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					                                        Les Airelles-Megève
Seasonal Rent a Furnished Apartment
PART I - Lease Agreement:
Subject: Location of Les Airelles, apartment for 6 people, on the second floor of a cottage condominium called Les
Chalets en Allard, Chalet Airelle, 151 allée sous Allard - 74120 - Megève (France).

Between the undersigned:
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hebert remaining: 1058 route de Doran 74700 Sallanches.
Above referred to as OWNER , and:

Name:                                                                      First Name:




Above referred to as TENANT

Composition of tenants:
Number of adults and teenagers:                   Number of children aged 2 to 13:           Number of children under 2 years:

Rental period:
Saturday                                        from 16:00 to Saturday                                             until 10:00.

Financial terms of the lease:
- Price per stay:                                                          € including VAT for the rental period above;
Balance due 15 days before arrival by bank transfer.

- First Deposit:                                                           € VAT or 30% of the stay;
To pay now by bank transfer.

- Second Deposit: 300 € TTC;
Balance due 15 days before arrival by bank transfer.

- Extra cleaning fee: 40 €
To add to the balance of the price of the stay and pay at the same time.

- Tourist tax in addition to the above rate is based per person (aged over 13 years) on a package.
To pay the balance with the price of the stay. ( 0,75 € / person / day).

It was agreed the lease of the apartment for 6 people Les Airelles. The reservation will be effective:
 - When the owner receives 2 copies of every page of Lease dated, signed and payment of the first deposit and after
confirming the availability of the apartment.
 - If unavailable, return the deposit to the tenant by transfer, otherwise return the contract signed by the owner.
 The general conditions of hire will be applied unless special conditions mentioned in this contract agreement with the
 Any special conditions:

Contact bank for bank transfer:
IBAN (International Bank Account Number)                  BIC (Bank Identifier Code)

FR76 1009 6182 3100 0264 9220 101                         CMCIFRPP

                                   Les Airelles-Megève
Seasonal Rent a Furnished Apartment
PART II - Description of premises:

Subject: Location of Les Airelles, apartment for 6 people, on the second floor of a cottage condominium called Les
chalets en Allard, Chalet Airelle, 151 allée sous Allard - 74120 - Megève (France).

Composition of the apartment:

3 bedrooms (2 beds double and 2 beds 1 pers.)

1 living room opening onto balcony with fireplace and usable;

1 furnished and equipped kitchen (oven + microwave + dishwasher ....)

1 bathroom with bath, bidet and basin;

1 storeroom on balcony;

2 toilets (1 with washbasin);

Many storage;

2 large balconies facing south-east;

1 double lock up garage in the basement;

Outdoor Parking.

Equipment various:

Heating and hot water charges;

Towels, bedding and kitchen included;

1 cot / highchair 1 for little children;

1 TV / 1 DVD / CD-1 radio;

 1 washer / 1 dryer / refrigerator 1 / 1 electric oven / 1 microwave / 1 electric hob (4 ring) / 1 dishwasher / small appliances
(toaster, electric kettle, coffee makers and Espresso - raclette) / 1 vacuum cleaner / 1 iron / ironing board 1 / 1 tumble-

Fair Garden: 1 table + 6 chairs + 1 umbrella.

2 chairs.


Floor coverings: Tile and carpet wool.

Non smoking rental

Pets not allowed
                                            Les Airelles-Megève
Seasonal Rent a Furnished Apartment
PART III - Terms of rent
Article 1 - Conclusion of the contract:
 The reservation will be final after the tenant has sent the owner the amount of the deposit of 30% of the total rental and two copies of every page of
Lease dated and signed and after the owner has checked the availability of apartment on the dates chosen.
 The lease agreement between the parties here to shall in no way benefit, even partially to third persons or entities - except the written agreement
Owner. Any violation of this last paragraph would be likely to result in immediate termination of the lease to the tenant's fault, the product of the
remaining lease definitively with the owner.
Article 2 - Cancellation by the tenant:
 All cancellations must be notified by letter to the owner not later than 30 days before taking possession. The sums paid will be acquired Owners,
however, they can be returned provided the apartment is rented for the same period and at the same price.
 If the stay is shortened by the tenant and the owner's liability is not jeopardized, the rental price remains with the owner. It will be conducted
 No refunds, except that of the bond under the conditions specified in Article 7.
Article 3 - Cancellation by the owner:
In case of cancellation by the owner, it will refund the tenant double the amount of deposit received.
Article 4 - Arrival / Departure:
 The rentals are Saturday from 16 hours to 10 hours Saturday before, except by prior agreement, in which case the conditions are stipulated on this
 The tenant must report the date and time indicated on this contract. If you arrive late or delayed, the tenant must notify the owner.
 If the tenant does not attend the day mentioned in the contract after a period of 24 hours notice without notice to the owner, this contract is considered
terminated and the amounts paid are forfeited to the owner may dispose of his apartment.
Article 5 - Payment:
The first deposit is 30% of the rental price. The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has sent the owner the amount of the first deposit.
The balance is due 15 days before taking possession. Payments are to be paid by bank transfer.
Article 6 - State and inventory:
 The inventory and inventory of furniture and equipment will be made at the beginning and end of stay by the owner or his representative and the tenant.
 These documents will be signed by both parties. This inventory is the only reference in case of dispute over the inventory. The state of cleanliness the
apartment on arrival the tenant will be found in the inventory. The cleaning of the premises is required by lump sum payment of 40 € to settle with the
balance of the stay.
Article 7 – Second Deposit :
 A second deposit or bond specified in the contract is requested by the owner. It is paid on or before the time of entering the premises. This deposit is
refunded after the establishment of the condition places output minus the cost of rehabilitation places if damage were reported. If the amount of security
deposit is insufficient, the tenant undertakes to make up the sum after the inventory output. The second deposit is returned by the owner within a period
not exceeding 30 days, just in case early retirement (prior to the time mentioned on this contract) preventing the establishment of the state of play on the
day of departure of the tenant.
Article 8 - Duration of stay:
The Tenant signing this contract for a specified period shall in no circumstances invoke any right to maintain occupancy at the end of the stay.
Article 9 - Use of premises:
 The tenant will enjoy renting a peaceful way and will make good use according to the destination locations: holiday accommodation. The tenant agrees
not to change the location of furniture.
Article 10 - Capacity:
 This contract is established for the maximum number of persons indicated on the lease. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity of the owner
may refuse additional people or reserves the right to impose a surcharge of 30% of rental price to be paid from the filing warranty. Any modification or
termination of the contract will be considered at the initiative of the tenant.
Article 11 - Pets:
Not permitted.
Article 12 - Insurance:
 The tenant is required to ensure the premises which is rented. It should check if the contract provides for the principal dwelling extension holiday
(vacation rental). In the opposite assumption, he must take the necessary expansion, theft in the rental period, being charged to the tenant. The tenant
is required to obtain and provide proof of liability insurance on or before the date of entry into the premises.
Article 13 - Tax:
The amount of tax in excess of the rate is per person based on a package defined by the relevant ministry.
Article 14 - Water, Electricity and Heating:
Water: The water supply is included in the rental price. Electricity: The supply of electricity is included in the rental price. Heating: Included in the rental
Article 15 - Visit:
The tenant can not object to the visit of the premises where the owner or his representative upon request.

This contract (3 pages) is prepared in two copies,

The owner,                                                                                                    The tenant
Precede the signing of the "Read and approved"                                                before the signing of the "Read and approved"

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