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					      Office of the Supdt. Of Police (Tech. Services & Commn.), Jharkhand ,Ranchi

                         Tender Notice No. 04/2009-2010/P.P.O

             Sealed Tenders are invited from those income Tax/Sales Tax      payee
Dealers/Manufacturers/ Authorised suppliers/Agents who are registered in
“Jharkhand Commercial and sales Tax Department” before the date of publication
of this Tender for the supply of “ TENDER FOR SUPPLY OF GENERAL ITEMS
/PARTS in Jharkhand Police Wireless H.Qr. Ranchi so as to reach the undersigned
on or before 18 / 01/ 2010 at 1400 hrs.
                Bidders should submit their offers in sealed envelops which should
also be superscribed with the “ Tender No. and TENDER FOR SUPPLY OF
                Bid should contain Tender documents duly completed and signed ,
the Price/Rates & Taxes mentioned clearly, Sale Tax certificate , Copy of Jharkhand
Registration Certificate in Sales Tax, PAN NO. , Earnest Money deposited , and any
other related document which they wish to Submit.

Sl        Description of GENERAL        Cost of Tender     Earnest Money
No.       ITEMS /PARTS                  Document
1         GENERAL ITEMS /PARTS          Rs.500/- (Five     Rs. 5000/- (Five
           for Police Wireless          hundreds only)     Thousand only
          (List Attached with Tender                       not in cash)
          Documents)                                       Not applicable to Govt
                                                           Govt.     undertakings.

          Tender documents with list of the GENERAL ITEMS/PARTS for Wireless can
be obtained from the office of the undersigned at P.P.O. , Line Tank Road, Ranchi
on production of an application on own letter pad with the cost of Rs. 500 / -
(Rupees Five hundred) in cash (Not Refundable) on or before 16 / 01/ 2010 at 1700
hrs. on any working day. The last date of submission of Tender will be 18 / 01/
2010 by 1400 hrs. and Tenders will be opened on 18 / 01/ 2010 at hrs at 1500 hrs.
before Bidders or their representative (if any.)
                 Tenders must be accompanied with prescribed amount of earnest
money worth Rs. 5000/- (Five Thousand, not in cash) in the form of Bank
Draft/NSC/Postal Saving Pass Book duly pledged in favour of the undersigned
otherwise Tender will be summarily rejected.
                                    The undersigned reserves the right to reject any
Tender fully or partially at any stage without assigning any reason.

                                                   S.P.(Tech. Services & Commn.)
                                                          Jharkhand, Ranchi