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					                Guest registration procedures

1. Receive the guest with a smile, a wish according to the time.
2. Check if he/she is holding reservation
3. If there is a reservation, then no problem, otherwise check for
availability of rooms
4. Get he guest registration card and fill it up
5. Fill up the key and the welcome card
6. If the guest is a foreigner, get the C form and fill it up.
7. Allot the accommodation
8. Fill the arrival register
9. Make information slips and send them to telephones, room service and
housekeeping (if the hotel has PMS then do not required
10. Open guest folio
11. Incase of VIP, CIP etc inform all the departments
12. Lastly inform the bellboys to carry the luggage and escort the guest
to the room and wish a comfortable stay in the hotel.

Registration begins when the front desk agent extends a sincere welcome
to the guests. Warm greeting sets the tone for everything that follows.
The front desk agent moves to the registration process after determining
the guest’s reservation status. To a great degree registration relies on the
information contained in a reservation record. Front office personnel will
find registration simpler and smoother when accurate and complete
information has been captures during the reservation process.

The registration process can be divided into six steps

      Pre registration activity
      Creating the registration record
      Assigning the room and the rate
      Establishing method of payment
      Issuing the room key
      Fulfilling the special requests

Pre registration activity

Through the reservation process, a guest provides nearly all the
information needed to complete registration. In other words, guests who
make reservations will likely experience a more rapid check in.
Pre registrations activities (registration activities that occur before the
guest arrives at the property) help accelerate the registration process.
Typically pre registered guests’ only need to verify information collected
by reservations agents during the reservations process. Typically pre
registered guests’ only need to verify information already entered onto a
registration cared and provide a valid signature in the appropriate place
on the registration card.
Pre registration involves room and rate assignment and creation of guest
folio apart from producing registration card. However in some properties
they are reluctant to do room assignment as if there are some last minute
cancellations then may create an imbalance in the status of vacant rooms.
Pre registration tasks are done in non-automated and semi automated
front office systems also. But in many of such properties the pre
registration services may be limited to specially designated, VIPs or

Pre registration helps plan for special requirements of guests as well as of
the hotel. For example, frequent guests may have special requirements of
guests as well as of the hotel. And guests with disabilities may need
rooms outfitted to their special needs. By pre registering these guests,
the front desk agent can be sure to satisfy them. In addition pre
registration help as managers when they know that the hotel will be in full
occupancy in next several days.

The registration record

After a guest arrives at the hotel, the front desk agent creates a
registration record, a collection of important guest information.

Registration cards facilitate the registration process and require guests to
provide his/her name, address, telephone number, company affiliation
and other personal data. The registration card usually contains a space for
guest’s signature. Generally this is a legal prerequisite to establishing
guest’s relationship with the hotel. In automated properties the
registration card can be preprinted wherein the guests can verify and then
sign. At the time of check in. the front desk agents needs to reconfirm the
pre assigned rate and the planned departure date. The registration card is
either filed in the room rack or attached with the guest folio.

In an automated system the details will automatically get communicate to
the required departments where in otherwise it needs to be passed on so
that the guest is able o do credit purchases against the room account.

At check out, the information captures on guest registration card may be
used as the primary source for creating a guest history record. This
record may then become part of the data base to be used in the future by
the hotel’s sales and marketing efforts. The information contained in a
guest history database can be analyzed to assist management in
developing marketing strategies, marketing lists and detailed reports.

Guest registration card
As the name suggests the registration is done in the card form. Normally
three copies are made with carbon papers. The original copy along with
C-form is send to the police, second copy is for hotels records and the
third one is kept along with the guest folio.’
But many times C-form is a separate document.


Under the rules C-form has to be filled up for all foreign residents of the
hotel. The purpose of C-form is to furnish certain information to the police
to check on the movements of foreign nationals visiting the country.

The C-form has to be filled in duplicate for all individuals including
husband, wife and all the children. Nationality, passport numbers, date
and place of issue, purpose of visit, address, duration of say are all main
details found in C-form.
When a group is staying only one C-form is made for the whole group.
The groups rooming list, which consists of all group member’s name along
with their nationality, passport number, date and place of issue are
printed. The group rooming list along with the C-form prepared for the
group is sent to the police.

c-forms have to be sent to the police within 24 hours of arrival of the
                         Guest Registration Card

Name Of The Guest___________________________________________

Telephone No________________________________
Arrived Form___________________ Proceeding To______________
Date Of Birth_____________________________________________

For Foreigners Only                      For Office Use

Passport No_________________           Date And Time Of Arrival______________
Date Of Issue____________________      Expected Date Of Departure___________
Place Of Issue____________________     Time of Departure __________________
Valid Up To_______________________ Type of Accommodation_____________
Type Of Visa____________________       No of Pax________________________
Date Of Issue____________________      Room No________________Rate______
Proposed Duration
of Stay In India____________________   Plan__________Booked By___________
Registration No If Any_______________ Billing Instructions_________________
Date Of Registration_________________
Place Of Registration_________________ Special Remarks____________________
Valid Up to_________________________ Advance if any_____________________
Whether Employed In India___________ Date Of Advance___________________
Address In India____________________ Recipt No__________Bill No__________
 The Management Does Not Take Responsibility for Loss Of Guest Valuables, Lockers
Are Available

I have gone through the terms and conditions of my stay in the hotel and i agree to abide
the same.

Receptionist ‘S Signature                            Guest’s Signature

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