The Beginning of the Cold War - PowerPoint by sofiaie

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									The Beginning of the
     Cold War
    Soviet-American Tensions

Capitalism vs Communism
 The Yalta Conference
The United Nations
 Occupation of Poland
    Lublin Poles vs. London Poles
 Occupation of Germany
Atomic bomb
The “Big Three”

China’s fall to communism
  Chiang vs. Mao Zedong
Revival of Japan
Truman Doctrine
Marshall Plan
  Sec. of State George C. Marshall
  Economic Cooperation Administration
President Truman
       Containment (con’t)
 Selective Service System
 Atomic Energy Commission
 National Security Act
    Department of Defense
    National Security Council
    Division of Germany

Federal Republic
Democratic Republic
Warsaw Pact
          U.S. Economy
Servicemen’s Readjustment Act
Labor unrest
  Displaced workers
Truman’s “Fair Deal”
  Social Security benefits
  Fair Employment Practices Act
    Taft-Hartley Act
      The Election of 1948
Democrats divided
 Dixiecrat Party
    Strom Thurmond
 Americans for Democratic Action
Thomas Dewey-Republican
Good for nothing Congress
 Truman’s Fair Deal Revised

Minimum wage
Social Security
National Housing Act
Civil rights legislation
 Fair Employment Practices Committee
 Discrimination and Segregation
          The Korean War
38th Parallel
  Communist north
  Pro-western south
A Civil War
  U.S. “defense perimeter”
  UN Assistance
     General Douglas MacArthur
  Chinese involvement
  The Martin Letter
     Truman fires MacArthur
Korean war results
General Douglas MacArthur
The U.S. During the Korean War
 Office of Defense Mobilization
 Labor strikes
 Anxiety grows regarding communism
      Subversion in America

House Un-American Activities Commission
  The evils of Hollywood
     The Hollywood Ten
Federal Loyalty Program
Hoover Files
McCarran Internal Security Act
The Rosenberg Case
  Joseph McCarthy
Senator Joe McCarthy
The Rosenbergs
          Election of 1952

Adlai Stevenson
Dwight Eisenhower
 Richard M. Nixon
Republican Victory
“We Like Ike”
Dwight Eisenhower
The Good “Ole 50’s
50’s Hair-The “Ducktail” or The
50’s Fashion
Don’t forget the men
            50’s Fads
            3D Glasses at the Movies
            Coonskin Caps
            Hula Hoops
            Pink-everything-even cars!
            Poodles (pink of course!)
            Telephone booth cramming!
(U.S. record 22 at St. Mary’s college in CA)
Don’t try this at home
George Burns and Gracie Allen (1950)
          How sweet it is…
The Honeymooners first aired in 1952.
  The 50’s was also a time for
Davy Crockett “killed him a baer when he
 was only 3”
Gunsmoke-One of the longest
running westerns aired in 1955
Hop-along-Cassidy (1947) Roy
 Rogers (1951) Zorro (1957)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
American Bandstand attracts
young viewers-and a young
     Dick Clark (1956)
How old IS Dick Clark anyway?
  Dick Clark was born Nov. 30, 1929

              He is 73!
 The 1950’s TV audience loved
       games shows…
The $64,000 question
To tell the truth
The Price is right—not Bob Barker but in 1956- Bill
What is my line?
This is your life
Queen for a day
“Queen for a day”
          What a scandal!
At the game show peak there were 22 game
  shows on prime time tv! Until… What?
  Game shows rigged? That’s right folks in
  1958 a Congressional hearing determined
  that “winners” had been supplied with the
  answers in advance! Networks and
  sponsors decided to pull the plug on game
  shows for a while!
The Blue Mountain Boys
  Who is that in the middle?
 Early 1950’s musical artists:
Patti Page
The Andrews Sisters
Nat King Cole
Guy Lombardo
Rosemary Clooney
Frank Sinatra
Doris Day
Marlene Dietrich
 1955-The birth of rock and roll
  Dean Martin                 * Fabian
  Little Richard              * Frankie Avalon
* The Platters                * Conway Twitty
  Bill Haley and the Comets   * Ritchie Valens
  Pat Boone                         * Buddy Holley
  Johnny Cash                 * Connie Francis
  Jerry Lee Lewis
  Chuck Berry
  Ricky Nelson
“Going to a garden party…”
        Ricky Nelson
Elvis Presley-”The King”

     Thank you, thank you very much
Elvis appears on the Ed Sullivan
         show in 1956
The network wouldn’t show Elvis from the
 waist down because of his “sexual
 movements”—coined “the Elvis Pelvis”
The Good Old 1950’s-An
   Age of Prosperity
“Rock-n-Roll is here to stay”
  The Economy of the 1950’s

Reasons for economic growth
 Government spending
   American West
 Military spending
 Expansion of suburbs
 The baby boom
       A New Labor Force
The power of unionization
    George Meany
 Teamsters Union
    David Beck
    Jimmy Hoffa
White collar vs blue collar
Jimmy Hoffa (1913-1975?)
  Poverty in America in the 50’s

The Other America
  Michael Harrington
Elderly and minorities
Rural poverty
  Declining farm prices
            Paul Muller
            Problems w/ DDT
        Poverty Continued
Inner-city poverty
  Relocation of industry and jobs
  Rise in juvenile crime
        Women and the family

The Feminine Mystique
Renewed interest in religion
    Billy Graham
Rock and roll culture
 The “Beatniks”
Michael Harrington
Science and Technology of the 1950’s
Medical Advances
    Small pox
         Polio Vaccination Act of 1955
    Infant mortality rates
    Ave. life expectancy
Early Smallpox Vaccinations
  Technological Innovations
  Color TV
  RCA’s David Sarnoff Labs.
  TV Networks
Integrated circuits
Computer Technology
  Remington Rand Co.
  1952 Election results
Dwight Eisenhower (1952-1960)
 The Eisenhower Administration
Balancing the budget
Social security
Interstate Highway and Defense System
The demise of McCarthyism
  Army-McCarthy hearings
The Cold War Stalemate
     U-2 Crisis
  A revised containment policy

    The Cold War Stalemate
MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction
 Effects of the Nuclear Arms Race
Military technology
Space race
  National Defense Education Act
  Bomb shelters

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