a multi-purpose small grants programme supported presently by all the main National
Lottery funders in Northern Ireland. It provides grants from £500 to £10,000 to charities, environment,
education, health, heritage, arts and sports causes.

Scheme info
This scheme is Open - This scheme can provide Micro,Small,Medium grants- Funding can be for
Capital Revenue costs

Issue Focus
Children (0-12), Pre-School Education, General Charitable Purposes, School, College and University, Young
People (13-25), Community Education and Lifelong Learning, Older People , Family and Parenting, Vocational
Education and Training, Addiction and Substance Misuse, Advice Services, Age Discrimination, Animals,
Archives and Artefacts , Arts Culture and Heritage, Black and Minority Ethnic, Buildings and Built Environment,
Built Heritage, Citizenship, Community and Neighbourhood Development, Community Development,
Community Safety and Crime Prevention, Craft and Design, Cross Community, Cultural Events and Festivals,
Cultural Heritage, Democracy and Freedom, Dependants and Carers, EDUCATION & LEARNING, Energy
Creation, Use and Reduction, ENVIRONMENT, Finance, Funders and Grant-Making, Fundraising, Gender
Equality and Sexual Orientation, GIVING, GOOD RELATIONS, Governance and Charity Law, Health Care
Services, Health Promotion, HEALTH, WELLBEING & SPORT, Housing and Homelessness, HUMAN RIGHTS
& EQUALITY, Individual and Tax Effective Giving, Information Technology, International Issues, JOBS &
MONEY, Medical Conditions, Medical Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Multi Culturalism, Natural
Environment and Climate, Offenders and Ex-Offenders, ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Overseas Aid &
Development, Peace and Reconciliation, PEOPLE, People with Disabilities, Performing Arts, Poverty &
Deprivation, Racial Equality, Recycling and Waste Management, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Rescue and
Emergency, Research, Social Enterprise, Social Inclusion, Social Partnership, SOCIAL WELFARE &
POVERTY, Sport and Physical Recreation, Strategic and Project Planning, Sustainable Development, Trading,
Transport, Travel and Tourism, Un/Employment, Urban Development, Verbal Arts, Victims and Survivors,
Visual Arts and Media, Voluntary and Community Infrastructure, Volunteering, Women and Men, WORLD
ISSUES, Rural Development
Awards for All is a joint Lottery grants programme set up to help organisations in Northern Ireland. It
involves the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the Big Lottery Fund, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the
Sports Council for Northern Ireland.
The main aim of this programme is to fund projects which involve people in their communities,
bringing them together to enjoy a wide range of arts, sports, heritage, charitable, community,
educational, environmental and health related activities.

                                                                                                        Jennifer Neff
                                                                                Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                           Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                         7 Connell St
                                                                                                          BT49 0HA

                                                                                                      Tel: 028 77760311
They will give high priority to activities which are new or develop what you do now. If you are a local
organisation and your project needs between £500 and £10,000, then Awards for All could be for you.
They hope these awards will improve people‟s lives and will strengthen community activity.

They want to help organisations run projects which:
     Bring people together and increase community activity by helping communities to meet their
needs through voluntary action, self-help projects, local facilities or events. Communities can be
people in a local area or people who share a common interest or need.
     Involve more people in a wide range of community activities by involving more people in
new activities and supporting activities which are open and accessible to everyone who wants to take
     Increase skill and activity by supporting activities which help to develop people and
organisations – encourage talent and raise standards.
     Improve quality of life by supporting local projects that improve people‟s opportunities, welfare,
health or environment, especially those most disadvantaged in society.
Also: Are well organised and planned by encouraging good organisation and planning of activities.
Well thought out activities meet community needs better and have the most impact.

Your organisation can only apply for an award if:
     you are a not for profit organisation
     you have a governing document or set of rules which you have adopted
     you have a bank or building society account in the name of your organisation,
     the people who will benefit from your project live in Northern Ireland
You can apply for funding from £500 to £10,000 for a project. You can apply for up to £10,000 in any
12-month period from the date of your first award
Awards for All will fund full recovery of administration and overhead costs relating to the project, but
we will expect most organisations to contribute something towards the cost of their project from their
own resources.
Priority may be given to projects which they have not previously given a grant to.

Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Their awards aim to increase participation and creativity in the arts at a community level.
They want to help voluntary and small professional organisations working in all art forms, as well as
general voluntary groups using the arts as a means of bringing people and communities together.
They will give priority to applications for projects:
       that develop, increase awareness of, and expand people‟s participation in literature, language
arts, traditional arts and dance
       which deliver the arts in areas of social and economic deprivation
       which will benefit victims or survivors
       which address cultural diversity.
       We will give low priority to applications:

                                                                                                   Jennifer Neff
                                                                           Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                      Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                    7 Connell St
                                                                                                     BT49 0HA

                                                                                                 Tel: 028 77760311
       from organisations currently receiving other Arts Council funds for computers and equipment
which are mainly for administration.
If your overall project involves professionals, such as tutors or artists, we will need the names of each
professional together with their current CVs.

Big Lottery Fund
Their awards aim to bring real improvements to communities and to the lives of people most in need.
We want our money to make a difference by helping:
      people to actively participate in their communities to bring about positive change
      people to develop their skills and widen their experiences
      people to work towards better and safer communities
      improve people‟s physical and mental health and well-being.
      They particularly welcome applications from smaller organisations.

They will give priority to applications which:
     build community capacity
     increase opportunities for volunteering.
     They will give low priority to applications
     for activities that are similar to those you have delivered in the past
     from organisations with a high level of income.

Sports Council for Northern Ireland
Their awards will support projects that aim to increase participation or improve standards of
performance in sport. They will support organisations that use sport as a means of bringing people
and communities together. Activities they may fund include:
     coaching courses for players or participants
     courses that will develop the skills of volunteers and members, for example coach
development, child protection or equity
     starting up new groups or new sections of existing groups
     additional sports equipment
     additions or improvements to existing facilities
     the staging of local, provincial, national or international sporting events
     the start up costs associated with larger sports projects.

High priority projects
      They recognise that there are many factors which can result in people or groups being
disadvantaged or under represented in sport and physical recreation. Examples of groups that are
under represented in sport include minority ethnic communities, older and younger people, women
and girls, lone parents and people with a disability. They will give a higher priority for funding to
applications for sports
      projects that will involve under represented groups or help address social need.

                                                                                                        Jennifer Neff
                                                                                Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                           Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                         7 Connell St
                                                                                                          BT49 0HA

                                                                                                      Tel: 028 77760311
How to Apply
Full guidelines and applications forms are available from the contact and can be downloaded from the
awards for all website. Please allow three to four months for them to process your application.

Arts Council will not fund:
    building projects
    musical instruments
    uniforms for bands
    the cost of travel to events outside Northern Ireland
    hospitality and catering costs which are purely for social events or launches.
    not for activities that the Government has a legal obligation to provide in addition to existing
funding and not already supported by funding from taxes.

Contact details
Big Lottery Fund (Northern Ireland)
Cromac Quay- Cromac Wood
Ormeau Road
Northern Ireland BT7 2JD
t: 028 9055 9090
f: 028 9055 1444

Unltd Sport Relief
UnLtd - Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs
The overall aim of Unltd Sport Relief Grants scheme is to provide opportunities for young people
aged 11 to 21 to build a stronger more cohesive society through sports and recreational activities.
Scheme info
   This scheme is Open
   This scheme can provide Micro, Small grants
Funding can be for Capital Revenue costs

Issue Focus
Young People (13-25), Arts Culture and Heritage, Social Enterprise, Sport and Physical Recreation

Comic Relief
UnLtd was established in 2001 by 7 leading not for profit organisations and we are a registered
charity. Comic Relief is one of UnLtd‟s founding partners.
Young people will be encouraged to apply who are developing projects that:
                                                                                                 Jennifer Neff
                                                                         Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                    Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                  7 Connell St
                                                                                                   BT49 0HA

                                                                                               Tel: 028 77760311
    Foster peace building, understanding and respect amongst young people
    Encourage cross cultural contact amongst young people
    Promote a sense of common belonging and cohesion amongst all groups
    Give people opportunities to develop a greater understanding of a range of cultures
    Bring new immigrants and host communities together
    Enable people from different backgrounds to participate in meaningful activities together
    Promote citizenship building through sport

The programme will use enable young people to develop their potential by leading their own projects
and being involved in activities. In particular the programme will:
     Encourage young people to become leaders within their communities and be forces for positive
     Involve a diverse range of young people as grant recipients enabling them to develop their own
skills and abilities
     Encourage young people to develop a range of innovative ideas and help identify the types of
interventions that work

The awards scheme will provide grants in the range of £500 to £5,000 to enable young people to set
up projects. Development support is also available for the young person to help them run their
project. Pre Application Advice is available to all young people interested in the scheme. An
experienced Development Manager can discuss ideas with the young person before they submit an
application. The awards scheme is open to young people 11 - 21 across Northern Ireland.

How to Apply
Applicants are asked to get in touch with the contact in the first instance. The awards scheme will run
on a monthly basis except for August and December. The scheme will run initially for a two year

Contact details
Ciara Brennan
UnLtd - Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs
Room 55-57, Scottish Mutual Building
16 Donegal Square South, Belfast Northern Ireland BT1 5JG
t: 028 9024 4007

Common Purpose Change it Awards
Common Purpose Belfast
The CHANGEit Awards is a collaboration between Common Purpose and Deutsche Bank. It has
been designed to recognise the achievements and ambitions of young people who want to make a
difference and speak out about issues that they care about
                                                                                                  Jennifer Neff
                                                                          Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                     Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                   7 Connell St
                                                                                                    BT49 0HA

                                                                                                Tel: 028 77760311
Scheme info
This scheme is Open -This scheme can provide Micro grants

Issue Focus
Young People (13-25), Citizenship, GOOD RELATIONS, Multi Culturalism, PEOPLE

Young campaigners are being urged to come forward and take part and CHANGEit. The awards have
nothing to do with academic achievement or exam grades, but everything to do with good citizenship
and positive action.

Campaigns covering all topics are welcomed. Whether it is campaigning to raise awareness of binge
drinking amongst young people or campaigning to raise money for a facility in the community the
issue is immaterial. There are two categories of award: Innovation Awards and Performance Awards.
Awards of up to £750 will be given to young people, alone or in groups, who show innovation in new
campaigns or can demonstrate the quality of what they have done in the past.

Innovation Awards
The Innovation Awards are for young people who want to make positive change happen, but need the
funding and know-how to get started. The prizes will be awarded to young people:
      Who have an idea or plan or have already started working on a project to produce change in
their community, school or youth organisation.
      Winners will receive a prize of £750 to directly benefit their campaign and also be offered a
mentor to help them in their journey to achieving their campaign's goals.
      Six runners-up will receive £250 for their campaign
      Nine finalists will be chosen and invited to a training event in London on 27 February 2008.
      The process will be a "dragon's den" style pitch. The judges will listen to each of the
presentations and then choose three pitches to win the money.

Performance Awards
The Performance Awards are for young people who haven't been afraid to speak up and take action
on the issues they care about. They will be awarded to young people:
      Who have already produced change in their community, school or youth organisation and will
be recognised for their campaigning achievements.
      All nominations to the Performance Awards will receive a certificate of recognition and the
three winners will receive £750 each. Six runners-up will be awarded £250.
      You can either nominate yourself or someone else, and you can nominate as many people as
you feel have made a difference.

Nominations can be made by, or on behalf of, any young person within the UK aged 11-18 (on 31
January 2008). Groups of young people can be entered but they will need to share the award. Young

                                                                                                Jennifer Neff
                                                                        Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                   Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                 7 Connell St
                                                                                                  BT49 0HA

                                                                                              Tel: 028 77760311
people who are already supporting organisations or causes are welcome to apply but some
innovation must be demonstrated.

Contact details
CHANGEit Coordinator
Common Purpose BelfastCommon Purpose- Discovery House 28-42 Banner Street
London England EC1Y 8QE t: 020 7608 8148 e:

Community Investment Programme
3M United Kingdom PLC- The 3M Community Investment Programme aims to support organisations
that help communities help themselves.

This scheme is Open - This scheme can provide Micro Small Medium in kind grants
Funding can be for Revenue costs

Issue Focus
Children (0-12), Young People (13-25), Family and Parenting, Community and Neighbourhood
Development, ENVIRONMENT, Information Technology, PEOPLE, Urban Development, Victims and
Survivors, Rural Development
Community Safety, Crime prevention, Road Safety
The 3M community programme is not about reacting to general requests for cash donations - it is a
proactive programme focused on those areas where they believe their contribution can make a real
They do this through donations and in-kind gifts of 3M products and services, the use of 3M facilities,
encouragement of employee volunteering and through matching employees' fundraising
National programme
Road accidents are the single biggest cause of death among five to 14 year olds and the Department
for Transport has set a target to reduce the number of children killed or seriously injured on the roads
by 50 per cent by 2010.
Helping achieve this target is the main focus of their community activity. Working closely with the
Department for Transport, Local Authorities, Road Safety Officers and direct with local schools, in
2005 they donated more than 100,000 high-visibility reflective vests to Key Stage 2 pupils at primary
schools located in regions where 3M has a presence. To support this programme, they also
sponsored Quantum Theatre for Science to go into many of these schools to perform a play
specifically linked to school travel plans (walking buses, cycle training etc.), promoting road safety
messages in a fun and entertaining way.
In 2006 they built on their child road safety initiative. Whilst continuing with their vest programme,
they also developed a web-based educational tool, 3M Streetwise, to help schools the length and
breadth of the country to teach road safety messages, as well as looking at the scientific principles of
                                                                                                   Jennifer Neff
                                                                           Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                      Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                    7 Connell St
                                                                                                     BT49 0HA

                                                                                                 Tel: 028 77760311
light, sound and forces - all part of the National Curriculum. Teachers can access a great teaching
medium at a click of a button. The website features animated road safety rules, a game and prize
quiz to encourage pupils and parents alike to learn and check their level of understanding of road
safety issues.
And in 2007 they developed the site further, with additional pages focusing specifically on safe
cycling. 3M is also proud to be a headline sponsor of Road Safety Week, organised by Brake, the
road safety charity.
Local programmes
Different communities have different needs, so each of their UK locations has some limited funding
available so they can direct support to the areas of greatest need.
Recognising that they cannot possibly support all the many worthy causes which might seek support,
their local campaigns are focused on two areas:
1.                 Education
They believe in bridging the gap between classroom and work place by forging links with local
schools through activities relevant to the academic curriculum. As a company with innovation at its
heart, they are particularly keen to support the science and technology curriculum and help stimulate
young minds.
2.                 Environment
They are committed to promoting healthier, safer and more environmentally aware communities, in
line with their strong reputation for environmental responsibility, which for more than 30 years has
focused on preventing pollution at source.

In order to be considered for support, projects must fall within one or both of these topic areas and
relate to a community in which 3M has a site presence.

Proposals must also fulfil one or more of the criteria:
   be a registered UK charitable concern
   address a specific identified local community need
   involve 3M volunteers
   on completion, be able to demonstrate measurable results.

How to Apply
Obtain more information from the website or email them with the reference Community.
(no individuals/teams/third party fundraisers or requests for funds for overseas can be considered)
Scheme dates
No dates have been added for this scheme
Contact details: 3M United Kingdom PLC, 5/7 Balloo Drive, South Circular Road, Bangor, Down
Northern Ireland BT19 7PB t: 028 9127 8200
f: 028 9127 0659 e:
                                                                                                   Jennifer Neff
                                                                           Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                      Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                    7 Connell St
                                                                                                     BT49 0HA

                                                                                                 Tel: 028 77760311
        Roe Valley Leisure Centre Active Aging 50+
        The Active Aging 50+ programme at the Roe Valley Leisure Centre timetable can be seen below:
        All activities are £2.50 per person

        Monday          11.30 am - 12. 15 pm        Swimming Improvers Ladies Only (Coach Present)
        Tuesday         10.30 am - 11.15am          Aquafit (Learner Pool)
        Wednesday       10.30am - 11. 15 am         Swimming Beginners
        Thursday        10.30 am - 11.15 am         Tai Chi - Ladies Only
                                                    New Age Curling -Men only
        Friday      10.00 am - 10.45 am             Swimming - All Levels Men Only - Main Pool Coach

        Limavady Community Development Initiative Cultural Spring Classes 2009
         Cards & Crafts – Adult One Day     Saturday 21 February 2009          10am -4pm
                                                     £20        (l           (Lunch 30 mins – bring a
                                                                              packed lunch)
         Cards & Crafts – Adult One Day     Saturday 21 March 2009            10am -4pm
                                                        £20     (lunch      (Lunch 30 mins – bring a
                                                                             packed lunch)

         Cards & Crafts – Children‟s Half Day
                                            Saturday 25 April 2009           1.30pm – 4.30pm


         For further details contact:- Lorraine Coulter, Culture/Arts/Tourism on (028) 777 60304

        Community Relations Award 2009
        The Community Relations Council invites nominations for its 2009 Award for exceptional contribution
        to Inter-community relations. The criteria are:
        Evidence of exceptional, sustained and long term commitment to community relations work,
        Evidence of commitment beyond single community across Northern Ireland and/or across the border,
        An embodiment of CRC values and Evidence of impact on the thinking around community relations
        issues. Self-nominations will not be accepted and CRC staff and existing CRC Members may not be
        nominated. Family relatives of CRC staff and members are also ineligible. Nominations should be
        submitted by 3 April 2009 on an official CRC nomination form, available from
                                                                                                          Jennifer Neff
                                                                                  Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                             Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                           7 Connell St
                                                                                                            BT49 0HA

                                                                                                        Tel: 028 77760311
                                                                                    Email: or by request from CRC reception.
The winner will be announced during Community Relations Week, 27 April to 2 May 2009.

Help The Changaro Refuge in Kenya & you could win a trip to NEW YORK!
 How's this for Value?
You could spend 5 days in the Big Apple for a Tenner, In a 4 star hotel in Manhattan, Take in a show
on Broadway, Enjoy the St. Patricks Day Parade, And..... you could take your partner/friend/mucker
with you! will have $1000 to spend Honestly ALL for only a tenner: Buy a 10 ticket in the Changaro
Trust Raffle. The winner will be informed on the 27th February 2009 after the open draw in Foyleside
Shopping Centre. For further information and tickets available at the One World Centre and the One
World Shop on Shipquay Street. Phone The Changaro Trust at the One World Centre 02871-370989
or return an email to and we'll get the ticket to you....
All profits will be donated to help build The Changaro Refuge in Kenya

Dromboughil Community Association Classes
TUESDAYS 1PM – 3.30PM Crafts and crocheting with tutor Pearl. Regular users £24 for this session
:Random users £5 per person per day.
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month 2.30pm – 3.45pm come to the centre and have your hearing aid and
batteries checked, for free.
Wednesday mornings, 10am – 12 noon computer class in the Hub starting with Clait and continuing
to higher grades. Tutor is Dee McGrelllis. £20 for the 10 weeks has to be paid up front and £2 each
morning for heat, light and coffee.
Wednesday mornings in the centre, 11am – 12.30pm MEN ONLY £3 per per person per day.
THURSDAYS FADA (Feeny & Dromboughil Active Group) 11am – 3pm, Tea/coffee and scones,
followed by doing your own thing, eg., reading corner, newspapers, games, tv games, cards, etc. And
at 12.45 chair based aerobics for 15 minutes followed by lunch at 1pm. After lunch bingo and then
home. £5 per person per day.
Thursday nights – Scottish dancing kids and adults 7pm – 8.30pm Tutor is Georgina Kee
History talks project one on Thursday 19th March at Drumcovit House and on the 26th March Pelliper
House. 7.30pm and admission is £3 per person.
Every 4th Friday coffee morning 10.30am – 1pm everyone welcome
The first Friday of the month is youth night 7pm, admission 50p.
Saturday mornings – 10.30am Workshops in crafts.
Planning for after Easter will be basket weaving, callighraphy, the gardening club, walking club and
safety on your bicycle for children.

Eglinton Community Hall Classes
Mon Irish Dancing 4-5.30pm, Aerobics 6-8pm, Oil Painting 7-9pm (Tel. Liz 71811210 to book),
Boxing 8-9.30pm;
Tue Beginners Pilates 6.45 7.45pm, Ceili Dancing 8-9pm;

                                                                                                Jennifer Neff
                                                                        Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                   Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                 7 Connell St
                                                                                                  BT49 0HA

                                                                                              Tel: 028 77760311
Wed Citizens Advice & Kick Start to Work 10am-12.30pm (advice and training available to start or
look for new employment), Sewing Crafts 1-3pm, Aerobics 6-8pm, Boxing 8-9.30pm, Tai Chi 8.15-
Thur Jo Jingles 11am-12, Slimming World 5.30-8.30pm, Adult Beginners Guitar 8.30pm (Tel
07972144740 to book;
Fri Childrens Beginners Guitar 5-7pm (Tel 07972144740 to book), Aerobics 6-7pm, Youth Club 7-

Typing, photocopying, ring binding services available. Hall available for hire for birthday parties etc.
Tel 71812303

Free Advertising Opportunity On Local Community Radio Station
Drive 105 .3fm is offering groups in the Limavady Borough the unique opportunity to promote their
services to their listeners at no cost. Drive 105 is a not for profit cross community organisation, based
in Derry/Londonderry.

Our main objectives are:
To act as a voice of the Community reflecting the multi-cultural society that we live in
To provide a forum that enables debate around local issues to take place
To provide training in ICT, Media and Journalism
To forward the cause of cross-community relations and Multiculturalism
To provide entertainment ranging from the late 1960‟s to present day, with the emphasis on 60s, 70's,
80's music
To develop strategic relationships with local community groups, educational insitutions, charitable
bodies & Local Gov't
To encourage and promote citizenship and thus create a sense of empowerment & responsibility
Community groups, e.g. disabled, elderly, plus cross-community and ethnic groups

Please contact Drive 105 with any news or information about your group
Address: Drive 105, 71Spencer Road, Derry/Londonderry, BT47 6AE
Phone No: 02871 313 477

Fundraising Ideas
A novel approach to generate fundraising ideas is to type "fundraising" into an auction website like
eBay. You will find for sale from only a few pounds a range of tools to help you raise hundreds more.
Examples on Ebay include:
   Great Fundraising Ideas for Youth Groups 150 easy ways book
   100 fundraising football scratch cards 60 teams
   Race Night DVD for fundraising events
   Premium Fundraising Charity Collection Boxes x 8
                                                                                                    Jennifer Neff
                                                                            Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                       Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                     7 Connell St
                                                                                                      BT49 0HA

                                                                                                  Tel: 028 77760311
    10 Spot The Ball Cards - Fundraising Football Cards
    Book of 1000 Cloakroom / Raffle tickets for fundraising
    50 X Yellow Ducks Fundraising Bags Party Loot Toys
    Giant Playing Cards A4 Fundraising Fete Supplies
    100 mixed party bag toys great for fundraising charity
    Charity Fundraising GLOW-BRACELETS X 100 Mixed
    A Handbook of School Fundraising Book | Harris Rosenber
    Thoughtful Fundraising Book
    Practical Fundraising for Individuals and Small Groups
    500 Balloon Race Tickets for Fundraising Balloon Events
    Money for Old Rope: Fundraising Ideas

You can use an auction site to source fundraising merchandise and equipment. For more ideas see
NICVA's A to Z of fundraising ideas and Events Guide.
You should always also consider the Institute of Fundraising's Code of Best Practice when running
fundraising events and activities.

                  Job/Board Member Opportunities…
Bluestack Special Needs Foundation Ltd.
Project Manager (Part Time)
Contract: To March 2010
Salary: €39,500 - €45,000 depending on experience (pro rata)
Location: Donegal Town, Co. Donegal

The Bluestack Special Needs Foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of people with special
needs, their families, carers and friends. We are now seeking to employ a Project Worker to
implement the vision as outlined in our Strategic Plan 2008-2013.

The Project Manager will work as part of a team developing and implementing appropriate services in
response to the needs of people with special needs, their families and carers. They will have
responsibility of providing leadership, motivation, supervision and support to staff and volunteers.

Essential Criteria:
Relevant third level qualification
Experience of managing projects that address inclusion of people with special needs
Experience of working with community, voluntary and statutory agencies
Experience of financial management, sourcing funding and report writing
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Management experience would be highly desirable
                                                                                                Jennifer Neff
                                                                        Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                   Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                 7 Connell St
                                                                                                  BT49 0HA

                                                                                              Tel: 028 77760311
The ability to work as part of a team
Full Clean Driving license and access to a car for work purposes

Closing Date: 12 noon, Thursday 26th February 2009
Interviews: 1st week in March

Please submit CV and application letter to:
The Company Secretary
Bluestack Foundation
Bluestack House
The Glebe
Donegal Town
Co. Donegal

Study Support Centre Manager
Study Support Centre Manager, Salary £31,348 NJC Scale Point 38-PO2. Do you want to break new
ground and lead an innovative scheme to help young people improve their literacy, numeric and IT
skills through the medium of sport?

We have been commissioned by Triax Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership to recruit a Study Centre
Support Manager for the ESCaPe Project (Education, Sports, Citizenship and Parents). This scheme
is the first of its type in Ireland and is based on the highly successful „Playing for Success‟ initiative in
England. It provides a unique opportunity for an enthusiastic person with drive and ambition to make
a real difference to the lives of young people within the Derry City Council area.

For further details and an application form contact:
Human Resources Manager,
Moore Stephens Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors,
21-23 Clarendon Street,
Derry-Londonderry, BT47 3AG. Tel. 028 71 26 1020
Or email
Closing date for applications is 12 noon, 20 February 2009.

Lifford/Clonleigh Resource Centre
Consultant Facilitator (Letterkenny, Co. Donegal)
The Lifford/Clonleigh Resource Centre on behalf of the Primary Care Community Participation
Advisory Group is seeking to recruit a Consultant Facilitator to develop integrated work practices
within Primary Care Teams and Community Health Forums in County Donegal.
The aim of the project is to bring together each Primary Care Team and Community Health Forum in
Lifford/Castlefin, Ballyshannon/Bundoran, the Finn Valley and the Lagan Valley to explore and
                                                                                                      Jennifer Neff
                                                                              Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                         Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                       7 Connell St
                                                                                                        BT49 0HA

                                                                                                    Tel: 028 77760311
establish effective ways of working together in a genuinely integrated way to improve and enhance
health and well being in communities based on the principles and practices of the social model of

The Lifford/Clonleigh Resource Centre on behalf of the CPAG is now recruiting a consultant facilitator
to enable each PCT and CHF in each of the four primary care areas to come together to explore,
identify and develop effective ways to ensure the integration of both social and medical models within
primary care teams.

Key Tasks
To devise and facilitate one day in each primary care area bringing together both the PCT and CHF
to introduce, explore, identify and develop ways of working in a more integrated way.
To facilitate the development of follow up work. It is anticipated that this may be the development of a
working group in each of the four areas.
To enable the working groups to identify the steps that are required to progress the work.
To prepare a brief final report documenting the learning including recommendations for future work

The methodology used to carry out this work will be highly participatory. The facilitator will draw from
community       development          and         health         principles       and           practices.

Expected Output
A facilitated day in each of the four primary care areas bringing together members from the PCT and
the CHF.
A working group established consisting of members from both the CHF and PCT in each area
committed to taking the steps identified to progress work in a coordinated and integrated way. This
work will inform future work and efforts to promote integration in primary care teams nationally.
A brief final report that will be used to inform a national conference on community participation in
primary care in June 2009.

Expected Outcomes
A greater understanding of the values and benefits of working together to enhance health and well
An increased sense of partnership in responding to the health needs of all the community.

Management of the Project
The Consultant Facilitator will be guided by and report directly to the Community Participation
Advisory Group.
The Lifford/Clonleigh Resource Centre will contract the Facilitator.

                                                                                                    Jennifer Neff
                                                                            Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                       Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                     7 Connell St
                                                                                                      BT49 0HA

                                                                                                  Tel: 028 77760311
The Consultant Facilitator will possess excellent facilitation skills with extensive experience
particularly                     in                         team                       building.

Some experience of having worked in a similar way with clinicians would be an advantage although
not essential.
The facilitator should have a thorough knowledge of Irish Health and Social Policy.
Evidence of good Report Writing skills is essential.
The facilitator needs to be available to deliver within the timeframe.

It is expected that the bulk of the work will take place in April/May 2009.
It is anticipated that it will require the equivalent of 8 days to undertake the work.

The total budget allocated to the facilitator for the completion of this work including expenses is Euro

Application Process
Please contact Charlie Garratt by email at should you require further
If you would like to be included in the selection process please forward your curriculum vitae clearly
marked 'Facilitator CPAG' on or before Tuesday 3rd March
Brid McMenamin,
Lifford/Clonleigh Resource Centre,
Croaghan Heights,
Co. Donegal
or email
Interviews will be held on Wednesday 18th March 2009 in the Conference Room, County Clinic,
Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

Basic Introduction to Financial Sustainability
Grass roots look at financial sustainability for community groups and organizations. It will explore
issues and opportunities surrounding financial sustainability. Rural College Tues 10 th March 7-9pm
Contact Kate on 02879629100

Full Cost Recovery
Overview of Full Cost Recovery and what is meant by the term. It will explore how groups can
calculate the actual costs of delivering their services/activities etc. Participants will get the opportunity
to „try out‟ a template to calculate costs and all will receive a template for their own
                                                                                                      Jennifer Neff
                                                                              Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                         Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                       7 Connell St
                                                                                                        BT49 0HA

                                                                                                    Tel: 028 77760311
group/organisation. Rural College Draperstown Tues 10th March 7-9pm. Contact Kate on

Would you like your Community Experience to lead to a University of Ulster Degree?
 If you have substantial experience in the community & voluntary sector, you could gain direct entry to
the 2nd year of the part-time degree BSc (Hons) Community Development.
As a first step, the University is offering experienced community sector practitioners and activists the
opportunity to enrol on a short course Accreditation for Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) at Magee
and Jordanstown Campuses (In exceptional circumstances, your qualifications may exempt you from
taking the APEL course).
Friday 6 March - 22 May 2009 : Cost 450.00 (Bursaries may be available)
The course provides you with:
1. The opportunity to convert community experience into University credits
2. Guidance on building a portfolio of experience-based learning
3. The prospect of direct entry into the second year of the degree programme in September 2009
through successful completion of the course and submission of a portfolio.
For an application form and further details contact:
Sharon Adams: 028 9036 6680, email: (Administrator),Or
Rosemary Moreland: 028 9036 8333, email:

NICVA Meet the Funders Event
NICVA has opened registration for its second Meet the Funders Fair which will this time take place in
Derry on 27 April 2009. The event was organised by NICVA to help kick start fundraising in 2009 by
bringing together a range of funders of voluntary and community organisations and individuals active
in their community.

This event has been organised to help meet the demand for the first event in Belfast and to provide
better access to the event for those living in the North West. While fundamentally a repeat of the first
meet the funders fair this event will also see participation from some funders local to the North West.

You must register to attend but it costs nothing. The event will be open from 4.00pm to 6.00pm in the
Calgach Centre, 4-22 Butcher Street, Derry, BT48 6HL. Click here for directions on Google Maps
Again NICVA's Grant Tracker team has invited a large number of local and national funders to
participate and is very grateful to those who will take part. "While we at NICVA are keen to emphasise
the need for organisations to diversify their funding but we also know the importance of grant funding
to respond to new needs. That is why we have organised this event." said Neil Irwin, Member
Services Manager at NICVA. To register contact Georgie Finlay at NICVA on 028 9087 7777 or
So far confirmed to participate in the event are:
         Big Lottery Fund
         Arts Council NI
                                                                                                   Jennifer Neff
                                                                           Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                      Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                    7 Connell St
                                                                                                     BT49 0HA

                                                                                                 Tel: 028 77760311
         Sport Northern Ireland
         Heritage Lottery Fund
         ESB Electric Aid
         Community Foundation
         Comic Relief
         Charity Bank
         The Big Deal
         Derry City Council
         North West Peace III Partnership
         North West Rural Development Cluster
         Community Pharmacy Project
         Unity Trust Bank
         Ulster Community Investment Trust
         BBC Children In Need
         Community Relations Council
         Rural Development Council
         International Fund for Ireland
         John Moores Foundation
         Unltd
         Lloyds TSB Foundation
         NICVA Grant Tracker
         Ulster Community Investment Trust

Age Concern N.I. Modernisation Programme - Fit for Purpose
Re: Age Concern Northern Ireland profiling event – Community and Voluntary Organisations. You are
invited to participate in the social capital profiling event for the Limavady area on:
Date:      Wednesday 4th March 2009 Time:                1.30 pm Lunch and welcome Start: 2.00pm –
Venue: The Activity Room – Roe Valley Leisure Centre

There have been two key drivers behind the development of „Fit for Purpose – Fit for the Future‟
The Review of Public Administration (RPA)
The wider Modernisation Agenda within the voluntary sector

Objectives of event:
•      To gain feedback on services available and the support for older people in the regional area
•      To network and hear of partnership opportunities
•      To address older people‟s issues together and look at opportunities to build a strong network
across new Super Council area
•      To guide and support groups with information and advice on RPA and Modernisation
•      To build on relationships and current work together related to older people
Contact Elaine Simpson, Mobile: 0796 7522 472, Work: 0791 20465 34
                                                                                                Jennifer Neff
                                                                        Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                   Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                 7 Connell St
                                                                                                  BT49 0HA

                                                                                              Tel: 028 77760311
Promoting Mental Health and Emotional Well-being
Tuesday 10 March 2009, The Station Centre, Omagh, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm.
Simon Ward is a Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist in Sefton. He is currently leading the
mental health training strategy alongside colleagues from Health and Social Care.
For a number of years, Simon has also been running a variety of projects to develop the well being of
staff and pupils in an increasing number of schools. As a regular trainer, he has delivered seminars
on a variety of topics including, promoting mental health, motivation and learning, positive behaviour
management and solution oriented approaches. His interest in the development of well-being is
reflected in his position as a founding
member of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology. This seminar will be of interest to anyone
working with children and young people in a range of settings, particularly youth and community
workers, social workers, teachers, health promotion workers, primary care workers and others in the
allied health professions who have an interest in the promotion of positive mental health.

The seminar will include: Positive Psychology…The science of well-being, Moving from risk to
resilience, Mood management...Developing coping skills, Changing thoughts and beliefs, Increasing
engagement, Recognising and promoting strengths, Building a compelling and hopeful future.
To register please call 028 7186 5127

Home Safety Events
Limavady Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership is hosting two Home Safety Events for Older People
in the Glens Community House and Roe Valley Residents Community House. Both events will have
representative from the local PSNI Neighbourhood Policing Team and the Crime Prevention Officer
who will give advice on how to keep your home safe. They will also be giving advise on personnal
safety. Refreshments will be provided. The events are open to everyone. For more details contact
Ursula on 777 60311.

Venue: Roe Valley Residents Association, 13-14 Keady Way, Limavady.
Date:    27th February 2009
Time : 11am

Venue: Glens Community Association- 3-4 Glenlea Park, Limavady
Date: 25th February 2009
Time: 3pm

                                                                                                 Jennifer Neff
                                                                         Acting Community Development Officer
                                                                                    Limavady Borough Council
                                                                                                  7 Connell St
                                                                                                   BT49 0HA

                                                                                               Tel: 028 77760311

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