RHS BAND BOOSTERS VOLUNTEER FORM
                              2008 – 2009
Your Name:            ___________________________________
 Phone Number:        ___________________________________
E-Mail Address:       ___________________________________
Students’ Name:       ___________________________________
tudents’ Name:        ___________________________________

Welcome to the Riverside High School Band Program. We have an exciting and ambitious year
planned, and we need each of you to be a part of it. There are a variety of opportunities available
to support the band program. Please take the time to check the areas you are interested in helping
with. The band program needs every parent! Volunteer opportunities are described below. If
you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator Brenda Cooper
(dbcooper88@msn.com) or 386-9944.We will also send this form out via e-mail for you to fill
out. ) Please complete form and return via email or postal service by July 18.

________Spray students with water while they are on the field. This is a great way to see the
band in action and to help the students avoid over heating during camp. Camp is Monday –
Friday.        _____Preferred day of the week – Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri (circle one)
               _____Morning shift from 9am – 12 noon - any day (flexibility is possible)
               _____Afternoon shift from 3pm – 6pm – any day (flexibility is possible)

________Provide lunch for clinicians(reimbursement available) and band director
________Assist with water games. 3pm – 4pm Friday 8/1           _______
                                                 Friday 8/8     _______

Ride the buses and oversee the students for away games, competitions, and parade.
Friday Football Games        ________8/29 to Eastside       ________10/17 to Blue Ridge
                             ________ 9/5 to TR            ________10/24 to Chapman
                             ________10/3 to Clinton

Competitions- dates only. Locations to be announced later.
                             ________ 9/27                 ________ 10/18 – Upper State
                             ________ 10/4                 ________ 10/25 - State
                             ________ 10/11

Parades –                     ________ Greenville Christmas Parade – Date TBD

________Monitor the doors and hand out programs for the Middle School concerts held at RHS.

EQUIPMENT (Robert Zielinski/David Cooper, coordinators)
________Help students load and unload equipment at the band room and on the field for games
and competitions, tow trailers and or drive rental truck to away games, competitions, and parade,
set-up and break down props.

FOOTBALL CONCESSION STAND (Mark Morrison, coordinator)
________Work the concession stand during home football games. The time frame is from 6pm
until the end of the game, but shifts can be flexible. This is a great way to meet other RHS band
parents…and you have a great view of the field! Please NOTE: No one under 16 years of age
can be in the stand.
        ______Varsity (Friday home games)
        ______Junior Varsity (Thursday home games)

FUNDRAISERS (Judy Lecture, coordinator)
________Car Wash
________Casino Night/Viva Las Vegas
________Fruit Sale – unloading the delivery truck, separating orders and sorting fruit
________Merchandise(magnets, blankets, etc.)
             _____Friday’s for home games, 6:30 – half time
             _____ PTA Open House
             _____ School Registration
                     ____ 8/14 - 8:30-11:30 am
                     ____ 8/14 - 12:30-3:30 pm
                     ____ 8/14 - 5:30- 8:30 pm
                     ____ 8/15 - 8:30-11:30 am
______ Restaurant Night – 5pm – 9pm, over see the students. Shifts can be 1-2 hours
______ Yard Sale – help on the day before the sale and day of sale. Shifts can be flexible.

_______Assist with building and decorating
_______Assist with set up/break down during competitions

     Friday night home game Meal for band (Tess Jones, coordinator)
           ____set up/clean up

       Band dinners/Concert refreshments
             ____set up/clean up at events
             ____provide desserts for concerts

UNIFORMS(Lori Wismer, coordinator)
________Help to fit uniforms at the beginning of the year. Pass out and collect before and after
games and concerts. Assist with preparation for cleaning.

_________Any other need that arises
Please think about these opportunities and volunteer where you can. The band and our children
need every parent’s involvement.

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