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BMC Atrium


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									                                                       BMC ATRI U M                                                                                SOLUTION DATASHEET

                                                                                  BMC Atrium
                                                                                  Accelerate the attainment of Business Service Management

BMC Atrium enables a unified approach
      ®        TM
                                                          Enterprise IT organizations rely on a large array of tools to support the needs of their businesses.
to IT management by addressing the following              These tools often come from multiple vendors, and as a result, IT is faced with a variety of interfaces,
two key requirements:
> Linking IT processes together through a common
                                                          datasets, and consoles. In most cases, these disparate tools do not integrate effectively, leading
  repository with graphical, business-relevant views      to gaps in information and control, and ultimately, to infrastructure fragmentation. To provide
                                                          the tight integration of IT management processes and realize the benefits of Business Service
> Improving business views into IT management
                                                          Management (BSM), it is necessary to link this collection of tools and technologies in a cohesive
  and performance metrics
                                                          and controlled manner.

                                                          Enterprises have invested significant amounts of money        Enabling Collaboration among IT Processes
                                                          and time in ensuring that their IT tools can meet the         To achieve a unified approach to managing your IT
                                                          level of demand required to support business services,        environment, you first must focus on gaining control of
                                                          and therefore, it is unrealistic for them to simply replace   the data that makes IT run, and then must understand
                                                          their existing tools to gain the advantages of tight          how that data supports business service availability.
                                                          integration. So how can your IT organization gain value       When your IT organization is forced to rely on siloed
                                                          within this type of IT environment? The answer lies           views of IT infrastructure components, the result is
                                                          in your ability to leverage shared technologies that,         a fragmented approach to IT management that does
                                                          when used with both new and existing management               not provide a comprehensive, complete, and accurate
                                                          solutions deployed in your IT environment, can create         view of the IT environment and its relation to the
                                                          a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing           business services IT supports.
                                                          IT. By implementing a shared set of technologies based
                                                          on industry standards and best practices, you benefit         On the other hand, if all IT management processes
                                                          from a more cohesive and manageable foundation                have this information at their disposal — and can both
                                                          to support business needs and optimize your existing          access and use it, as well as update and contribute
                                                          IT investments — without the need for a “rip and              to it — then the processes can be unified in their
                                                          replace” IT strategy.                                         approach and objectives. To enable this, BMC Atrium
                                                                                                                        provides two components that are architectural
                                                          BMC provides such capabilities with BMC Atrium ,
                                                                                                         ®        TM
                                                                                                                        linchpins in linking IT processes through information
                                                          an open-architected set of enabling technologies that         sharing: the BMC Atrium Configuration Management
                                                                                                                                          ®       TM

                                                          provide information sharing and process collaboration         Database (CMDB) and its associated Service Model.
                                                          across BMC and third-party solutions. BMC Atrium
                                                          provides an award-winning configuration management            The BMC Atrium CMDB —
                                                          database (CMDB), unified service model, and common            Enabling the Core of Your Infrastructure
                                                          reporting interfaces to accelerate attainment of BSM.         The BMC Atrium CMDB is an intelligent data repository
                                                          This shared set of loosely-coupled, enabling technolo-        that provides a working model of your enterprise IT
                                                          gies provides tighter integration across the tools that       infrastructure. With the BMC Atrium CMDB, you are
                                                          make up your IT environment, saving your IT organization      able to define and store information on all configuration
                                                          time and money.                                               items (CIs) and relationships within the IT environment,
                                                                                                                        including those that reside on third-party technologies.
                              BMC ATRIUM

There is a key set of information about the IT       By consolidating disparate datasets within an organi-       organization. Combined with open interfaces that
environment that all IT processes must share         zation, the BMC Atrium CMDB provides a “single              integrate your existing IT tools, the BMC Atrium CMDB
and use as a basis for the activities they perform   source of truth” for your IT management tools. This         is the core enabling technology that provides your
to achieve the objectives of BSM. This shared        ensures a consistent approach to maintaining IT             organization with a complete and comprehensive view
information must provide the following:              processes, such as incident, problem, change, con-          of all the elements and configurations that make up
> Complete and accurate inventory of all elements    figuration, asset, and service impact management.           the IT infrastructure.
                                                     These types of applications — combined with
  that make up the IT environment                                                                                Service Model — Linking IT and the Business
                                                     a centralized CMDB — provide the best-practice
                                                                                                                 While the BMC Atrium CMDB maintains a single view
> Mapping of all configuration relationships in      process structure and control specified by key industry
                                                                                                                 into your IT environment, the Service Model allows
  the IT infrastructure                              standards, such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL ).

                                                                                                                 the CMDB to maintain mappings between CIs and
                                                     Implementing an IT management strategy supported
> Model of the dependencies between business                                                                     the business services they support. Without this type
                                                     by the BMC Atrium CMDB will allow you to gain the
  services and the IT environment                                                                                of service model, your IT resources — both personnel
                                                     IT control needed to support your organization’s
                                                                                                                 and tools — remain disconnected from the business
                                                     business goals.
                                                                                                                 goals and requirements that IT is there to support.
                                                     The BMC Atrium CMDB provides a Common Data                  How does a server going down affect your manufactur-
                                                     Model (CDM) based on industry the standards, such as        ing process? How will this hardware upgrade impact
                                                     Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) Common             resources that rely on its availability? The BMC Atrium
                                                     Information Model (CIM) and Managed Object Format           CMDB Service Model answers these types of ques-
                                                     (MOF). This means that your IT configuration data           tions, and helps you create an IT infrastructure where
                                                     will not only be managed within a single environ-           the links between business services and their IT
                                                     ment, but that you will be conforming to a set of best      underpinnings are clear and well defined.
                                                     practices that will support future growth across IT.
                                                                                                                 Enabling a Single, Graphical View into the
                                                     The BMC Atrium CMDB includes a patent-pending
                                                                                                                 IT Infrastructure
                                                     Reconciliation Engine to ensure you have a single
                                                                                                                 In order for the BMC Atrium CMDB and its Service
                                                     consolidated view across your environment. Finally,
                                                                                                                 Model to be valuable to your organization, IT process
                                                     rather than requiring the migration of large amounts
                                                                                                                 users who require access to CMDB data need to be
                                                     of data — and imposing the requirements of maintain-
                                                                                                                 able to view CI and relationship data in a meaningful
                                                     ing a monolithic data repository — the BMC Atrium
                                                                                                                 and reliable way. The BMC Atrium CMDB provides
                                                     CMDB provides a single, logical data store that can
                                                                                                                 a CI Browser and graphical CI Relationship Viewer that
                                                     reside on multiple data sources throughout your IT


                                                                                             ����������� �����

                                                                     ����������                                                            ���������


allow any IT process users to launch a view into the        and informed way to interact with your IT tools, app-         To enable IT staff to manage across process
BMC Atrium CMDB to quickly see CI and relationship          lications, and related data. This ensures high productivity   areas and make decisions that take multiple
data relevant to their needs. The CI Browser provides       and calculated decision-making amongst employees              data points into account, the following capa-
a search interface for any IT process user to search for    involved in supporting your IT processes — and gives          bilities are necessary:
CI data stored within the BMC Atrium CMDB, while            them the means to maintain business service availability      > Collation of information into centralized manage-
the CI Relationship Viewer allows IT process users          across the organization.
                                                                                                                             ment dashboards to provide managers with
to view the CI, as well as the relationships and depen-
                                                            With these key capabilities at your disposal, you are            access to overview snapshots of the status
dencies that CI has with other CIs stored within the
                                                            empowered to manage across the IT environment.                   of the IT environment
BMC Atrium CMDB.
                                                            To enable this improved IT management control, BMC
                                                                                                                          > In-depth and context-rich information about
                                                            Software provides BMC Atrium View.
                                                                                       ®        TM

                                                                                                                            the IT environment to support informed
                                                            BMC Atrium View —                                               decision-making
                                                            Powering Informed Decision-Making
                                                            To ensure your IT staff is able to respond to business
                                                            needs that affect multiple IT process areas, you must
                                                            provide them with a consistent interaction model for
                                                            the tools that support these processes. By providing
                                                            a common set of dashboards and views for the different
                                                            groups that make up IT, you enable your IT staff to
                                                            better manage and support your IT infrastructure.
                                                            For example, it will be easier for your staff to under-
In addition, the CI Relationship Viewer provides “Launch    stand where to go to perform tasks; new staff can
in Context” workflow capabilities, providing IT process     get quickly up-to-speed on IT interfaces; and newly
users with a “right click” interface that allows the        implemented IT solutions can be linked into your
launching of federated data related to any CI stored with   existing environment.
the BMC Atrium CMDB. This means that no matter
                                                            BMC Atrium View ensures that your BSM solutions
where the data resides in an IT environment, the BMC
                                                            provide a common way for IT staff and management
Atrium CMDB provides the central access point to
                                                            to interface with your IT environment. Today, BMC
manage and maintain a federated CMDB environment.
                                                            solutions provide common dashboard views and
                                                            interfaces across closely related IT disciplines. For
                                                            example, BMC solutions for service support utilize
                                                            shared navigation and interaction paradigms to provide
                                                            a consolidated set of dashboards, while BMC solutions
                                                            for service delivery also provide a common view into IT
                                                            operations and business services through an integrated
                                                            management portal. By delivering out of-the-box
                                                            interfaces for a variety of BMC products, BMC Atrium
                                                            View provides a standards-based approach for creating
                                                            consolidated IT management views.

                                                            In addition, BMC Atrium View technologies aggregate
Improving IT Management Control                             information across process areas by linking multiple
Establishing a common data repository and a way to          IT data sources and applications to create a consoli-
relate your IT configuration items to business services     dated set of data to drive IT reporting. By working to
provides the foundation for creating a more manage-         create a unified view into data from BMC tools and
able IT environment. However, in addition to these          applications, as well as from third-party data sources,
core enabling technologies, it’s also imperative to         BMC Atrium View provides a comprehensive way to
provide your IT staff and managers with a consistent        manage, monitor, and understand how IT is performing.
                                      BMC ATRIUM

And more importantly, this knowledge allows your                                      About BMC Software
organization as a whole to more effectively respond                                   BMC Software helps IT organizations drive greater
to business change and ensure that IT changes are                                     business value through better management of
controlled, calculated, and based on reliable information.                            technology. Our industry-leading Business Service
                                                                                      Management solutions ensure that everything IT does
                                                                                      is prioritized according to business impact, so IT can
                                                                                      proactively address business requirements to lower
                                                                                      costs, drive revenue, and mitigate risk. BMC solutions
                                                                                      share BMC Atrium technologies to enable IT to

                                                                                      manage across the complexity of diverse systems
                                                                                      and processes — from mainframe to distributed,
                                                                                      databases to applications, service to security. Founded
                                                                                      in 1980, BMC Software has offices worldwide and
                                                                                      fiscal 2005 revenues of more than $1.46 billion. BMC
                                                                                      Software. Activate your business with the power of IT.
                                                                                      For more information, visit

Enabling an Open and Flexible IT Architecture
One of the biggest challenges facing IT organizations
is fragmentation resulting from disconnected tools that
cannot interact with each other. While BMC Atrium
enabling technologies provide key architectural ele-
ments for unifying the IT environment, there is also
a need for a broader set of technologies to address
this fragmentation. Solving this problem requires
a vendor-neutral and standards-based way of linking
solutions together to produce an infrastructure that
is both integrated and robust, but still flexible enough
to be able to change and adapt over time.

Enhancing Your BSM Solutions from BMC
BMC Atrium enables your organization to benefit from
the investments you have already made in IT solutions,
spanning both BMC products and your existing third-
party tools. BMC Atrium is available now, and ships
with several BMC solutions, allowing them to utilize
its enabling technologies to enhance and complement
the overall value of the solutions. As new versions of
BMC products become available, they will continue to
integrate with the latest BMC Atrium capabilities, helping
you to create a more cohesive IT infrastructure in a well
controlled and incremental manner. Implementing
BMC Atrium as part of your broader IT strategy will
provide the means to grow your IT management
capabilities and accelerate the attainment of BSM.

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