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					REPORT OF:                 Chief Executive’s Policy Unit Manager

TO:                        Colne & District Committee

DATE:                      10th May 2007


Purpose of Report

The purpose of this report is for information only to the Colne Area Committee
regarding the Basil Street Allotments and their current and future


1. Basil Street Allotments is a project that has been managed by Pendle
   Productive landscapes (PPL), which is part of the Lancashire Wildlife

2. PPL obtained funding from the National Lottery for three years in 2004 and
   this came to an end in March 2007.

3. The Allotments have been subjected to some vandalism over recent
   months and a ‘For Auction’ sign has been erected on the gate to the site.

4. Concern has been expressed as to the ongoing maintenance and
   management of the site.

Current Position

5. Lancashire Wildlife Trust has submitted funding applications for the
   ongoing maintenance and management of the site from the National
   Lottery Target: Well Being funding stream which is being managed by the

6. The outcome of the bid should be known by the end of June.

7. The current years lease agreement has just been paid by PPL to PBC.

8. Funding has been obtained for plants from Skipton Building Society.

9. There is some funding available to support the work with Lord Street
   School, who will work on the allotments one day per week from May.

10. Allotment users have keys to the site for their own use.

11. Lancashire Wildlife Trust has convened a meeting of the PPL Steering
    Group to discuss the future of the site which will take place on Thursday
    26th April at 10am, Pendle Business Centre.

Policy Implications

12. If PPL are unsuccessful in their application for funding to maintain and
    manage the Basil Street Allotment site, PBC may consider taking over the
    maintenance of the site.

Local Agenda 21 Implications

13. Neighbourhood Management is trying to create a Sustainable Community
    in Waterside and if the Basil Street Allotments site is not managed or
    maintained then this could create an eyesore as the site is already
    showing signs of being vandalized and being neglected, which will have a
    very negative impact on the areas sustainability.

Community Safety Implications

14. The lack of management or maintenance of the Basil Street Allotments
    has already resulted in vandalism and damage and if this continues then
    this could impact upon our PSA1 targets.

Risk Management/Health and Safety Implications

15. Pendle Borough Council lease the Basil Street Allotments to Pendle
    Productive Landscapes. If there is no management or maintenance of the
    site then there are Health & Safety implications if the site is vandalized and
    a member of the public have an accident on the site.

Financial Implications

16. Lancashire Wildlife Trust have paid the rent for the site for the coming
    year, and have formally stated that they will occupy the site.

17. Currently Pendle Productive Landscapes lease the Basil Street Allotments
    from PBC, and they have paid this current years lease agreement.

18. Colne and District Area Committee gave a grant towards the cost of the
    Allotments, along with Colne Neighbourhood Management via Grot Spot
    funds to make the derelict site into an Allotment site that is disable friendly.
    Significant amounts of funding have therefore been spent in the last
    financial year, (£25,000 Capital) plus funding from PPL themselves. This
    is in jeopardy of being wasted if there is no continuation of maintenance or
    management of the site.

19. Property Services have agreed to investigate the site to see if LWT (PPL )
    are in breach of the terms for renting the site under the Allotment
    Agreement with the Council.

20. If PPL are unsuccessful in their funding application any potential financial
    implications for the Council, in terms of ongoing maintenance costs, will be
    reported to a future meeting of this committee.


21. Pendle Productive Landscapes are currently seeking continuation funding
    for the Basil Street Allotments.

22. PPL have paid for the current years lease agreement with PBC.

23. PPL should hear if they have been successful with their funding application
    by July 2007.

24. The outcome of the funding application will be presented to the Committee
    when announced together with any potential financial implications.


(1)   That the Colne and District Committee note the report.

(2)   The success of the funding application will be presented to the
      committee when announced.

(3)   That Colne and District Area Committee recommend to Lancashire
      Wildlife Trust that they inform the committee of how they intend to
      maintain and manage the site whether they are successful with the
      funding application or not.

Town Hall,
Report Author: Andrée Pomfret (Tel:) (01282) 871747

Date:23rd April 2007