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      Pompano Beach High School
         600 NE 13th Avenue
       Pompano Beach, FL 33060
         Office: 754-322-2033
          Fax: 754-322-2130

The Pompano Beach High School Music Parent Association (PBHS MPA) is a not-for-profit
organization whose purpose is to further the music program of Pompano Beach High School.
It shall be the duty of PBHS MPA to provide support, supervision, and assistance at all band
functions where deemed necessary.

The music program consists of the following groups:

Golden Tornadoes Marching Band
Shining Starlettes (Color Guard)
Concert Band
Drum Line


In addition to the faculty instructors provided by the Broward County Schools, the band
utilizes additional instructors provided by PBHS MPA. Listed below are the primary
instructors for the 2009-2010 school year.

Kristin Clark, Director


Executive Board members are selected in May each year. The old and new boards meet jointly
in June to provide a smooth transition. The term of office for Board Members is one year,
running from May to May. The present Board Members are as follows:

President:          Linda Bartolotta – 954-972-2352
Vice President      Alfredo Cardona – 954-984-4109
Treasurer           Angela Dowd – 954-969-0882
Recording Secretary Patty Gallagher – 954-785-7515
Communication Dir. Heidi Thorman- 954-977-5114

Band Rep              Holly Aragon – 954-647-1167
Guard Rep             Open

Chorus Rep            Open

The duties of the Board of Directors shall be as described in the Bylaws of the PBHS MPA
which are distributed at General Meetings and available upon request.


Fundraising – Alfredo Cardona
Uniforms – Open
Volunteers – Open
Concession – Marie McCarty
Alumni –
Field Crew – Bill Down
Drumline – Holly Aragon – 954-647-1167



The Uniform chairperson is responsible for uniform distribution and repair. Students are fitted
for uniforms during the August Band Camp. The band uniform includes the jacket, bib pants,
T-shirt, hat and plume. Playing members are responsible for maintaining shoes, black socks,
gloves and poncho. Each year the marching band will have a new T-shirt reflecting the theme
of the half-time show. The cost of one shirt is included in each student’s Fair Share. For any
additional shirts, there will be an additional charge.

Guard members are responsible for their own show costume, shoes, and gloves.


The Field Crew Chairperson is in charge of getting all necessary pit instruments, drum major
platforms, and show equipment to and from and on and off the field for every performance.
The chairperson is responsible for picking up and returning the rental truck for equipment.
Receipts should be turned in weekly to the Treasurer for reimbursement. We are in the process
of securing our own trailer for the instruments to be emblazoned with the Golden Tornado
emblem and the sponsor names.

For some performances, only a limited number of non-performing people are permitted on the
field. Therefore, the number of people in the Field Crew is limited. Anyone is welcome to
volunteer their time and expertise to help prepare for a performance, but must understand the
limitations we are forced to abide by when it comes to going on the field.


The volunteer coordinator is responsible for seeing that volunteer forms are completed by each
volunteer member at the beginning of the school year. These forms are required by the school
board prior to volunteering/chaperoning. In addition, the coordinator compiles and submits all
volunteer hours to the School Staff Volunteer Liaison. Each committee chairperson is
responsible for submitting all volunteer hours accrued during each activity.


The chaperone chairperson is responsible for coordinating all necessary chaperones and
supplies for all band events and ensuring that all chaperones have obtained Level 1 and Level 2
clearance from Pompano Beach High School and Broward County School District.


The Concert Chairperson is responsible for arranging the fundraising held at the concerts, set-
up, and coordinating volunteers to sell tickets at the concerts. The Chairperson will also work
with the Director to create and print the program for the concert.


Our website is in the process of being created. As soon as it is up and running we will do a
Blast Email to provide you with the link. There will also be a link from the PBHS website to
our website. When it is up, please check it frequently to keep up with all the latest information
and photos.


We also send out email Blasts to all students and parents who have an email account. Please
check your email regularly to make sure you haven’t missed anything important! If you are
not receiving Blasts, please contact the Secretary and provide your address.



An extensive operating budget is required in order to maintain the high quality and standards
for which the Pompano Beach Golden Tornadoes Music Program is noted. Expenses in the
budget are:

Instruments and Repair
Uniform Replacement/Repair/Cleaning
Truck Rental (Purchase)
Show Props
Music Awards
Food at Events
Operational Expenses

Due to the extremely tight budget of the Broward County School District, it is impossible for
the school system to provide sufficient financial support for the Music Program. The school
system pays the Director’s salary, and for a small budget for the repair of school owned
instruments and equipment.

Even though the school may not be able to provide financial funding, there is no lack of
support from the PBHS administration and teachers. They are enthusiastic fans and very proud
of our band.

PBHS MPA obtains the revenue for operating expenses through student fees and fundraising
events. Many opportunities are provided throughout the year enabling students to accrue
money through fundraisers, which may then be applied toward fees, fundraising obligations
and major trips.

Each student has an account and a copy of this account will be available at every MPA
monthly meeting.

Each fundraiser is budgeted to provide a specific amount of revenue to meet the needs of our
program. It costs approximately $750.00 to put each band member on the field. Each
student’s fees cover only a portion of that expense. Therefore, supporting the MPA activities
and fundraising events is vital to the success of the entire program.

Fundraising Committees

Committees operate all activities and fundraisers. The purpose of committees is to allow as
many parents as possible the opportunity to volunteer in organizing, planning and conducting
fundraisers and activities and avoid placing the burden on just a few. Each fundraiser has a
chairperson or co-chair people, plus committee members to spread the workload and to help
new members learn the ropes.

Concession Stand

PBHS MPA is responsible for the concession stand for all home football games, and any other
games they would like the concession stand available.

Corporate Sponsorship

PBHS MPA is always looking for corporate sponsorship/donations. If you work for an
organization that sponsors nonprofit organizations, please contact the treasurer for assistance
with the process. If you have a contact with a business, which provides a service we can use,
please contact the committee chairperson. Please note that 20% of funds raised by a parent or
student by a corporate sponsorship will go to that students account.

Have an idea for a fundraiser? Want to volunteer to help with an existing fundraiser?
Please contact the Fund raising chairperson.


Band parent meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the High school
(usually in the band room) at 7:00P.M. The parent meetings provide the best opportunity to
keep informed of upcoming events, to be involved in decision making, and to ask questions.
Attendance at meetings is encouraged.

The Band Director or president, when deemed necessary, may call special meetings. Parents
will be notified of these meetings in advance.

In addition to the monthly meetings, various committees hold special meetings to prepare for
individual events.

Those of us who actively participate as band boosters do so because we believe in the
importance of the program. Not only is it an excellent way to share some really great moments
with our kids but it is extremely rewarding as a parent. In order to see this program reach the
heights it is capable of, a strong support system is needed. We must all work together in order
to succeed.


To be successful, the fundraising activities require the participation of all band students,
parents and boosters. Your participation is vital to the success of the entire band program, so
please Get involved! We are asking every parent to volunteer at lease 12 hours of there time
to the organization.

Volunteers are always needed to chair events, or to assist with fundraisers. Not only will you
be providing a valuable service, but you’ll also have fun and meet other band parents and
boosters who enjoy the band program as much as you do.

Please support the band by volunteering your time. Remember no prior experience is required
for any task, just a willingness to help and some of your time. Do not wait to be asked. This is
your formal invitation. Please sign up!

Although we sometimes get caught up in all the fundraising activities, the most important
function the parents perform is to show support for our band. We work hard but have fun at the
same time.

Guidelines for Volunteers/ Chaperone

To make your experience as a PBHS MPA volunteer a beneficial one for the students and you,
please follow these guidelines promulgated by the Broward County District as you assist the
Golden Tornadoes and the Shining Starlettes:

The main concern of volunteers while engaged in school activities must be the safety and
education of the students.

Volunteers may not give students medication.

Volunteers may not divulge individual student grades, records and abilities, which are personal
and confidential information. Students have aright to confidentiality under Florida Statute
228.093 that covers:

      Academic work completed;
      Family background information;
      Standardized test scores;
      Attendance records;
      Health data;
      Grades;
      Interest inventory reports;
      Teacher of counselor ratings and observations; and
      Reports of serious or recurrent behavior patterns

Volunteers are not permitted to supervise a classroom or discipline students. These actions are
the responsibilities of the teacher and the school.

Volunteers will be assigned only to staff members requiring assistance.

Volunteers should set a good example for students by their manner, appearance, and behavior.

Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteers Assisting Students and Teachers (VAST)
application online at and turn it in to the Volunteer

Volunteers are required to sign in and out.

For identification, volunteers are required to wear a name tag when helping with school

Clearance Requirements

Level 1: Non-chaperone volunteers- anyone that is on the high school campus at any time
(uniform room, rehearsals, band camp, concession stand, etc) will need to at least complete a
VAST application form annually before helping in the school.

      First time volunteers: You must complete the online VAST form found at . No fingerprinting is required.

      Previously approved volunteers: If you submitted a VAST from last year, you do not
       immediately have to redo the application. However you must complete the online
       VAST form by January 2008. This online submission requirement is a new requirement
       for all volunteers with the Broward County Public Schools.

Level 2: Chaperone volunteers – A designated chaperone must be responsible for the student
emergency/medical file and the necessary first aid kits. Broward County requires 1 chaperone
per ten students so approximately 8-14 chaperones are needed every time we move the band.
This is no small undertaking! Chaperones provide water and basic first aid (although they may
NOT give students medication). Chaperones also deal with uniform emergencies and just about
anything else that comes along. Most chaperones begin by chaperoning football games or one
of the summer band camps. Like the Level 1 volunteers, Chaperones are required to wear their
name badge while chaperoning. We hope that each PBHS MPA member will chaperone at
least one event during the year.
Level 2 volunteers must complete the requirements for a Level 1 volunteer AND be
fingerprinted by Broward County Public School personnel. BCPS personnel must do
fingerprints because the application needs to be made under their identification number. In this
way, BCPS will be notified of any future criminal infraction. Accordingly, volunteers cannot
have a local police department fingerprint them. Anyone anticipating riding a bus (whether as
a chaperone or not) or serving in the capacity of a chaperone at any time (football games, State
Competition, color guard, Drum Line, etc.) must be fingerprinted. Even school alumni need to
get such clearance. Level 2 volunteers need to give their names to the Chaperone Coordinator
as soon as possible. PBHS administration will then draft a letter with the names of the Level 2
candidates, and each candidate must take a copy of the letter to

    1) Kathleen C. Wright Building, 600 SE 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, or
    2) Lockhart Stadium, Portable Hut No. 1, 5301 NW 12th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale,
along with a driver’s license or passport so that the Level 2 volunteer may be fingerprinted.

Fingerprints must be redone each year. Even if you were fingerprinted and approved as a
Level 2 Chaperone last year, you must have your fingerprints done for the current year.

We understand that this seems like a lot to go through, but the safety of our students must be
the first and most important consideration.


The fees and costs for each student member of the band/guard program are set forth by the
Band Director. For the school year 2009-2010, the Ban Fee/Fair Share is set at $400 for
Marching Band and $500 for Guard. If a payment plan or special arrangements are needed,
please contact one of the Linda Bartolotta Additional fees for trips and activities will be
accessed to each student family account. Participation in fundraising activities provides
opportunity to accrue credit towards the additional fees for trips and activities. Each student
family will have an account maintained by the Treasurer, to which only that family will have
access to.

A payment agreement form must be signed and is required.

All fees are non-refundable

All fees, trip costs and fundraising money should be paid by check or money order or pay pal.
payable to PBHS MPA and given to the Treasurer directly. To assure that credit is allocated
properly, be sure to include your student’s name as well as the purpose of the check on the
memo line. Also, please ask for a receipt.

The Treasurer and the Band Director will monitor student accounts. Should a student fall
behind in fee payments or fundraising, a board member will place a reminder call or send a
letter. If an account remains in arrears, the matter will be referred to the Band Director. It is
important to remember that PBHS MPA is also a business and must pay its bills on time.

Student money may be carried over from year to year but are not transferable from student to
student, with the exception of siblings, without the approval of the PBHS MPA Board of
Band fees do not include the cost of recreational field trips (such as overnight lodging and
amusement parks, etc. following the Florida State Marching competition). Band fees do not
include the cost of items that require replacement due to loss or damage.


Band Camp Dates:
Music Camp – 6/8 to 6/10 8-12PM
Marching Camp- Aug 10 to 13 8-5PM
Marching Camp- Aug 17 to 20 4-8PM

Band camp is an intense period of learning and training for all band and guard members in
preparation for the upcoming marching season. It is during this time that the music and show
design for the half-time shows and competition is taught. Unexcused absences from Band
Camp will place students on alternate status for the upcoming season.

The purpose of Band Camp is not just to practice (although there is plenty of that); band camp
provides the opportunity for band members to get to know each other and form a supportive
and cohesive unit. Band members spend a great deal of time together, and it is vitally
important that they all work together to become the best they can be. Band Camp provides the
atmosphere to get the marching season off to a great start.

Beginning the second week of school there will be after school practice for the entire band on
Monday and Friday’s at 3pm. The Drum Line will have an additional after school practice on

Brief Saturday rehearsals may be held in preparation for competition. A schedule of all
rehearsals and performances will be posted on our Web page.

Students are expected to be at school, in the band room, 10 minutes prior to the start of each
rehearsal. The same is true for report times given on all itineraries.


The marching band is a school-sponsored activity. Therefore, all members are to follow the
Broward County Rules of Student Conduct at all band functions. This is outlined in your
student’s handbook provided to the students by the Director. All chaperones are to be given
the same respect as any faculty member.

In the event the marching band has to stay overnight, the band members will be given a curfew
time for room check. Once room check has been completed, any member outside his/her room
for any reason (excluding safety) will be immediately dismissed from the band program.

Any violation of the rules of conduct presents Pompano Beach High School and the Golden
Tornadoes Band Shining Starlettes in a negative light and can result in disciplinary action up to
and including removal from the band program.

Volunteers are the heart of PBHS MPA! We totally rely on the time and talent of our
volunteers to make the Golden Tornadoes Band and Shining Starlettes a premier band in
Florida! Volunteering always brings a sense of joy, pride and accomplishment. It is, however,
necessary to adhere to the Broward County Volunteer Guidelines:

   1) Medications may be dispersed only by authorized school personnel. Volunteers must
      never dispense medication even if medically licensed.
   2) You must not discuss individual student’s grades, records and abilities. This is personal
      and confidential information.
   3) Volunteers should set a good example for the students by their manner, appearance,
      language and behavior. As a volunteer, you must refrain from any unprofessional
      actions such as comparing and criticizing teachers and/or students.
   4) You may not supervise a classroom or discipline students. These are the
      responsibilities of the Director and the school.
   5) Individual volunteers may not initiate contact for band activities with any of our school
      Partner’s in Education. All contact with partners must go through the school’s Partner
      Liaison first.
   6) Adhere to the chaperone guidelines as set forth by Pompano Beach High School.



PBHS MPA hosts a dinner banquet at the end of each school year to honor the graduating
seniors, present awards and celebrate the events of the year. The banquet is held locally and is
well attended by students and parents.

Tax Exempt Status

The PBHS MPA has a tax-exempt status. If you are making a pre-authorized purchase for the
band, please make sure you have a tax-exempt form to present at the time of payment to avoid
paying sales tax. The form may be obtained from the Treasurer.

Check Request Form

To receive reimbursement for any band expense, a check request form must be completed and
submitted to the Treasurer (in person or via the lock box). Check request forms are available
from the Treasurer.


This year students are required to bring 4 cases of water to Band Camp. The section leaders
will collect this during camp and chaperones ice it and transport it to the practice site.

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