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Together with Front Office Manager is responsible of the never-ending process of:
                              Planning
                              Organizing
                              Staffing, (together with the Management)
                              Executing / Actuating
                              Controlling
the functions of his department.

He coordinates the activities of the Front office Department and is responsible for the smooth operation of
Reservations, Reception Desk, Mail and Information, Concierge, GRO, Duty Manager, Business Center,
Shops and Transportation.
He is also responsible to the leading process towards maintaining the highest room occupancy at the
highest average room rate, while achieving guest satisfaction and employee’s efficiency and courtesy.
Responsible for Monthly Front office Training Program, conduct the training and to submit the report
together with the attendance list. To monitor the global Front office operation and be responsible to the
entire guest satisfaction with accommodation, billing and services.

                                   DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

   To achieve a high level of guest satisfaction, consistency, politeness and efficiency of all the staff
    members in performing required services.
   To control Front Office expenses to a minimum level without sacrificing guest area and to maximize
    the revenue through room sales and up-sell.
   Keep the billing of every single guest in a proper arrangement.
   To ensure all room rates are correctly posted.


   To be fully in-charge of the department when FOM is not available
   Assign duties and shifts to employees and supervisors to ensure adherence to hotel Policies and
    operative Procedures.

   Maintain constant check of service standards to assure continuing expected standard of hotel’s
    service, quality, policies and practices.

   Supervise the activities of the Duty Managers and coordinate with the Manager on duty of the daily
    guest satisfaction in relation to complaints/problems.
   Maintain frequent contact with guests and VIPs and deals efficiently regarding special requests,
    reservations, complaints on rooms or other functional areas of the hotel and strives for the
    satisfactory and speedy adjustments of complaints, special request, etc.

   Supervise and handle correspondence relating to all aspects of reservation and is responsible to
    keep very close control of the status of heavily booked dates availability and conditions of rooms and

   Set up monthly general cleaning schedules for Front Office and coordinate the works.
   Represent Management in the important area of relations with the guest. He is primarily responsible
    to take care of hotel guest requirements and / or handle satisfactorily their complaints.

   To detect and take action when service or equipment is mal functioning during his duty period and
    report the incident to the Department Head of the particular department involved

   Responsible for the physical appearance of the of the lobby and Front Office in particular, but also all
    other guests areas of the hotel.

   He has a primary roll, as hotel host, of personally welcoming and being helpful to as many guests as
    possible and offering services, including to guests deserving special attention, family groups, women
    travelers and the handicapped.

   Handles matters related with proper billing and investigates any guest comments, coordinates guests
    in relation with emergency plans. (Fire, accident, theft, etc)

   During check-in and check-out, greet guests who may be waiting, offer immediate assistance to avoid
    any delays.
   Must be thoroughly familiar with hotel Policies & Procedures concerning in particular reservation,
    room charges on guest bills, credit and security.

   To make sure that all messages for the other shifts are conveyed in the designated logbook.

   To comply with the hotel rules and regulations.

   To perform all duties other than the above, requested by the Company, the hotel Management and
    /or his/ her immediate supervisors.

   To ensure that departmental budget is strictly adhered to.

   To be fully familiar with the Front Office Standard Service Procedure, Fire Manual, “Knowing Your
    Product” booklet, Employee Handbook, all Frequent Flyer Programs and Furama Loyalty Programs

   Attend meeting and briefings as scheduled
   Assist the FOM and Division Head in administrative works.
   Ensure that all section are well manned according to the business level
   To check all section’s logbook and make sure the necessary follow up are properly done.
   Ensure courtesy calls are done daily as scheduled and check the logbook.
   To ensure that room keys are checked daily and missing keys are replaced immediately
   To follow up on the room discrepancy report
   To immediately respond to fire alarm or other emergency situation such as bomb threat, robbery,
    storm, etc.
   Always be available to handle guest request or complaint.
   Double check the preparation of VIP, Rack Rate, Corporate Account and Furama Loyalty programs
    as well as group
   Together with GRO to handle the registration and the rooming of VIP and Corporate Account Guest.
   Together with GRO to handle group arrival and make sure everything is in the right order.
   Ensure room reservations are allocated properly to maximize room revenue and avoid any
    unnecessary booking denials.
   To control overbooking at the acceptable condition and ratio.
   Always be well groomed at all time.
   To make sure the performance of hotel lobby is always on the tiptop condition.
   Implement new departmental policies and procedures as determined by management

   Ensure all staff wear the proper uniform and report to work punctually.
   Conduct briefings and meeting in the absence of Front office Manager.
   Conduct the departmental training as scheduled.
   Ensure that new staffs are well trained to keep up the standard.
   To minimize overtime
   To maintain good working relationship within front office department and with other department.


   To build and maintain teamwork among all Front Office staff.
   To lead by example.
   To provide excellent self-discipline.
   To give respect to gain respect.


   To follow up all guest request and complaint and to establish preventive actions from future
   Ensure that all staff provides courteous and professional services at all time.
   Maximize using guest name

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