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					Why write
Whether you call it journaling, journal writing, personal writings,keeping a diary, or note
taking; many people of all ages and in all walks of life journal on a regular basis. There are
numerous types of writing journals, sketch journals, quote books, diaries or scholars journals
that keep the record of thoughts, life histories, personal insights, humorous incidents, family
histories, children’s quotes, personal ponderings, or what have you. Anything of value to an
individual is worth journaling about and the activity of journaling itself brings increased health,
understanding, and enrichment to not only the keeper of the journal, but to those who will be
privileged to read it one day. Few things in life shed more light on who we are, what we
believe, and lessons we have learned, than our personal journals.

One of the difficult things about keeping journals is finding those thoughts, great quotes, or
humorous stories again. If there were only a way to organize the things we spend so much time
recording. This is a dilemma that many avid journalers face. The founder of Personal
Ponderings, went to work on this problem and has created three different journals that are
represenatative of most of the different types of journals that are kept. These journals are of
high quality construction and designed in a looseleaf binder with a system that will readily
organize thoughts, favorite sayings, notes, or whatever is important to you. A travel
companion was created to facilitate note taking or journaling away from home. The travel
companion consists of a smaller notebook that fits easily in a purse or briefcase and is
equipped with gummed, lined sheets of paper that fit into the main journal. By taking notes
according to topic while away from home, or the office, they can readily be added to the main
journal under the correct topic when you return. This allows all notes to be easily kept, in
order, according to topic or date.

The Literary Journal, Personal Journal, or Scripture/Spritual Journal will meet the needs of
most journalers. We believe you will not only enjoy the flexibility of the systems in these
journals, but we believe you will come to prize your journal as being something of great value
to you. You will enjoy reading through its pages and those great quotes will only be a page turn

 For the beginning journaler, it is a great way to get started. There is no need to worry about
writing every day, someone reading what you write, not meaning what you write, needing to
fill the whole page, or whatever your concerns are. The loose leaf pages allow you to add or
take away from any of your entries. If you have a period of time where you haven’t written, it
doesn’t matter, By inserting an index marker you can easily pick up where you left off.

So, for the avid journaler, I believe you will enjoy these journals. The automatic organization is
wonderful. For the beginning journaler, you will love the freedom and versatility of these
journals, your experience in journaling will be enriched as you record the thoughts, ideas, and
happenings in your life.
About Us

It was in response to a need that Personal Ponderings was created. Michelle had been a
dedicated journal writer for most of her life. She didn’t just keep one kind of journal either.
In the fall of 2004 she had four different journals going. Two of these journals were of her own
creation and were made of 8x11 binders with alphabetical tabs as well as index tabs. She
created these journals because she experienced frustration when she wrote in blank pages of
already bound books. The problem was, she could never keep things organized. Her great
quotes would eventually run into her daily diary and then the pages would run out and she
would have to start all over with a great quotes section. Trying to find the quote she wanted
when she needed it always took so much time. Because of this constant frustration, she
developed systems of organization in 8x11 binders. She enjoyed them so much that she
decided the system ought to be made available everyone.
Michelle surrounded herself with the best team she could find which also happened to be her
favorite people in all the world. Personal Ponderings is a family owned, family run business.
Being a family dedicated to scholarship, enjoying reading as a favorite pastime and with most
of the family members engaged in writing about the things they thought, read, and did in life;
they were happy to join her in creating quality journals. Because of the family’s contiuing
focus on education and learning, they have seen that the journals provide a way of raising the
scholarly level of all people which will promote quality of life. Additionally, we believe
journaling to be of great value to the individuals well being as it provides a tool for healing,
relief of stressful situations, and encourages self-esteem, self-respect, confidence and
understanding beyond the conscious levels of thought. And so our mission is to strengthen the
world one scholar at a time.
We officially became a company in September of 2005 and are striving as all small businesses
do to be the best we can be and offer a product that will be high quality, easy to use, and of
great value to those who use it. We hope you enjoy the Personal Ponderings journaling
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                              ©copyright 2003: Journal For You

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