Network Attached Storage (NAS) Learning Path by zlr11756


									               Network Attached Storage (NAS) Learning Path
             Benefits any storage professional who deploys and manages Windows, UNIX or                                        Certification Alignment
             Multi-Protocol NAS environments using the Celerra NS Series.

             You will learn to configure and manage Celerra using CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI                                         Expert                   N/A
             protocols; and consider availability, security and NAS data replication.                                         Specialist          E20-537 Exam

             Prepare for your Specialist Level Network Attached Storage (NAS) Certification.                                   Associate     E20-001 Exam See p.10

                               Specialist Courses                                                                       Course Objectives
            NAS Operations and Management—Multi-Protocol (Instructor-Led)                 • NetWorker and NetWorker Management Console
            Management tasks (file system creation, export, permissions, security,         • Perform and customize backups
(5Days)     availability) for Celerra platforms in a Windows, a UNIX, and mixed Windows   • Manage standalone devices, autochangers, databases, and media
            and UNIX environments using command line and GUI interfaces                   • Recover client data and a NetWorker server

            CLARiiON Foundations                                                          • Describe the basic architecture and features of a CLARiiON disk array and
            CLARiiON Disk array, data protection options, I/O management. and high-       differentiate among the various models
 (2 Hrs)
            availability features                                                         • Illustrate the key high-availability features of the CLARiiON
                                                                                          • Use Navisphere to perform common management tasks
            Connectrix Foundations
                                                                                     • Components, services, and FC Protocol used in a Storage Area Network
            Storage Connectivity Overview, SAN Architecture and Components, SAN Fab-
 (1 Hr)                                                                              • Identify Fabric Topologies and different types of Connectrix Products
            ric Topologies, EMC’s Connectrix Range, Securing a SAN, SAN Management
                                                                                     • Explain how to secure a SAN using series-specific solutions
            Tools, IP Based SAN Extension, SAN Technical Positioning

            Celerra Foundations                                                          • Identify the concepts, architecture, terminology, and environmental aspects
 (4 Hrs)    Celerra Architecture, Theory of Operations, Features and Functions, Business of NAS using the Celerra
            Continuity and Backup Solutions, Platforms, Benefits and Requirements         • Describe Celerra features, functions, and Management software offerings
                                                                                         • Different Celerra Business Continuity options and Backup solutions
            Basic Network Environment
                                                                                       • Describe the components of a typical network infrastructure
            ARPA Network Architecture, Network and Transport Layers, Application Layer
  (5 Hrs)                                                                              • Identify basic network concepts that will help in configuring and
            and Troubleshooting
                                                                                       managing EMC products
            Networking Environmental Primer                                               • Explain Windows 2000 and 2003 features and functionalities that affect a
            Windows Networking Environment, Windows 2003 Differences, and UNIX            networked storage environment
            Networking Environment                                                        • UNIX features and functionalities in a networked storage environment

            NAS 5.5 Features and Functions                                                • Install the new software features of NAS Version 5.5
            Common Message Definition, iSCSI Replication, NFS v4, LDAP via Kerberos,       • Upgrade, configure, implement, and administer the new software features
(1 Hr)
            Windows Password History                                                      of NAS Version 5.5 that are part of the course.

            NAS 5.5 Enhancements                                                           • Install the enhanced software features of NAS Version 5.5
            Administrative Scalability, Filemover HTTP Client Support, Filemover Bulk      • Upgrade, configure, implement, and administer the enhanced software
(1 Hr)
            Attribute Retrieval, Symantec SAV-SE, Scale Snapsure & Replication             features of NAS Version 5.5 that are part of the course.
                                                                                           • Install the enhanced software features of NAS Version 5.5
            NAS 5.5 Applications and Tools CD
                                                                                           • Upgrade, configure, implement, and administer the enhanced software
(1 Hr)      CIFS, MMC Plug-ins, CDMS
                                                                                           features of NAS Version 5.5 that are part of the course.
            NS Series Architectural Overview                                              • Identify and explain Celerra NS series hardware components and system
            Hardware components, single to dual Data Mover Conversion, Control            architecture
 (1 Hr)                                                                                   • Define various models within the NS series and explain back-end storage
            Station, Disk Array Enclosures, Storage Processors, Celerra NS Series Model
            Summary                                                                       connectivity

            NS20/NS20FC Architectural Overview                                            • Identify the NS20 hardware features and management features
            Hardware and Features, Supported Configurations and Upgrades, Ease of          • Describe the NS20 supported configurations and NS20 hardware upgrades
(1 Hr)
            Setup Features                                                                • Describe the functionality of the NS20 Landing Page

                                                                                          • Identify the NS40 hardware features & Celerra NS40 hardware upgrades
            NS40/NS40FC Architectural Overview
                                                                                          • Describe the NS40 supported configurations & management features
(1 Hr)      Hardware and Features, Supported Configurations and Upgrades, Ease of
                                                                                          • Describe the functionality of the NS40 Celerra Tools Page
            Use Features
                                                                                          • Use Celerra Manager to configure additional storage on the NS20 and NS40
            NS20 and NS40 Storage and File Sharing Configuration
                                                                                          • Use Navisphere Manager to configure additional storage and external host
(1.5 Hrs)   Implementation Using Celerra Manager, Implementation Using Navisphere
                                                                                          access on the NS20/40FC
            Manager, Implementation Using the Navisphere Service Taskbar (NST)

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                                  Network Attached Storage (NAS) Learning Path continued
            The expert courses benefit Specialist Level Professionals requiring additional
            knowledge and experience to manage and troubleshoot CIFS, NFS and Multi-
            Protocol environments including data backup and replication.

                                 Expert Courses                                                                      Course Objectives
           Upper Layer Network Operations (Instructor-Led)                                   • Build, configure, and observe key client/server based network services
(5 Days)   Information and Support Services, File Access and Transfer Protocols, Moni-          in a distributed computing environment
(15 TU)    toring and Messaging Protocol                                                     • Explain how various network services interact to form an operational
                                                                                                network environment
                                                                                             • Identify network components, applications, and protocols for accessing
                                                                                                data over the network
                                                                                             • Build a simple CIFS environment and observe its operations
                                                                                             • Evaluate network services and data access operations
                                                                                             • Construct a simple NFS environment and observe its operations

           NS Series Gateway Configuration Application Concepts                              • Describe the application of the Celerra NS Series Gateway configuration
           EMC Celerra NS Series line of equipment, Integrated configuration vs. Gate-       • Describe and discuss the differences between the Gateway configura-
(1 Hr)
(1 TU)     way configuration, Cabling requirements and differences between the two             tion and the “captive storage” configuration
           configurations, Positioning of the Gateway in a heterogeneous SAN                 • Discuss the EMC NAS/SAN positioning methodology

           Celerra Replicator Concepts                                                       • Describe the features and functions of Celerra IP Replicator
(1 Hr)
           Local Replication, Remote Location ,Failover and failback, Configuration,         • Understand the solution benefits of a Celerra Replicator implementation
 (1 TU)    Theory of operation, Business solutions                                           • Describe a typical business solution using Celerra Replicator

           NAS Backup Concepts                                                               • Describe the backup process using industry recognized terminology
(2 Hrs)    CLARiiON Disk Library features and functionality, CLARiiON Disk Library archi-    • Explain Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) in a NAS backup
(1 TU)     tecture, Backup Terminology, Tape as a Backup Medium, Backup Evolution,             environment
           Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) synopsis

                             Additional Training                                                                       Course Objectives
           Celerra HighRoad                                                                 • Describe how HighRoad works
           Architecture of the Celerra HighRoad multiplex file system,Configure and en-     • Determine which application environments are best suited for HighRoad
(5 Days)
 (15 TU)
           able Celerra HighRoad using Windows and Unix client                              • Describe the benefits of a HighRoad solution
                                                                                            • List the components required for a HighRoad implementation
                                                                                            • Configure and manage HighRoad

           Celerra NSX Architectural Overview                                               • Describe the architecture of the Celerra NSX
           Introduction to the NSX, NSX Control Station, Celerra NSX Blades, Compo-         • Identify the new hardware components of the NSX
(1 Hr)
(1 TU)     nents Overview, Celerra NSX Backend Support                                      • Describe the differences between the NSX and the NS Series
                                                                                            • Describe the new software needed for the Celerra NSX family
                                                                                            Describe the NSX backend support

                                                                                            • Position Rainfinity solutions
                                                                                            • Conduct environment analysis to provide best position for Rainfinity
           EMC Rainfinity Design and Implementation Workshop
                                                                                              within a NAS environment
(1 Hr)     Rainfinity Conceptual Overview, Architecture and Operation, Planning and
                                                                                            • Provide planning assessment and resource allocation details for Rainfin-
(1 TU)     Design, NFS and CIFS Data Migration and Consolidation, Global Namespace
                                                                                              ity deployment and integration
           Management, GFV Security, Synchronous Replication, Optimizing Network
                                                                                            • Use the Performance, Capacity and Tiered Storage Management applica-
           Storage with Rainfinity, Troubleshooting
                                                                                              tions to monitor storage utilization and performance
                                                                                            • Design and implement Rainfinity NAS solutions for migrations
                                                                                            • Design and implement Rainfinity solutions for synchronous and semi-
                                                                                              synchronous mirroring
                                                                                            • Conduct knowledge transfer on architecture, design, and management

           Rainfinity Global File Virtualization Introduction                               • Explain the functionality of Rainfinity
           Rainfinity Overview, Architecture, Applications and Configuration Options        • Identify potential Rainfinity application solutions
 (1 Hr)                                                                                     • Describe the Rainfinity architecture
(1 TU)
                                                                                            • Describe Rainfinity applications
                                                                                            • Explain the hardware and software platform
                                                                                            • Explain the functionality of automatic resync feature
                                                                                            • Explain Rainfinity Stub-awareness functionality

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