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									J OHN Q. E XAMPLE                                                                       
 231 Stadium Drive  Hendersonville, TN 37075                                                   615-537-1036

                                         OUTSIDE SALES / TRAINING

Highly qualified and accomplished sales professional with extensive experience in directing all aspects of assisting
customers in various business transactions while demonstrating attuned communication and diplomacy qualities.
Astute knowledge of sales policies and procedures, as well as staff training and development initiatives. Seeking an
outside sale or training position in an operational environment that will effectively utilize acquired skills and abilities
while demonstrating leadership experience.

                                              AREAS    OF   EXPERTISE
              Sales and Marketing                                      Customer Relations
              Strategic Planning                                       Program Coordination
              Staff Training and Development                           Human Resources Management
              Advertising and Promotional Campaign                     P&L Management
              Market Analysis                                          Retail Operations
              Reports Generation                                       Problem Solving/Troubleshooting

                                              CORE COMPETENCIES

 Dynamically motivated professional with extensive sales and training management experience, and with impeccable
  knowledge of customer service operations, needs assessment, strategic planning, account management, and staff
  training/development procedures
 Highly skilled in creating supportive business solutions, developing high-levels of customer service, and
  administering and facilitating effective training programs
 Proven ability to effectively handle multi-task levels of management responsibility with minimal direction from
  superiors while supervising personnel
 Solid communication, interpersonal, time management, analytical, organizational, and leadership skills
 Quick learner with an ability to easily grasp new ideas, concepts, methods and sales techniques
 Experienced in forecasting, performance improvement, strategic sales training, and relationship building
 Extremely energetic, dependable, and self-motivated with a high degree of collaborative work integrity

                                               PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

HERTZ RENTAL CAR  Indianapolis, IN                                                                     2004 ~ 2007
Revenue Manager / Sales Trainer
 Provided training and coaching to staff while monitoring performance to ensure the highest quality of ethics in
  customer service
 Identified low performance and developed solutions to ensure all actions taken to improve performance in the areas
  of customer service
 Implemented various focus classes to improve overall performance while monitoring the progress of all employees
 Fostered action plans targeting any/all declines and provided feedback and recognition to all levels of management
  regarding performance
 Established and coordinated classes to increase individual performance monthly and competition within the territory
  while providing ongoing training for product knowledge, need satisfaction selling, sales strategies, and customer
 Created and facilitated new training material to increase phone skills, sales techniques, overcoming objectives, and
  individual performance
 Hosted awards/events banquet each quarter for all personnel in regards to their personal accomplishments and
  improve sales results while sustaining quality customer service and employee morale
 Achieved numerous awards and consistently recognized as Top Performer for three consecutive years

Key Accomplishments:
Key Contributor in expanding the operations of the Hertz Local Edition in Indiana from 2004 to 2007
Grew the business by achieving incentive sales of $952,288.45 for 2006 in comparison from $415,557.06 in 2004 (an
approximate 50% increase)
Accomplished 22 # 1 rankings, 10 #2 place ranking, and 11#3 place ranking in the North Central Region, from 2004-

LOCARB USA MARKETPLACE, LLC.  Indianapolis, IN                                                       2003 ~ 2004
General Manager
 Provided full management for the business and performed duties including daily operations management, strategic
  planning, market analysis, P&L management, and financial reports generation for the retail operations
 Maintained and monitored inventory to ensure adequate levels to meet advertisement and sales increases
 Handled human resources functions including hiring, interviewing, training, and supervising over 20 employees
 Held daily presentations in order to facilitate new products and ensure sales revenue growth

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 J OHN Q. E XAMPLE                                                                   
  231 Stadium Drive  Hendersonville, TN 37075                                               615-537-1036

                                             PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

 Key Accomplishments:
 Enhanced awareness of staff to the objectives and store policies by conducting regular performance evaluations and
 staff meetings
 Maximized sales and revenue through efficient monitoring of prompt processing and disbursement of freight shipments
 to the sales floor and implement company programs
 Successfully implement and maintained effective measures to control costs and inventory shrinkage/loss
 Developed and executed pricing strategies and collaborated with vendors regarding purchasing incentives to maintain
 high profitability and sustain smooth flow of operations
 Held daily tasting to introduce new products along with different ways to prepare the products to increase

 U-SAVE AUTO / PENSKE TRUCK RENTAL  Fishers, IN                                                          2002 ~ 2003
 District Manager / Sales Representative
  Administered and directed daily operations of automobile and truck leasing business; successfully launched two new
   stores and enhanced existing rental fleet to ensure daily objectives are well accomplished
  Initiated contact to counsel customers with past-due accounts and attempted to secure payment
  Implemented progressive collection procedures on delinquent accounts
  Secured contracts with local auto dealerships to utilize rental fleet and partnered with Penske Truck Rental to
   increase revenue during slow seasons resulting to maintain efficiency of operation
  Key Accomplishments:
  Obtained 60% revenue increase within first 2 months resulting to achieve financial turnaround of operations from a
   negative to a positive profit margin trend
  Scrutinized divisional expenditures and controlled operational budget to ensure budgetary requirements are met
  Expanded sales territories and consistently meet and exceeded sales quotas and productivity goals for each location
   and successfully managed a 20-person team

 BUDGET CAR & TRUCK RENTAL  Indianapolis, IN                                                             2001 ~ 2002
 Branch Manager
  Controlled, oversaw and monitored activities in various areas including sales office, distribution warehouse,
   purchasing department and record control department to ensure availability of rental fleet
  Analyzed market trends to determine customer needs, volume potential, price schedules and discount rates
  Recruited, trained, managed and monitored performance of six employees to ensure daily duties are done
  Key Accomplishments:
  Amplified sales revenue by 120% and transactions by 139% resulting to boost profitability
  Improved productivity and customer service by motivating staff and maintaining client retention
  Successfully managed and implemented financial plans resulting to efficient management of operational budget
  Generated sales forecasts, and implemented effective business growth strategies to meet and exceed sales goals

 BUDGET CAR & TRUCK RENTAL  Indianapolis, IN                                                           1999 ~ 2002
 Insurance Replacement Sales Representative
  Orchestrated seminar for customers and staff members to enhance awareness regarding the program
  Generated periodic sales reports to track sales volume and potential sales
  Key Accomplishments:
  Promoted and marketed services to insurance agencies, claims centers, and collision repair companies resulting to
   expand sales territory and boost accounts by 100%
  Played a vital role in attaining corporate goals by creating marketing materials and sales campaigns

 STATE CHEMICAL  Louisville, KY                                                                         1998 ~ 1999
 Sales Representative
  Developed and implemented strategic plans to enhance and achieve sales objectives, expand market penetration,
   and capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities
  Key Accomplishments:
  Grew business and drastically improved profitability by identifying new target markets, establishing and nurturing
   customer relations, and generating creating innovative strategies
  Consistently met and exceeded all sales and performance goals that leads to efficient operation

                                            EDUCATION      AND   TRAINING
  Emphasis: Management
                                               ~ Train the Trainer: ~

                          Sales Strategic                                 New Hire Class
                          The Power of One                                Frontline Leadership
                          Recurrent Sales Training                        Customer Service and Sales
                          Fundamentals Sales Training                     Coaching for Success

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