Network Attached Storage (NAS) Entry Level FlashNAS by zlr11756


									                                                                                                     DAS NAS SAN      DR

    Network Attached Storage (NAS)
        Entry Level FlashNAS

 UNIX                        WinNT/2K                          Novell                         Macintosh
Access                        Access                           Access                          Access
(NFS)                         (CIFS)                           (CNP)                           (AFP)

                                                   100BaseT or 1000BaseT

                                                                           NAS Server


                                          Any FlashDisk Storage System

     Key Benefits                                                  Typical Applications
     - Windows Common Interface File System (CIFS) - File serving
     - Network File Systems (NFS) for UNIX         - All applications that are not intensely
     - Novell Netware (CNP)                          performance oriented that run over the network
     - AppleTalk Protocol (AFP)
     - Backup window reduced to zero
     - Storage management

     Key Features                                                  Recommended Configurations
     - Windows or Linux Powered NAS                                 - Any disk drive
     - Up to 250 snapshots per volume Windows                       - Any RAID configuration
       Up to 32 snapshots per volume Linux                          - Any partitioning
     - Set user disk quotas and generate reports
       about disk usage
     - Recover lost/deleted files instantly from

     149 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington, MA 01803 - Voice: (800)325-3700 - Fax: (781)265-0201 -   10/02/03

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