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									Finding all ps2 cheats

Up up, down down, left right, left right, B-A-B, select start.

If you played video games in the 1980s or early 90s, you know exactly
what that is. Contra, one of the best games Konami ever made, had a
secret cheat code that gave you infinite lives when you entered it during
the start screen. Ever since, cheat codes have made their way into video
games over all platforms with great regularity.

The idea, then, is to find all ps2 cheats, for all games. A quick google
search turned up no less than eleven million five-hundred thousand
webpages devoted to cheats of the ps2 variety. It's amazing how many
short cuts there are out there.

Finding out where all ps2 cheats are, though, is a time consuming
project. Some sites list cheats only for the most popular games, while
others actually charge a fee for their services. Which is actually mind-
boggling to me. I mean, if you're the type of person who would cheat at
a video game (and I'll get into that in a minute), you're probably not
the type of person who's going to pay dollar one to get those cheats in a
legit fashion, are you? If someone's looking for all ps2 cheats. clearly
they're not wired in such a way as to play by the rules when it comes to,
well, cheating.

So let me then ask this... why would you want to find cheats for a game
you purchased, anyway? The whole point of playing a video game is to
enter its world, then attempt to beat it by playing by the world's rules.
If you're cheating, then by definition the game - and your
accomplishment, should you win - is completely devalued. Sure, you might
want to find all ps2 cheats once you've actually beaten a game by playing
it straight-up first, but that's a horse of a different color.

Honestly, it's mind boggling to me. If a major league baseball player
cheats, I can sort of understand it. There's money on the line - the
better you are, the more money you can (and will, let's face it) make.
Think about Alex Rodriguez, whose career salary is now somewhere over a
quarter billion dollars. Does that make it right that he cheated? No,
not in my book. But I understand it.

Is there a quarter of a billion dollars on the line when you're looking
up all ps2 cheat? Unless there's some wildly popular video game league
out there that I'm unaware of, I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Really,
if you're cheating at a game where there's no monetary reward at the end,
you've gotta take a look in the mirror and figure out just exactly where
you went wrong.

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