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									What is a Wireless Access Point Router?

The wireless network is the newest and greatest innovation in home or
office networking over the past five or ten years. You can connect
virtually any device to the network as long as it has a wireless
networking adapter. This could include your laptop, desktop, printer,
mobile devices, servers and hard drives, gaming systems, and increasingly
your home entertainment system, including your cable or satellite box.
But the key to your wireless network is a wireless access point router.

A wireless access point router is also called a wireless network router.
It takes whatever Internet hook-up you might have, whether it is a DSL,
cable or fiber-optics and convert it into a wi-fi signal that it will
broadcast out into the air. They come in multiple models. One wireless
access point router might have a stronger broadcast strength, but limited
bandwidth. Choosing the right wireless access point router is best done
by assessing what it is you need in your wireless network. If you have a
particularly big living space, it is possible you might need more than
one wireless access point router, to reach all points on the property.

But simply picking the right wireless access point router is not enough
to get you the wireless network. You need to make sure your wireless
network is secure. This will protect you from those that would invade
your privacy. There are a couple of ways to do that. When you set up your
wireless access point router, you can make sure you set up WEP encryption
password protection. This ensures that only you and the people you give
out this password out to will be able to access your network. You can
also alter and modify the broadcast strength of your wireless access
point router so that it only reaches up to your property line. This plan
obviously takes some trial and error, and make sure that you still get
enough of a wireless signal in all the rooms and areas that you want
wireless access to.

Wireless networks are quickly becoming a must-have for everyone, and at
the center of it all is a wireless access point router. Select the right
wireless access point router and make sure that you secure it correctly
to protect your privacy and files, and you'll have the wireless network
to accomplish just about anything. A properly set up and functioning
wireless networks will bring your productivity up and increase your
opportunities to enjoy your music, movies and games.

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