10 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Fail To Grow

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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                          10 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Fail To Grow
                                                               By Wade McNutt

    10 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Fail To Grow by Wade McNutt

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Top 10 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Fail To Grow

By Wade McNutt, National Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Are you frustrated with the lack of growth you’re experiencing? Then read on…

FACT ONE the reason bodybuilders don’t grow is because they don’t know what state there body is in
to start with.

FACT TWO they don’t know how to change the state they are in to induce growth. . Guess what? If you
do not train properly you will never stimulate you muscles to grow. Improper training is one of the
biggest reasons why most people never get the desired results form training.

FACT THREE they do not know what route to take to get there (build muscles). Most bodybuilders
have no real system that changes as there body gets used to the training stress they are currently
handling. They walk in the gym pick random exercises and rep ranges put there time in and come
home. Where is the science in that?

FACT FOUR (which occurs primarily with steroid users who artificially build there muscles) is they can’t
keep the muscles they built with drugs because they don’t know how to train or eat in the first place.
Once they stop taking drugs there muscles disappear leaving them skinny, fat and in a worse state
then if they had never used drugs.

FACT FIVE they do not regularly monitor biofeedback to determine when to change their training to
continue growing. If you are not keeping record of your training there is no way you are maximizing
your gains. Journal keeping allows you to track your process over years enabling you to fine tune your
training and keep the gains coming continuously.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

FACT SIX they select exercises that work only work their strengths. Seldom or rarely do they work on
their weaknesses and create a truly outstanding balanced physique.

FACT SEVEN Bodybuilders get sucked into bogus well marketed supplements and glitzy magazine
adds to look for quick fixes instead of implementing a systemized, training and nutrition.

FACT EIGHT they do not generate enough intensity in the gym to force the body to grow. Intensity is a
very misunderstood term in bodybuilding and most individuals are kidding themselves into believing
they are training intensely enough to really grow.

FACT NINE they do not invest in professional specific coaching to help them achieve their best results.
Consider this what athlete in the world got to the top of his game without coaching. I will tell you
absolutely none! Many bodybuilders erroneously think that they can maximize muscle growth with out
coaching. Guess what they are dead wrong!

FACT TEN they let their EGO get in the way of learning the correct and most efficient way of training.
They do not listen to or follow sound science or consider what other people have to say. They spend
their time shooting down authorities in the sport or spouting off about their own hair brained training
routine. Great athletes are life long learners. They check their ego at the door and are always looking
for ways to improve, integrate and apply new training information.

I could go on about this for the whole book but you get the idea. Analyze your own thoughts and
training and see if there is anything holing you back. Then eliminate your weaknesses and move
forward on the path to greatness. By constant and honest self analysis you can be sure to achieve
greatness in any field.

Unfortunately, drug usage has become rampant in sport and society itself. This is the current state of
bodybuilding today. Many athletes get frustrated with their progress and start using drugs.

Current bodybuilding practices are so devoid of a scientific system in training that it has led to
widespread and insane drug use. This abuse of drugs in turn has destroyed more physiques and made
the current crop of bodybuilders look more like cartoon freaks and leftovers from the Frankenstein labs.

Not only have current bodybuilders lost the respect of society, bodybuilding has become the laughing
stock of the sport world. The primary reason for this is that bodybuilders have lost respect for
themselves and their bodies.

True bodybuilding is about right training, nutritious eating, a positive mental outlook, and a deep
respect for yourself and others. At Freaky Big Naturally we practice and teach these ideals.

The bottom line is…

If you don’t know how to build muscles without drugs you can never keep the muscles you build with
drugs. Drugs are kind of like traveling internationally without a passport. You may get to your
destination but you won’t be able to stay there and sooner or late you will be deported back to where
you came from.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Wade McNutt is a Natural National Bodybuilding Champion and an IFBB Mr. Universe World
Championships competitor. He has combined the secret techniques of Eastern Yoga Masters with
cutting-edge, scientific, muscle building methods to produce a revolutionary new system called Freaky
Big Naturally. Learn more at and

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       Can Lagging Muscle Mass In The Chest Necessitate Weight Training Pre-Exhaustion?
                                                        By Francesco Castano

One of the most common muscle groups to focus upon is the chest, with many bodybuilders seeking
substantial muscle mass in the pecs through performing numerous sets of heavy bench pressing.
Despite most weight lifting plans centering upon the bench press as the primary upper body muscle
building movement, there are numerous bodybuilders who produce disappointing progress in the chest
region, and are searching for an alternative to the bench press for added muscle growth.

Many bodybuilders are likely still unaware as to the real reasons why the chest in many cases does not
grow as quickly as other smaller muscle groups, and replacing the bench press is not a viable solution,
since this particular exercise is very effective in packing on additional chest muscle, that is, when the
triceps and shoulders do not fail prior to the pecs, which occurs far too often. This is the factor that
many forget when analyzing how to produce a powerful chest building regimen, as there are many
smaller muscle groups that assist with compound exercises such as the bench press, and if they offer
less stamina than the target muscle that a bodybuilder is attempting to train (such as the shoulders or
triceps experiencing fatigue prior to the chest during bench press), the supporting muscle groups
(shoulders or triceps in this example) will fail first, and this will cause disappointing results in the
primary muscle group (chest).

How this applies to building larger chest muscles specifically is that the triceps and shoulders are
frequently insufficiently powerful to allow the pecs to fail first during bench pressing, which leads to
lackluster muscle gain in the chest. Therefore, to rectify this scenario, a weight lifter must institute
pre-exhaustion, a technique that targets the chest in a more direct way, which fatigues the pectorals
sufficiently to allow them a significantly larger chance for failure prior to the triceps and shoulders
during the bench press, and this will result in far faster and more impressive chest muscle gain.

The most effective pre-exhaustion exercise for the chest is pec deck, where both elbows or hands are
brought together from an outstretched position either holding handles or placing the forearm behind
padding, and this greatly targets the pecs, causing them increased fatigue. When implementing this
exercise prior to bench pressing, the triceps and shoulders will in most cases outlast the pecs due to
performance of this pre-exhaustion exercise (pec deck), and this allows the chest to receive far greater
fatigue during bench pressing.

Some decide to use dumbbells as opposed to the pec deck, performing a weight training movement
known as dumbbell flies, but doing so is less effective than using pec deck since the dumbbell fly
exercise allows less weight to be used, in addition to requiring the bodybuilder to hold the two
dumbbells above the chest as if performing the bench press, which introduces unnecessary shoulder
fatigue (and the goal is to target the pecs and avoid as much shoulder or triceps overload as possible).
The pec deck focuses upon the chest in an isolated fashion, which is the true reason behind any
pre-exhaustion technique, and thus pec deck should be performed immediately prior to the bench
press for any weight lifter who experiences lagging chest muscle gain.

For bodybuilders who do not have access to a pec deck machine, the cable crossover is a somewhat
less effective, but acceptable alternative, yet those who are unable to use a pec deck likely also do not
own a cable crossover unit, therefore, in such a scenario, dumbbell flies are acceptable for chest
muscle pre-exhaustion before bench pressing. Keep in mind that the weight used during bench press

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will decline as compared with what you were able to lift before implementing the pec deck as a
pre-exhaustion technique, as your pecs will have experienced fatigue from pec deck prior to performing
the bench press exercise, but this should not be problematic, as the total amount of overload will still
increase due to a combination of the extra pec deck exercise and the greater focus upon chest fatigue
during bench press that occurs as a result of pre-exhausting the pecs. The goal is to use the heaviest
weight while targeting the intended muscle group, and for numerous bodybuilders, when performing
bench press as the initial exercise of a workout, without pre-exhaustion, the pecs never receive
sufficient stimulation to begin achieving their genetic muscle growth potential.

Francesco Castano authors the web site, which is a diet and weight training
program teaching the exact techniques for muscle gain without supplements or drugs. He also authors
the site, teaching exactly how to lose weight without supplements.

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