Until the lion has its own historian, tales of hunting will always be of the hunter
                                                                      African proverb

International Council on
Archives                            The mission of ICA is to promote the preservation and use of
60 rue des Francs-Bourgeois         archives around the world. In pursuing this mission, ICA
75003 Paris, France                 works for the protection and enhancement of the memory of
+33 1 40 27 63 06                   the world and to improve communication while respecting
                                    cultural diversity.

Museums, Libraries & Archives
(MLA)                               The MLA believes that museums, libraries and archives
Head office in Birmingham,          make a measurable and substantial contribution to the quality
additional office in London.        of life of us all. They support the well-being of individuals and
                                    society as a whole by helping to create a shared identity and
The Museums, Libraries and          sense of community and place. They play a vital role in
Archives Council                    generating prosperity by supporting learning and skills,
Grosvenor House                     providing access to knowledge and resources, and by
14 Bennetts Hill                    helping to make places inspiring and attractive to live in, work
Birmingham                          in and visit. The MLA believes that the best museums,
B2 5RS                              libraries, and archives:
Tel: +44 (0)121 345 7300            - Integrate with other forms of culture, the arts, sport and
Fax: +44 (0)121 345 7303            local services to offer essential resources that meet the
Email:              needs of people, communities and places.
                                    - Embed excellence, scholarship, creativity and diversity.
The Museums, Libraries and          - Innovate, are entrepreneurial and adapt to new working
Archives Council                    methods.
Wellcome Wolfson Building           - Ensure sustainability and continuous improvement is at the
165 Queen's Gate                    heart of all they do.
South Kensington                    - Broaden and deepen access to their information and
London                              resources.
SW7 5HD                             - Perform to the highest levels and champion continuous
Tel: +44 (0)20 7273 1444            professional development.
Fax: +44 (0)20 7273 1404            - Are engaging and enjoyable places for people to visit and
Email:              use.

Black Cultural Archives             Black Cultural Archives was founded in 1981 to collect,
1 Othello Close                     preserve and celebrate the contributions Black people have
London                              made to the culture, society and heritage of the UK.
SE11 4RE
                                    This unique and growing archive collection offers insight into
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7582 8516      the history of Black people in Britain and includes rare
Email:                              documents, photographs, memorabilia, oral history             testimonies and artefacts dating from the second century to
                                    the present day.
We are able to offer a limited
enquiry service via phone and         BCA’s mission and vision inspires their educational
email. If you wish to use the         programmes and partnership initiatives, allowing them to
archive, we are open by               connect with a variety of communities in a meaningful,
appointment on Wednesdays             genuine way through an engagement with tangible objects.
10am -4pm, please email to        BCA is currently engaged in a major capital project to create
book.                                 the UK's first national Black heritage centre in Brixton,

National Archives                     The National Council on Archives was established in 1988 to
The National Archives, Kew,           bring together the major bodies and organisations, including
Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU.            service providers, users, depositors and policy makers,
                                      across the UK concerned with archives and their use. It aims   to develop consensus on matters of mutual concern and
                                      provide an authoritative common voice for the archival

LA Archives                           All local authorities have a legal duty to keep an archive.
                                      Find the local authority for your area, the web address will
                                      always be you should then
                                      be able to locate information on the archive
Heritage Lottery Fund
Tel 020 7591 6000                     HLF provides funding for community based archives –
                                      including the cultural sector.
                                      Bear in mind that HLF funding is only for artefacts/ heritage                 that is 50 years old and over

UNESCO Thesaurus                      The Thesaurus provides details on archive terminology &

                                      For the particularly well informed, there’s the UNESCO
                                      thesaurus at and if you want
                                      to go yet further

Society of Archivists
Prioryfield House,                    The society of archivists has a website offering a range of
20 Canon Street,                      information
Somerset, TA1 1SW
                                      They have a number of special interest groups
Tel: 01823 327030
Fax: 01823 271719                     One specialising in film -

                                      And another considering - Specialist Repositories Group
The National Council on
Archives (NCA)                      The National Council on Archives (NCA) offers a useful
                                    Archive Lottery Advisory Service which is jointly sponsored
Home page:                          by The National Archives and The Museums, Libraries and   Archives Council (MLA) under the aegis of the National
hat_we_do/                          Council on Archives. The Archive Lottery Adviser supports
                                    record offices, and other bodies holding archives, throughout
                                    the UK in making applications for lottery funding. Anyone
                                    developing a project using archives can use the service.
                                    Information on this can be accessed at

Association of Chief Archivists
in Local Government (ACALG)         The Society of Archivists (SoA), National Council on Archives
                                    (NCA), and the Association of Chief Archivists in Local
                                    Government (ACALG) have merged into a single body to
                                    create a strong inclusive voice for the sector (2008). A
                                    memorandum of understanding has been produced – which
                                    is available to download where?

Black and Asian Studies (BASA)
                                    The Black and Asian Studies Association (BASA; till October     1997 ASCACHIB) was formed in 1991. The aim of the
                                    Association is to foster research and to disseminate
                                    information on the history of Black peoples in Britain. A
                                    newsletter is published three times a year in July, November
                                    and March. BASA also holds annual conferences. The
                                    organisation takes up issues with government departments
                                    and quangos, such as English Heritage re-Blue Plaques and
                                    much else, with the QCA on school curricula, and MLA
                                    regarding archives, libraries and museums. They have also
                                    worked on specific projects with other organisations. e.g. in
                                    the past with CASBAH, and the National Archives' website
                                    on the history of Black peoples in Britain since the mid 16th
                                    CASBAH is a pilot web site for research resources relating to
Secretary:                          Caribbean Studies and the history of Black and Asian
Sean Creighton                      peoples in the UK. There is a database which contains
18 Ridge Rd                         information from a UK-wide sample of relevant archive,
Mitcham                             printed and audio-visual resources held in academic, public
CR4 2ET                             and special libraries and repositories. The project reports
                                    provide detailed information on CASBAH's pilot and regional
Email:                              surveys and present guidelines devised by CASBAH on
secretary@blackandasianstudies.o    conducting surveys and subject indexing in these subject
rg                                  areas. The CASBAH database contains a demonstrator
                                    sample of about 400 records relating to resources for
                                    Caribbean Studies and the history of Black and Asian            peoples in the UK.
Diversity Art Forum (previously
the African and Asian Visual          The Diversity Art Forum is dedicated to transforming the way
Artists Archive)                      in which the visual arts are seen and interpreted. Art as the
                                      creative inhibitor continues to have an imperative
                                      communicative role in various ways. The organisation
Director: Email Pauline de Souza      provides a dialogic space where art practice can be
at                challenged and complicated. It seeks to build a platform,
                                      upon which diverse arts forms can be discussed, bridging a   rich understanding creativity, production and research.

                                      AIM25 seeks to provide electronic access to collection level
Project Director                      descriptions of the archives of over one hundred higher
Patricia Methven                      education institutions, learned societies, cultural
Director of Archive Services          organisations and livery companies within the greater London
King's College London                 area. New data is constantly being added.
London WC2R 2LS
Tel: 020 7848 2187

Project Co-ordinator
Geoffrey Browell
Archive Services
King's College London
Tel. 020 7848 2011

                                      Archives Hub is a national gateway to descriptions of                 archives in UK universities and colleges.

UK Film Archive Forum
                                      The Film Archive Forum represents all of the public sector           film and television archives which care for the UK's moving
                                      image heritage.

Museums Association
                                      The Museums Association represents the people and
Museums Association, 24 Calvin        institutions constituting Britain's museums and galleries.
Street, London E1 6NW
Policy and Programmes
Tel: 020 7426 6950
Archive-Skills Consultancy
                                     The Archive-Skills Consultancy was originally formed to
may cottage                          deliver a programme of training in archives and records
1 Fountayne Road                     management at a price that anyone or any organisation can
London                               afford. This built on a working relationship begun in the early
N16 7EB                              1990’s running the Basic Archive Skills Training Days under
                                     the auspices of the Society of Archivists’ Specialist
t: (020) 8806 8631 · f: (020) 7502   Repositories Group.
                                     Since 1999 the Archive-Skills consultancy has trained nearly               900 people in their off-the-shelf training alone. The company
                                     also delivers tailored training to meet specific individual and
                                     organisational goals and requirements.

                                     See particularly their ‘info-bytes’ at http://www.archive-

The Moving History Project
Screen Archive South East            The Moving History website is a research guide to the United
University of Brighton               Kingdom’s twelve public sector film archives and provides a
Grand Parade                         showcase for their collections. Moving History's role is to
Brighton BN2 2JY                     show, describe and provide links to these key collections
Tel: 01273 643213                    located around the UK.
Email:         The Moving History guide aims to encourage research into
                                     archive film and film history, and to promote the value of
                                     these resources to all, including academics and students      across the arts and humanities in higher education. It is
                                     hoped that the information found here will be of interest to all
                                     those who seek to expand their understanding and use of
                                     moving image material.