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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals
by Caitlin Moore

When wanderlust grabs hold of your mind, spirit, and feet, making it difficult to concentrate on
your daily chores and your usual routine, the best and only solution is to get out of town. If this
is an especially strong case of the travel bug that you’ve contracted, it might be necessary to
head not just away, but far away. Go somewhere exotic yet safe, unexpected yet enchanting,
and capable of distracting you constantly with charms, comforts, and adventures alike.

Not too many places could meet all of these requirements, but at the top of this short list is a
place to consider; Costa Rica. Venture down to this Central American hotspot for a trip that
won’t disappoint, and consider booking a vacation rental to fully squeeze every drop of
excitement and relaxation from this distinctive getaway.

Costa Rica is a place that will provide the opportunity for various thrills to be achieved on the
water or in the diverse and beautiful terrain, yet it will also present situations of calm, peace,
and if you desire it, luxury. Rough adventures are there to be had should you choose to take
an eco-tour of the rainforest, a surfing lesson on a world class beach, or head underground to
explore the depths of a cave. After such excursions, however, you may find yourself craving a
good meal, a soft bed, and in general, a space to rest and nest. The abundance of vacation
properties in Costa Rica make experiencing the full holiday experience a sure thing, so take a
closer look at going this route.

Rentals come in all shape and size, so no matter how big your traveling group, how long you
want to stay, and what your preferences are, you’ll find something that turns out to be a perfect
fit. Perhaps you’ve heard about the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve and want to
check it out, or are interested in rafting down the Corobici River. There are also kayak tours of
Lake Arenal and countless amazing beaches along either the Atlantic or Pacific coasts. While
you may not have time to see and do it all, your vacation rental will provide a solid home base
for your daily escapades. Venture off in any direction (within a two-three mile radius you’ll find
all of the above) and relish the fact that each night you can return home to the same place,
which will become homier by the day and increasingly more difficult to leave behind.

That’s right, the special details like hardwood floors and furnishings, granite countertops, a
well-equipped kitchen and stunning views of the ocean will be welcome sights each time you
glance around the place you were lucky enough to secure. The patio will become a popular
spot for your group, as hanging out by the grill in a rainforest climate will never cease to
confuse your senses in a funny, pleasant way. You’ll be able to fix meals in the comfort of your
villa if everyone feels like enjoying a low-key night before winding things down with drinks and
conversation as you watch the stars come out.

Costa Rica isn’t exactly a secret destination, so be prepared to encounter a number of
tourist-filled areas. You’ll probably find that it’s worth it to follow the crowds to a few top
attractions like Coco Beach and Barra Honda National Park, but if you seek peace and quiet as
well, you’ll truly be glad that you chose to rent a vacation casa. With this set-up, you can trek to
the well-traveled spots and then return to your well-designed refuge. You’ll also be able to see
and do things that others will never know about as you explore the area surrounding your
home away from home as well, so the spectrum of activities will stretch far and wide.

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The constant tension between uncommon sights and the comforts of home will work together
to make this a superior vacation, so go online to examine all the vacation property possibilities.
While satisfying the urge to pack a suitcase and jet off to an exotic yet welcoming locale, it is
also possible to do things a little differently than the average traveler. Set yourself apart by
looking into Costa Rica vacation rentals by owner, and have a wonderfully eye-opening trip.

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