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									                          Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

                                    Article V
                          Section 5.4. Unit Boundaries
No Co-Owner shall paint, modify, attach to, or improve the exterior walls or balconies of
his Unit except with previous written consent of the Board of Directors of the

No blinds, shades, glass, jalousies, ironwork, screen, awnings, panels, or covering shall
be affixed or attached to the outside of the building or the exterior windows, doors, or
balconies, landecks, patios, or interior doors leading onto the corridors without the
previous written consent of the Board of Directors of the Association.

                                    Article VI
                         Section 6.1. Common Elements
Each owner is responsible for the proper conduct of members of his family, his guests
and service personnel as well as for any damage to the common areas caused by these
persons. It is also each owner’s responsibility to insure that his rental agent and guests
understand and observe all rules and regulations. No children under 18 years of age are
permitted to occupy any unit unless directly supervised by their parents or the owner of
the unit. Occupancy of a unit is not to exceed 6 for 2 bedroom units. The following rules,
regulations and restrictions shall apply to Coastal Villas Home Owners Association until
such time as they are amended, modified, repealed or limited pursuant to the Master Deed
or Bylaws of Coastal Villas Home Owners Association.

Each Co-Owner, tenant, or occupant of a Unit may use the elements held in common in
accordance with the purpose for which they are intended, without hindering or
encroaching upon the lawful rights of the other Co-Owners, tenants, or occupants.

Supervision of children by a responsible adult must be exercised at all times when
children are playing on the grounds or swimming in the pool. Playing in corridors and
stairwells is not permitted. Skateboards, skates or roller blade usage on Association
property is prohibited due to the liability these activities pose

                           Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

Personal property of the Co-Owners shall be stored in their respective Units.

No garbage cans, supplies, no bottles, or other articles shall be placed in the corridors, on
the balconies, decks, patios, on the stairways, on any other Limited or General Common
Elements of the Condominium, nor shall lines, cloths, clothing, curtains, windows,
doors, or balconies, patios, or exposed on any part of the windows, doors, or balconies,
decks, patios, or be exposed on any part of the Limited or General Common Elements
unless written permission is obtained for the Association.

Co-Owners shall take reasonable precautions not to permit anything whatsoever to fall
from his/her Unit nor shall he sweep or throw from the Unit or other part of the
Condominium any dirt or substance into the corridors, halls, balconies, decks, patios, or
other similar areas in the Condominium.

Limited and General Common Elements shall be kept free of rubbish, debris, garbage, or
unsightly material.

                              Article VI
 Section 6.5. Perpetual, Non-Exclusive Easement to General Common
Employees of the Association (if any) shall not be sent out of the Condominium by Co-
Owners at any time for any purpose other than by the Board of Directors. Neither shall
employees of the Association come in and service or repair or replace items that are the
responsibility of the Co-Owners while working for the Association.


1.   There is no lifeguard on duty.         Swim at your own risk.         NO DIVING IS

2.     Pool hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

3.     Pools will not be heated from May 1st through October 31st

                          Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

4.     Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the pool or spa areas unless
supervised by a responsible adult.

5.     No glass, breakable containers, or food is permitted within pool areas.

6.      Radios, CD players, or tape players must be kept at a volume for individual

7.     All swimmers must wear suitable bathing attire.

8.     You must rinse off before entering pools or spas.

9.      For health and sanitary reasons, anyone who is incontinent is prohibited from
using the pools and spas.

10.    Roughhousing, boisterous play, excessive noise, swinging or climbing on pool
fences or gates is prohibited.

11.    Please use receptacles provided to dispose of cigarettes butts and trash. DO NOT
use receptacles for animal waste.

12.    Bicycles are NOT allowed in pool areas.

13.     People using floats in pools must NOT interfere with other swimmers.           No
floating devices are allowed in the spas.

14.    Pool furniture MAY NOT be reserved or removed from pool areas.

15.    Pets are NOT ALLOWED in pool areas.

16.    PLEASE DO NOT USE soap or detergents in pools or spas.

17.    No swim wear, beach towels, or clothing is to be left unattended in the pool areas.

18.    Observe and respect all pool and spa sign rules.

                           Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

                                  Article XIV
                   Section 14.1. Residential Use Restrictions
Except for the areas of the Condominium designated for recreational use, all
Condominium Units shall be used for private residential purposes exclusively except
such temporary nonresidential uses as may be permitted by the Board of Directors from
time to time. Furthermore, no Unit may be occupied by more than the permitted number
of heads of household and their family pursuant to county and state zoning regulation and
law. No improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of the property nor any part
thereof; and all valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies
having jurisdiction thereof shall be observed. The responsibility of meeting the
requirements of governmental bodies which require maintenance, modification or repair
of such Property shall be the same as the responsibility for the maintenance and repair of
the Property concerned.

No Unit or Limited or General Common Elements shall be used for commercial activities
of any character. This subsection shall not apply to the use of the Limited or General
Common Elements and of Units owned or leased by the Declarant for display, marketing,
promotional or sales purposes or as “model” Units.

1.     No business or commercial activities of any kind shall be conducted in any unit,
provided that the foregoing restriction shall not apply to the activities, signs or activities
of the Association in the discharge of its responsibilities under the Governing
Documents. Furthermore, no restrictions contained in Section 14.1 shall be construed in
such a manner so as to prohibit any owner from

       a.       Maintaining his or her personal library in his or her unit,

       b.       Keeping his or her personal business records or accounts therein,

       c.     Handling his or her personal or professional telephone calls or
correspondence there from,

       d.       Leasing his or her unit in accordance with Section 14.1 hereof, or

       e.     Conducting any other activities within the owner’s unit otherwise
compatible with residential use and the provisions of this Declaration which are permitted
under applicable zoning laws or regulations without the necessity of first obtaining a

                          Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

special use permit or specific governmental authorization. The uses described in (a)
through (e) above are expressly declared to be customarily incidental to the principal
residential use of the unit and not in violation of Section 14.1.

2.     If a homeowner wishes to operate a business within Coastal Villas, pursuant to the
above restrictions, a letter of approval from the Coastal Villas Home Owners Association
Board of Directors is required before the City of Conway will issue any license.


1.      It is the responsibility of the homeowner to inform the HOA Coastal Villas
elected Management Company office if and when he or she leases their condo.

2.      The Lessor must furnish a copy of the Rental Agreement to the Coastal Villas
elected Management Company office prior to the lessee taking occupancy. Copies of all
leases shall be deposited with the Association.

3.     Rental Agreements must contain names of all members who will be occupying the

4.      Lessees staying three (3) months or more must complete a Vehicle Decal
Registration form (available in the Coastal Villas elected Management Company office)
and provide a copy of the vehicle registration, stating the year, make and license number
of the tenant’s vehicle that will be parked on the property.

5.     Lessors will be responsible for any registration fees or taxes due to the City of
The City of Conway, Horry County or the State of South Carolina.

6.      The Lessor will be responsible for their guests to read and follow all rules &

7.      Any Lessee or their guests found in violation will be reported to the Lessor.
When a Lessee or guest receives a citation, the Lessor is held responsible and will receive
a copy of the citation along with a letter asking the Lessor to see that the infraction is

8.      If three or more citations are issued within a ninety (90) day period, the Lessor
will be sent a notice of a hearing before the Board of Directors.

9.      Under Article XIV (Section 14.1 Residential Use Restrictions) when an owner
leases his unit, the owner may not use the common area recreational facilities. Instead,
                           Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

those rights are transferred to the owner’s lessee. The Association may suspend the
lessee’s right to use the recreational facilities after a notice and a hearing. Guests can be
requested to leave the complex.

10. Tenants shall abide by the Association’s rules and regulations and failure to do so
shall result in the immediate eviction of the offending tenant or tenants.

11. The minimum rental lease period or term for a Unit shall not be less than six (6)

12.     The lease for any Unit within the Condominium shall contain provision to the
effect that the rights of the tenant to use and occupy the Unit shall be subject to and
subordinate in all respects to the provisions of the Master Deed and these Bylaws and to
other reasonable rules and regulations.


1.     Homeowners can pay their monthly assessment by the use of a credit card. A 5%
surcharge is added to the total amount of the assessment to pay for the added
management expenses incurred by the HOA in accepting payment by process of charge

2.     Any fines, liens, or special assessments approved by the regime BOD may be paid
by charge card; however, the HOA assumes all process and management cost in the
acceptance of these charge card payments to the HOA.


1.       Any owner has the right to encumber his Condominium with a mortgage of deed
of trust.

2.      An owner shall, within ten (10) days after the execution of such mortgage, give
notice to the Association in writing the name and address of his mortgagee and amount
secured by the mortgagee.

3.     Such owner shall, in the same manner, notify the Association of the release or
discharge of the mortgage.

4.     NO owner knowingly shall transfer the deed of trust to a person, institution,
corporation, limited liability company, or trust account which is bankrupt, being

                          Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

foreclosed upon, has a lien, or been legally dissolved without being held personally liable
for any HOA fees.

                                   Article XIV
                          Section 14.2. Prohibited Acts
No person shall play or loiter in the hallways, corridors, stairways, or other public areas
of similar nature of the Condominium.

Nothing shall be done or maintained in any Unit, or upon any Limited or General
Common Element which will increase the rate of insurance on any Unit or on the Limited
or General Common Elements, or result in the cancellation thereof, without the prior
written approval of the Board of Directors. Nothing shall be done or maintained in any
Unit which would be in violation of any law. Barbecuing is absolutely prohibited upon
any General or Limited Common Element, balconies, decks patios, or in any Units,
provided, however, that barbecuing is permitted in the areas designated for same by the

                                    Article XIV
                              Section 14.4. Draperies
The Co-Owners of any Unit shall, at his own expense, clean, repair and maintain both the
interior and exterior surfaces of all windows. Drapes or shades covering the windows in
individual Units shall be completely lined with white lining, except those drapes or
shades used in the model units for such time as they are used as model units.

                                    Article XIV
                               Section 14.5. Garbage

Refuse, rubbish, and garbage shall be disposed of and in a manner provided for and not
placed outside in the corridors, hallways, balconies, decks, patios, or stairways, etc., at
any time or for any reason.

                           Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

1.        Garbage: No trash shall be allowed to accumulate outside of any unit. Any
extraordinary accumulation of rubbish, trash, garbage or debris (such as debris generated
upon vacating the premises or during the construction of modifications and
improvements) shall be removed from the complex by the owner or tenant at his or her
expense. The Association shall be entitled to impose reasonable fines and penalties for
the collection of garbage and refuse disposed in a manner inconsistent with this Section.

2.      During construction or renovation, the homeowner should have two containers;
one for TRASH and another for participation in the recycling program. For trash, it is
recommended that a 32 to 35 gallon container with a set of back wheels and a cover that
will seal the container when placed on top be obtained. The wheels are for the ease of
rolling the trash to the dumpster. The cover is to seal odors in. Please use plastic garbage
bags inside the garbage cans.

3.     Dumpster pick up is normally on Monday. The Association has provided a
dumpster at the entrance of each Coastal Villas parking entrance. These dumpster are for
normal household trash ONLY and a $100 fine is applicable for disposal of inappropriate
items of trash or refuse.

4.       Please do not leave trash at curbside. Failure to comply with this procedure will
result in a violation being issued and subsequent fines.

5.      Discarded large household items, such as sofas, mattresses, appliances, water
heaters, and carpet and construction materials must be disposed of by the homeowner,
contractor, or tenant or by special arrangement with a local hauler.

                                    Article XIV
                                 Section 14.6. Signs
No ads, signs, posters, or advertisement of any kind shall be posted on the walls,
windows, or doors in the interior or exterior of the Limited or General Common

Under no circumstances will signs offering the Units for rent or sale be posted on the
interior or exterior of the Units or upon the Limited or General Common Elements except
in form and in such location as provided by the Association. The provisions of this
subsection shall not be applicable to the Declarant or institutional holder of any first
mortgage which comes into possession of any Unit by reason of any remedies provided
by law or in such mortgage or as a result of a foreclosure.

                          Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

                                   Article XIV
                         Section 14.7. Animals and Pets
The following restrictions regarding the care and maintenance of pets within the complex
shall be observed by each owner and resident and in coherence with Horry County Code
of Ordnances, Ord. No. 69-07, adopted May 15, 2007, amended Chapter 4 in its
entirety. Formerly, said chapter pertained to similar subject matter as enacted by
Ord. No. 10-78, adopted August 8, 1978; as subsequently amended.

1.     No more than two (2) common household pets may be kept within an owner (s)
unit. No other animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be kept, bred or raised
within any unit. A pet is defined as any domesticated bird, cat, dog, aquatic animal kept
within an aquarium or other animal as agreed to between the Association and the

2.       Dogs shall be allowed on the common area only when they are leashed and under
the supervision and restraint of their owners. Unleashed pets are in violation of the City
of Conway and may be removed to the Pound. Owners may not leave their pets
unattended and tethered anywhere in the common area. In no event shall pets be
permitted in the pool areas of the complex. Pet owners shall be responsible for the
prompt disposal of pet waste deposited by their pets. Owners must dispose of pet waste
in their own garbage cans.

3.     Each person bringing or keeping a pet in the complex shall be responsible for the
conduct of such pet and for any and ALL damage or injury to the common area or
association property caused by the pet. The Association, its Board, Officers, employees
and agents shall have no liability (whether by virtue of this Declaration or otherwise) to
any owners, their family members, guests, tenants and contract purchasers for any
damage or injury to persons or property caused by any pet.

4.      The Board of Directors shall have the right to order the removal of or to prohibit
any animal from being kept within the complex if the Board determines, after notice and
a hearing, that the animal constitutes a nuisance to other owners and residents.

5.     Without limiting the foregoing, no owner shall permit any loud, unnecessary or
unusual noise day or night, including but not limited to barking dogs to emanate from an
owners unit or from activities within the common area or association property.

6.     Do not exercise your dog on streets using bicycles and/or golf carts.

                          Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

7.     Birdseed type feeders are not permitted including liquid (Hummingbird) feeders.

8.     Animal cages and dog runs are not permitted.

9.     Pet doors are NOT approved for installation. No wall penetration is permitted.

10.    Birds such as swans, ducks, geese, coots, etc., are not to be fed.

11.    All dogs within the City of Conway or Horry County must be licensed. Pets shall
be kept or maintained in or about the Condominium Units only if the Co-Owner is
granted a conditional license by the Association to maintain no more than two (2) pets
which pets shall together weigh no more than sixty (60) pounds. Such a license will be
granted subject to the following conditions and reservations:

       a.      Acceptable Pets: The only pets to be permitted on the Condominium
property shall be dogs, cats, small birds, and fish.

       b.      A Co-Owner shall be financially responsible for any personal injury or
personal property damage caused to any Co-Owner, tenant, guest, employee of the
Association, or to any member of the public as a result of the Co-Owner’s maintenance of
a pet.

       c.      Pets must be carried in arms or on a leash when taken in and out of the

       d.      Pets shall not be permitted in the public rooms under any circumstances.
Pets must not be curbed near the buildings, walkways, shrubbery, pool area, gardens,
planting areas, open areas, or other public space, and pets must be walked off the
Condominium property.

       e.      Guests, tenants, and visitors of a Co-Owner shall not be permitted to bring
any pets onto the Condominium property unless said guest, tenant or visitor has received
a conditional pet license from the Association according to the regulations set forth

       f.      The Board of Directors may, upon their sole determination, revoke or
terminate the above conditional license if a pet is either vicious or is annoying other Co-
Owners or occupants or is otherwise a nuisance.

                           Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

                                   Article XIV
                        Section 14.10. Common Elements
The entrances, passages, corridors, stairways, garage and parking area and other Limited
and Common Elements of the Condominium shall not be obstructed, encumbered, or
used for any purposes other than ingress and egress to and from the Condominium and/or
Unit and other purposes for which they are intended and no carriages, bicycles, mopeds,
wagons, carts, chairs, benches, tables, toys, or other objects, or things, regardless of the
nature thereof shall be left or stored herein.

                                    Article XIV
                               Section 14.11. Wiring
No radio or television or C.B. installation, Direct TV, Satellite TV, Dish Cable TV or
other wiring shall be installed. Any installation or wiring made without consent is liable
to be removed without notice and at the cost of the Co-Owner for whom such wiring was

                                 Article XIV
                Section 14.13. Prohibition Against Time Share
Subject to applicable law no time sharing or vacation time sharing plans are permitted to
be entered into by any Co-Owner or their agents, tenants, guests, or invitees. Further,
subject to applicable law no Co-Owner may sell his or her Unit on a time share plan
(even though he purchaser received an undivided fee simple deed) or lease his or her Unit
on a vacation time share leasing plan which otherwise means arranging, planning, or
similar device whereby membership agreement, lease, rental agreement, licenses, use
agreement, security, or other means whereby a tenant and/or purchaser receives a right to
use accommodations or Unit or facilities or any of the above, but does not receive an
undivided fee simple interest in the property for a specific period of time during any
given year.

                           Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

                                   Article XIV
                      Section 14.16. Air Conditioning Units
No Co-Owner shall install or cause to be installed window units or wall air conditioning
units. Only condenser units tied into an approved system, and approved in writing by the
Board of Directors of the Association may be placed on the balconies or decks and patios.

                                     Article XIV
                                 Section 14.19. Noise
No person shall make or permit any disturbing noises in the Limited or General Common
Elements and/or his Unit by the Co-Owner, his family, servants, employees, agents,
visitors, guests, invitees, licensees, tenants, or lessees, nor do or permit to be done by
such persons anything that will interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of the
remaining Co-Owners or occupants.

Loud parties are not permitted. Noise from television, stereo equipment, musical
instruments or any sound amplifier and talking should be kept to a minimum at all times.
Excessive noise will not be tolerated during the hours from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

The use of fireworks on any portion of Association property is illegal.         State Law
Reference: Fireworks and explosives, S.C. Code, Sec. 23-25-10 et seq.

                                   Article XIV
                        Section 14.20. Prohibited Vehicles

The parking spaces and facilities shall be used exclusively for parking of automobiles
except upon written consent of the Board of Directors and then only in designated areas.
Automobiles or other allowed motor vehicles shall not be washed in the parking spaces or
upon the grounds of the Condominium except in designated areas.

1.      Only Authorized Vehicles at Coastal Villas are permitted to be parked by owners
or residents within the project. Authorized Vehicles at Coastal Villas are standard

                          Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

passenger vehicles, sport utility vehicles, including Bronco or Blazer type trucks,
motorcycles, non-commercial trucks and vehicles which do not exceed two tons.

2.      Any vehicle parked on the street without an appropriate decal or visible pass will
be cited and subject to towing.

3.      Curb parking is intended for short-term parking and must not be used by residents
on a day-to-day basis. The right hand side of the vehicle is required to be placed next to
the curb. No wrong way parking is allowed.

4.      Parking is prohibited where curbing is painted red and in front of trash

5.     Recreational vehicles (i.e. motor homes, trailers, van conversions and vehicles
over two (2) tons may park such vehicles for a period not to exceed 12 hours for the
purpose of loading and unloading only without prior permission.

6.     Under no circumstances can vehicles be used as living quarters.

7.      Licensed motorcycles or other motorized two wheel vehicles must be operated at
a minimum noise level. Riding such vehicles around the complex is prohibited except for
entry and exit.

8.     The speed limit within Coastal Villas is 15 miles per hour.

9.     No vehicles, or any parts thereof, may be constructed, reconstructed or repaired in
the Common Area or within the Project (Article XIV, Section 14.12, Parked Vehicles).
The provision of this section does not apply to emergency vehicle repairs. Vehicles with
expired license plates may NOT be stored within the complex.

10.    Automobile dust or sun covers are NOT permitted.

11.   Vehicles of construction contractors or sub-contractors of commercial firms
working within the complex must display a sign no smaller than 18" x 22" (painted on or
removable magnetic) identifying the name of the company.

12.    No construction vehicles are permitted in the complex on Sundays.

13.    Service vehicles are restricted to the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Exception is
emergency vehicle repairs as stated in No. 19.

                          Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

14.    Any person operating a GOLF CART must have a valid driver’s license.

15.    Golf carts must be parked in parking spaces.

16.    Double parking, parking on grass is not permitted. Commercial vehicles of any
kind and vehicles which are not properly tagged or registered are not permitted.

No boats or trailers shall be placed, parked, or left on the Common Elements of the
Condominium thereof outside of paved parking. Well maintained Boats and Trailers may
be park in parking spaces provided they do NOT take up more space than one parking

No trailer, camper, mobile home, motor home, jet ski beyond a double trailer, boats over
21 feet, or other similar equipment shall be parked or stored on the premises.
Unauthorized, unregistered, abandoned or inoperable vehicles are not permitted on the
premises and will be towed at owner’s expense.

                                   Article XV
                         Section 15.2. Utility Easements
Fire prevention and firefighting equipment throughout the Condominium shall not be
tampered with.

Cooking on balconies, in hallways or near buildings, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED BY
LAW due to the serious fire hazard these activities pose. Grills may be used away from
the building in the designated picnic areas. If you use the grills, please remove all trash
and debris, clean the grill and turn off the gas.

Clothing, linens, towels, etc., shall not be hung from balconies, porches, clotheslines,
windowsills, or draped across the balcony furniture. Beach chairs, clothing and other
items shall not be stored or left in hallways, stairways or outside the entrance doorways.
Cigars, cigarettes, or other objects shall not be thrown from balconies or porches.

                           Coastal Villas Addendum Rules and Regulations

                                    Article XV
                           Section 15.4. Right of Access
The Board of Directors or its designated agent may retain a passkey to have access to
each Unit from time to time during reasonable hours as may be necessary for the
maintenance, repair, replacement of any of the Common Elements therein or accessibility
there from, or making emergency repairs therein necessary to prevent damage to the
Common Elements, Limited Common Elements, or any other Unit or Units with the
Condominium. No Unit Co-Owner shall alter any lock or install new locks on any door
of the premises without providing Board of Directors a key.

A Key Locker is kept in the Association office so that an extra key can be safely stored
for use in an emergency. There have been numerous occasions where an emergency
situation has occurred such as someone falling and needs help. We have to be able to get
in without breaking a window or door to help. Sometimes it is something as simple as
you accidentally lock yourself out. In order to obtain this key, proper identification and/or
a written request signed by the homeowner must be presented to the Administrative staff.

                                     Article XIX
                              Section 19.2 Compliance.

Violations of the posted rules and regulations should be reported to the Association’s
Managing Agent, through the Coastal Villas e-mail or direct calls to any BOD.
Violations of the above stated rules are subject to a $80.00 or more fine.

Section 27-31-170. Compliance with bylaws, rules, and regulations; remedy for

To report maintenance concerns not involving individual units, contact the Property
Managing Agent, or email the Coastal Villas HOA at CoastalVillasHOA@gmail.com
(password for BOD members is myrtlebeach1!). Maintenance concerns or other items
involving unit interiors should be reported to the rental agent or owner of the unit.


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