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									Relief from Tension Headaches

Nothing can be a bigger problem than headaches. Headaches tend to make
everything worse, and, in extreme cases, headaches can make anything
impossible. The tricky thing about headaches is trying to tell if they
are a symptom of something else, like a cold or circulation problems, or
if the headaches themselves are the problem. Tension headaches fall into
the latter category, and while they aren't an indication of other
problems, tension headaches definitely need to be taken seriously.

Tension headaches have a distinct sensation. Tension headaches gives the
afflicted person the feeling that their brain is being constricted-
literally, a feeling of your head being tensed up. Some people complain
that they feel like a band or vice is around the head, and while it feels
like muscles are contracting and squeezing your head, this is not the
case with tension headaches. No one is quite sure where tension headaches
come from and how they work. But most experts agree that there are a few
ways that your can treat tension headaches.

The most important thing to consider to relief your tension headaches is
to strive for a healthy lifestyle. The best way to fight tension
headaches is to cut down the likelihood that they occur. This means
trying to have a balanced diet heavy in fruits and vegetables and cutting
down on processed sugars and fatty foods. Regular exercise and sleep can
help you prevent tension headaches, as does avoiding tobacco, alcohol and
caffeine usage.

Of course, sometimes no matter what you do, tension headaches occur.
Before resorting to medication, there are a couple of non-medical things
you can try to relief the pain and discomfort of tension headaches.
Remember, even prescription medication only helps relief the symptoms.
They don't actually cure tension headaches - they just only provide
temporary comfort, and even then, not always. Find a way to de-stress
your life. For some people, stress is the cause of tension headaches, for
others it's merely a triggering factor. Give yourself time each day to
find a soothing and comforting activity.

Tension headaches can be a pain in the neck, almost literally. The best
prevention for tension headaches are to try to prevent them before they
even happen. But be careful when looking for medicine with tension
headaches. None of them actually cure tension headaches but momentarily
relief some pain. Some of them even have nasty side effects. Try making
lifestyle changes for the best chance to beat tension headaches.

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