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    Filterite cartridge filter systems

                         Poly-Fine ARD Series elements continue            Type:
                         the Filterite tradition of developing high             Absolute Rated Depth Filter Cartridge
                         value, breakthrough products. Poly-Fine           Filter Media:
POLY-FINE® ARD SERIES    ARD cartridges are absolute rated, depth               Melt blown Polypropylene
                         filter cartridges that exhibit long on-stream     Temperature:
                         service life, high flow rates and                      30 psid (2.1 bar) 70 C
                         extraordinary product consistency. A spiral       Micron Ratings:
                         wound support mesh, unique to the Poly-                0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70 µm absolute
                         Fine ARD cartridge design, protects the           Applications:
                         filter media, assuring consistent filtration           Magnetic Coatings
                         performance regardless of differential                 High Purity Water
                         pressure or fluid viscosity. Poly-Fine ARD             High Purity Chemicals
                         cartridges are manufactured of 100% FDA                Beer & Wine
                         listed polypropylene components and can                Automotive Paint
                         be safely used in food and beverage                    Photo Chemicals
                         applications.                                          Photo Emulsions
                                                                                Pre-Reverse Osmosis Filtration

                         The Nexis Series filter cartridge, utilizing an   Type:
                         innovative melt blowing process called                 CoLD Melt Depth Filter
  NEXIS® SERIES          CoLD MELT® technology, is a technically           Filter Media:
                         advanced depth cartridge. The patented                 Nylon
                         CoLD Melt (Co-located Large Diameter)                  100% Melt blown Polypropylene
                         process intermingles strong support fibres        Temperature:
                         with fine fibres to create a filter matrix that        30 psid (2.1 bar) at 66 C - PP
                         delivers fine filtration with enhanced                 25 psid (1.7 bar) at 93 C - Nylon
                         mechanical strength. This innovative fibre        Micron Ratings:
                         structure coupled with a proprietary centre            0.5 – 200 µm (90% efficiency, PP)
                         core, delivers precise, repeatable filtration          0.5 – 120 µm (absolute rated, PP)
                         that was previously unachievable with             Applications:
                         conventional technologies. The Nexis is                Chemical processing
                         particularly well suited for dynamic                   Oil & Gas
                         conditions because of its resistance to                Food & Beverage
                         unloading of captured contaminants. It is              Pharmaceutical
                         available in 100% polypropylene or 100%                Electronics
                         nylon construction.                                    Photography
                                                                                Coatings & Photoemulsions

                         Claris    series     filter   cartridges    are   Type:
                         manufactured with 100% polypropylene                   Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridge
                         melt blown filter media making them               Filter Media:
                         suitable for a wide variety of applications.           100% Melt Blown Polypropylene
                         Featuring an integral extruded fibrous core,      Temperature:
                         or E-Core, Claris filters deliver high strength        25 psid (1.72 bar) @ 60 C
                         to resist collapse. All Claris filters contain    Micron Ratings:
                         multiple fibre zones to provide a graded               1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75 nominal
                         pore structure throughout the depth of the        Applications:
                         filter. The result is efficient capture of a           Potable Water
                         wide range of particles sizes through the              Chemicals
                         entire depth of the media for long on-stream           Plating Solutions
                         life.   Claris filters are an economical               Process Water
                         alternative for general purpose filtration and         Food Products
                         are more durable than apparently similar
                  Filterite cartridge filter systems

DFT CLASSIC®      Filterite’s DFT Classic wound filter cartridges       Type:
                  are widely used for removing coarse particles              Wound Fibre Filter Cartridge
                  from process fluids. In these applications, the       Filter Media:
                  depth filter medium is ideal since it removes a            Polypropylene
                  wide range of particles sizes efficiently and              RYTON®
                  economically. The graded pore size ensures                 Glass
                  maximum dirt-holding capacity at low pressure              Cotton
                  drops. Although the wound filter cartridge was             Nylon
                  one of the first types of commercially available           TEFLON®
                  cartridge filters, significant improvements made           Rayon
                  by Filterite have greatly increased their             Cores:
                  capabilities and range of applications. The                Polypropylene
                  introduction of new fibre and filter core materials        Stainless Steel
                  has opened up hundreds of filtration                       Tin Steel
                  applications for wound filters.                            Phenolic Resin
                                                                             Dependent on fibre to 398 C
                                                                        Micron Ratings:
                                                                             0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40,
                                                                        50, 75, 100, 150, 200 µm nominal
                                                                             Potable Water
                                                                             Food Products

                  The Hi-V cartridge represents a significant           Type:
                  advance in resin bonded filter cartridges. The             Resin Bonded Depth Filter Cartridge
                  Hi-V Series is noted for long life, low media         Filter Media:
                  migration, broad chemical compatibility, and its           Resin Impregnated Polyester Fibres
                  ability to filter wide viscosity ranges (<46, 500     Temperature:
                  cp).      The one-piece construction of this               121 C Gases
                  cartridge overcomes problems associated with               82 C Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Liquids
                  moulded filter cartridges, such as glued joints       Micron Ratings:
                  that can break, short fibres which migrate and             XF, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 125, nominal
                  grooves that may chip.                                Applications:
                  The Hi-V cartridge displays extraordinary                  Adhesives
                  strength and can withhold higher head loss than            Salt Water
                  any other Filterite cartridge.                             Petroleum
                                                                             Coatings and Inks
                                                                             Oil Well Completion
                                                                             Industrial Process Waters

                  Clerify cartridges are unique and are specifically    Type:
                  developed for the adsorption of hydrocarbons             Filter media Cellulose adsorbent
                  from water. Available in both standard and            Temperature:
                  Jumbo diameters these cartridges are suitable            Up to 80 C
                  for use in virtually all our extensive range of       Micron rating:
                  housings.                                                N/A
                  Clerify cartridges can be used as a polishing         Applications:
                  step after primary separation processes or as a          Bilge water
                  stand alone treatment.                                   Condensates
                  Applications include marine, petroleum and food          Drilling and production in water
                  industry oil removal applications.                       Leachates
                                                                           Food process discharges
                    Filterite cartridge filter systems

                    Poly-Fine II Series cartridges are high area,             Type:
                    pleated filter cartridges offering long on-stream              High Surface Area Pleated Filter Cartridge
                    life cycles and high efficiency particulate               Filter Media:
                    removal. The chemically inert materials used to                Polypropylene
                    manufacture Poly-Fine II cartridges allow for                  Polysulfone (0.2 µm only)
                    their use in an extraordinary range of                    Temperature
                    applications. Poly-Fine II Series filter cartridges            40 psid (2.8 bar) at 66 C
                    are manufactured under highly controlled                  Micron Ratings:
                    conditions using only materials listed by the U.S              0.2, 0.25, 0.45, 0.8, 2, 3, 5, 10, 30 nominal
                    Food and Drug Administration for food and                 µm nominal
                    beverage contact. Poly-Fine II cartridges are             Applications:
                    non-fibre releasing and all components have                    DI Water
                    been tested according to the USP-XXIII, Class V                Chemicals
                    Biological Test for plastics.                                  Process Water
                    The cartridge media has nominal and absolute                   Cosmetics
                    ratings.                                                       Soft Drinks
                                                                                   Photo Emulsions
                                                                                   Membrane Pre-filter
                                                                                   Wines & Spirits

DUO-FINE SERIES®    The Duo-Fine Series of pleated media filter
                    cartridges are specially designed to provide              Type:
                    efficient particle removal in liquid or gas systems.           High Surface Area Pleated Cartridge
                    The unique combination of cartridge design and            Filter Media:
                    media selection provides high flow rates at low                Microfiberglass
                    pressure drops and long cartridge life. In many           Temperature:
                    applications, these features provide a more cost-              40 psid (2.8 bar) at 66 C
                    effective alternative to depth filter cartridges.         Micron Ratings:
                    Available in a wide variety of materials of                    0.2, 0.45, 1, 3, 10, 30, 50 µm nominal
                    construction and end cap configurations, Duo-             Applications:
                    Fine cartridges are compatible with most fluids                Chemicals
                    and will fit directly into most of the commonly                Pharmaceuticals
                    used cartridge housings.                                       Magnetic Coatings
                                                                                   Wine Pre-filtration
                                                                                   Process Water
                                                                                   Printing Inks
                                                                                   Oil Production
                                                                                   Food & Beverage
                                                                                   Photographic Solutions

 CHEM-FINE SERIES   Chemfine cartridges are made using Halar               Type:
                    media which exhibits outstanding chemical                   High Surface Area Pleated Cartridge
                    and temperature resistance compared to                 Filter media:
                    melt blown polypropylene or microfiberglass                 Halar with polypropylene support
                    filter media at a substantially lower cost                  All Halar
                    than      commonly     used    fluoropolymer           Retention Ratings:
                    membranes. It is particularly resistant to                  0.2, 0.45, 1, 5, 10 µm nominal
                    attack by ozone, one of the most powerful              Maximum Forward Differential Pressure:
                    oxidants known. The advanced design,                        To 75 psid @ 20 C
                    innovative features, and stringent ISO 9001                 To 40 psid @ 65 C
                    quality control make the Chem-Fine Series              Applications:
                    cartridge truly exceptional for a range of                  Hot ultrapure water filtration
                    critical processing applications in particular              Ozonated water for bottling
                    aggressive applications such as the                         High purity chemical filtration
                    filtration of ozonated water or aggressive,
                    high purity chemicals.
                         Filterite cartridge filter systems

                         The Filterite Waterfine highly asymmetric           Type:
WATERFINE SERIES         filter medium represents a significant                   Highly Asymmetric Membrane Filter
                         advancement in membrane technology. The                  Cartridge
                         proprietary manufacturing process produces          Filter Media:
                         a pore size which gradually decreases from               Highly       Asymmetric       Polysulfone
                         an average 10-20 microns on the upstream                 Membrane
                         side to a precise submicron rating on the           Micron Ratings:
                         downstream side.         Other microporous               0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1.2
                         membranes, cast in a conventional manner,                µm absolute
                         have pores that a re random throughout the          Applications:
                         membrane matrix.         Among the many                  Chemicals
                         advantages of the highly asymmetric                      Deionised Water
                         membrane are reliable retention, resistance              Cosmetics
                         to bacterial grow-through, high flow rates,              Food & Beverage
                         and extended life. Filterite has incorporated            Wine Clarification
                         these benefits into a line of superior filter            Liquors
                         products serving a variety of critical filtration        Photographic
                         applications.                                            Sterile Gas Production
                                                                                  Solvent and Acid Filtration
                         Fluoryte & VARAFINE TR Series filters are           Type:
                         100% fluoropolymer membrane cartridges.                  Fluoropolymer Membrane Filter Cartridge
FLUORYTE        & VFTR   The Fluoryte Series is manufactured with            Filter Media:
                         PFA 440HP hardware, PTFE membrane filter                 TEFLON® Membrane
                         media and a revolutionary binder-free non-          Hardware:
                         woven PTFE support material that allows low              Fluoryte: PFA440HP
                         extractables and is migration-free. These                VFTR: Polypropylene
                         cartridges exhibit exceptional chemical and         Temperature:
                         temperature resistance. The VFTR Series                  Fluoryte: 100 psid (6.9 bar) at 66 C
                         utilizes polypropylene cages, centre cores,              VFTR: 80 psid (5.5 bar) at 20 C
                         and end caps, for those applications that           Micron Ratings:
                         require Teflon media but that do not require             0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 1.0 µm absolute
                         all Teflon hardware. Fluoryte and Varafine          Applications:
                         TR Series filters have 9 square feet of filter      Fluoryte
                         media per 10-inch filter cartridge for long life.        Xylene & other Solvents
                                                                                  Negative Photo Resists
                                                                                  Positive Photo Resists
                                                                                  Concentrated Acids
                                                                                  Bulk Oxygen Filtration
                                                                                  Ozonated DI Water
                                                                                  Chemical Filtration
                                                                                  Ozonated Water
                                                                                  Aerosol Applications
                                                                                  Vent Filtration
                                                                                  Strong Bases

 DYNALLOY® SERIES        The leader in the development of metal fibre             Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge
                         media with patented products such as the            Filter Media:
                         Dynalloy. Extremely fine sintered stainless              304 Stainless Steel
                         steel fibres make possible a filter medium               316 Stainless Steel
                         that can stand temperatures to 398 C with                Special Alloys
                         very high porosity and high flow ratings.           Temperature:
                         Sintered powdered metal filter media, in                 To 398 C
                         contrast, has a low porosity with relatively low    Micron Ratings:
                         strength and high pressure drop. Dynalloy                Dynalloy: 1 to 35 µm absolute
                         elements are used in applications requiring              DYNAMESH : 40 to 840 µm absolute
                         fine filtration of corrosive process fluids, in     Applications:
                         high temperature filtration, and in applications         High Temperature
                         where particulate levels are relatively low and          Viscous Fluids
                         cartridges are left in place for extended                Corrosive Fluids
                         periods.                                                 Process Stream
                                                                                  Polymer Filtration
                                                                                  Gas Filtration
                                                                                  Catalyst Recovery
                                                                                  Gas Spargers
                                                                                  High Pressure Filtration