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									Hunting Leases

What is Hunting?
 A Recreational Activity  Serves 2 Purposes  Hunter has the opportunity to get away from the routine of daily life--relieves tension & promotes respect for natural resources.  Hunter serves to control wildlife populations.

Problems with Over Population?
 def.-Wildlife numbers greater than the food and shelter supply needed for them to reproduce and grow to their maximum potential.  Starvation  Disease & Parasites  Increases number of predators  Competition for space with humans

Hunting is a Privilege with Responsibilities
 Many farmers and ranchers lease out their land for additional income  Factors that affect loss of many acres of land used for hunting  Abuse of Land, Facilities, Equipment, and Resources.  By using a “lease” the owner can outline provisions and rules which must be followed. All State & Fed. Laws must be followed.

What are some reasons we might need a Written Hunting Lease?
        Less Confusion Abuse clauses Limits Season & Times of use Use of facilities (cabins, grounds, drives) No misunderstanding Clear outlines KEEP A COPY ON FILE-

Lease Contents
 Wording should be easy to read  As many details as necessary  The following are suggested items to include...

Names of all parties...

 List the names of the lessee and all lessors.  Parties- the persons, both the landowner and hunter, involved in the lease agreement.  Lessee- the person that sells the lease property to the hunter.  Lessors- the person that buys the lease property from the landowner.  Are minors allowed?

Length of lease...
 List the beginning and ending dates of the lease  is it all year to hunt all types?  is it for a specific season?

Description of lease area...
 Identify the lease area by tract, acreage, boundaries, etc.  3 miles East on Highway 37 from Mile 6 & 2 miles North  the 50 acres in the Southeast corner  Maintenance? Do you have to clean up or will the lessee?

Lease privileges…
 List of all pre-season activities permitted.  Are there restrictions concerning buildings of blinds, or stands.  Is camping permitted?

Lease fee...
 Specify the cost of the lease  every lease is different ($200-$200,000)  The type of payment  cash or check, possibly credit if corporate  The payment due date  before or after, installments, deposits

Indemnification statement...
 Protects the lessee against liability in case of injury or death to any lessor  Covers damage or loss of property owned by the lessor  Indemnification-to legally protect or keep free from loss or damage

Provisions for damages...
 What are the procedures for reporting damage to property, livestock, or facilities?  Who will pay for property damage?

Hunting rights...
 What game can the lessor hunt?  Are special permits available to lessor?  Are there any restrictions on number of animals taken?  Is varmint shoot permitted?

Hunter rights...

 Will the lessee maintain hunting rights with lessor?  Can lessor or lessee bring guests to the lease?  Can another party assume the lease?  Does the lessor have to provide a report to identify the number and species of game taken from the lease?  Are wildlife feeding stations allowed?

Types of Hunting Leases
 Year-Round Lease:

includes all hunting privileges. Small parties use the lease during the year for all hunting activities. The lessor maintains the lease for hunting.

 Limited Lease:

specifies a limited time period for hunting. This lease can last an entire season. The lessee can provide one or two week hunting intervals. This type of lease restricts hunting to a specific species of game.

Types of Hunting Leases
 Day Hunting:

requires more attention by the landowner. This type of lease is good for large numbers of hunters and allows for increased harvesting needs. (close to population centers,
dove hunts, dogs, guns, and meals)

 Guided Hunt:

specialized hunting lease where one guide works with one or only a few hunters. The hunt can be short term or last until the party gets the desired results. This method is common for the more exotic game hunting.

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