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Making a claim for your personal injury is complicated but with the help of a personal injury solicitor you can settle the matter easily and hassle free.

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									       Instructions in Making a Claim – Personal Injury Advice
Did you know that you can make a claim if you suffer any kind of injury at work or on the
road? If you aren’t aware of the legal system regarding personal injuries then this is the
right article for you. Here you will find some vital information concerning filing a claim
for personal injury in the UK.

Thousands of people suffer injuries because of accidents every year. Usually, this is
caused by another party/person. If you are a victim of an accident either at work, on the
road or on the streets then you are entitled to file a claim against the liable individual or

Look for a reliable solicitor

The best personal injury advice would be finding a competent personal injury solicitor
who will help you cope with the complicated process of making a claim. Almost all
solicitors give free initial assessment of every case. Then they evaluate it to see if you
have the chance of winning the case and will be able to inform you if you have a
legitimate claim.

Some personal injury solicitors offer a no win no fee service. This type of service gives a
lot of advantages to the accident victim mainly because they have no obligation to pay
the solicitor even if they win the case. The victim is also entitled to gain the exact
amount declared by the court as his/her award and will only charge their fees to the
insurance company of the responsible party.

Give collected evidence to your solicitor

When you have employed a personal injury solicitor you must assist them for your own
benefit. In order to help you fully, your solicitor need the following items from you:

      the exact date, time, location of the accident and how it happened in your point
       of view
      the detailed report of a medical authority regarding the injuries you suffered and
       the treatment you’re undergoing
      personal information of witnesses (names, address and account of the incident)
      evidences that will support of your loss of income because of the accident and
       other expenses incurred during your treatment and hospitalisation

Making your claim

The first thing that your personal injury solicitor does is to write a letter of claim to the
party responsible for your accident. This letter comprises the particulars about the
extent of your injury and how the accident caused those injuries. Then you need to wait
for the response of the other party of the defendant in this case. They will investigate
the case and will try to answer your letter within 3 months. They will either deny or
accept responsibility for the accident. When the defendant accepts the responsibility,
your solicitor will settle your case out of court. If they deny accountability of the
incident, your personal injury solicitor will advise you to challenge the defendant’s claim
to court. Either way you will get the compensation you deserve.


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