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									                  - Whitewater High School Class of ’86 –
                     - Where Are You Now Booklet -
How many of you looked through our old yearbook in light of the upcoming reunion?

                       Aqualba 1986 – ‘A Piece of Cake’

I can hardly believe that 20 years has already passed. The time certainly has flown by.
Reading through the pages brings back so many memories of friends, teachers and events
that helped shape our lives. In retrospect, life certainly did seem like a „piece of cake‟ in
1986 compared to now.

Here are a few questions and answers from our Aqualba.
Question: How did we spend our money?
        Movies 36%
        Clothes 27%
        Food 64%
        Gas     30%
Now it is mortgages, car payments, insurance, groceries, and things for the kids.
We said we spent 30% of our money on gas – did we live in our cars back then? Even
with today‟s gas price that seems extreme. FYI – gas was $.99 at the Super-America our
senior year.

Question: How much money did we spend on entertainment?
Answer: We spent an average of $5 - $10 week
Now it costs more than that just to stay home and watch satellite/cable TV.

Question: Did you have a curfew?
Answer: 51% did not / 49% did
Staying up until 2:00am was „a piece of cake‟ then – now making it until midnight is an

If you recall, we were the 100th graduating class from Whitewater High School.
To quote the first page of our yearbook,
“One hundred years seemed reason enough for excitement. It meant a celebration of
education from the first graduate… to the 154 candidates for graduation in June 1, 1986.”

After 20 years, it is time to celebrate again. Not only the education we received, but also
the friends we made and the life lessons we learned.

Enjoy „Where are we now‟.
Find out what we have been up to and whom we turned out to be.
Donna (Anderson) Jones
   djones68@centurytel.net
  Donna has been married to Mike Jones (WHS alumni) for 14 years. They have two
  children, Michele (14) and Michael Jr. (13). Mike is the Heavy Equipment Manager
  for Waste Management while Donna works in the packaging department at Aerial.

Kirk Anderson
    anderm@cni-usa.com
   Kirk and his wife Ann live in Janesville. They will be married 12 years this fall.
   They have two boys, Brett (9) and Derek (6). Kirk works in Plastic Injection
   Moldings and Ann sells Mary K. Hobbies include triathlons and working with the
   kids raising animals on their hobby farm (poultry, cattle and horses).

Linda Beck
   Linda lives in Fort Atkinson with her husband Marty. They have a 5-year-old

Brandon Beecroft
    moosebeecroft@aol.com
   Brandon and Marti (Coleman – WHS alumni) will soon be celebrating their 18th
   wedding anniversary. They have two children, Hayden (11) and Jocelin (5). Brandon
   works in law enforcement for the Walworth County Sheriff‟s Department. They are
   currently building a house on Whitewater Lake.

David Bennett
    bennetr6@tampabay.rr.com
   David is married to Ruth. They have one 8-year-old daughter named Danielle, who is
   very much a daddy‟s girl. David is a Corporal for the Pinellas County Sheriff's
   Office. He loves boating, fishing and softball. He also coaches youth football and

Bob Bigelow

Randy Biskupski

Peggy (Blakely) Helgeson
    phelgeson@genevacabinet.com
   Peggy is married and has 3 boys (13, 12 and 3 years old). She is a General Manager
   for a kitchen and bath showroom in Geneva National. Her husband is a Fishing
   Guide and a tournament fisherman in his spare time.
Jim Bowman

Mark Boyd
Kelly Britson
    kelly_britson@hotmail.com
   Kelly is married to Steve Milburn and lives in Allen, TX. They have two sons, Asa
   (14) and Nick (4). Kelly is presently working as a Project Manager, developing e-
   learning strategy/competency management programs.

Jill (Brown) Strickler
      tjstrickler@sbcglobal.net
     Jill and Tom married in 2002. They reside in Burkburnett TX where he is a Tch Sgt
     in the US Air Force. They have a 2-year-old daughter named Madison. Jill is a
     Veterinary Technician but is currently enjoying staying at home with Madison. She
     loves antiquing, cooking and spending time with her family.

Linda (Brown) Jones
    bigsissypufff@yahoo.com
   Linda has been married to Rob for five years. She has two daughters, Mallory (19)
   and Hailey (15) along with one stepson and two stepdaughters. She is currently
   working as an LPN. Their family enjoys traveling, trying to explore at least one new
   island a year along with their annual trip to Key West.

Brian Buhrow
    bbuhrow@hotmail.com
   Brian spends his free time surfing Tamarind Costa Rica in the summer and skiing
   Vail, CO in the winter.

Missy (Burkhardt) Schoenenberger
    rschoenenberger@charter.net
   Missy is married to Bob and lives in Sheboygan. They have three children, Sommer
   (5), Chase (3) and Palmer (5 months). Missy taught second grade for 10 years and
   now stays at home to be a full time mom. Bob is a Dentist.

Stacey Burns

Jim Buss

Karen (Carroll) Maize
   Karen is married to Larry and has a daughter named Katlyn (18 months). She also
   has two stepdaughters, Mary Ellen and Jessica. They live in Delevan and she makes
   decal rims for Trek bikes.

Trisha (Channing) Kachel
    hiddenhillslabs@yahoo.com
   Trisha is married to David and lives in Whitewater with their four children, Kaili
   (17), Samantha (14), Max (9) and Molly (5). She is a stay at home mom who when
   not spending time with her kids, also enjoys biking, walking and gardening.
Peter Christofferson
    petec10@verizon.net
   Pete and his wife Kate have two children, Andrew (8) and Carolyn (6). Pete is a
   Middle School teacher and tennis coach. He enjoys anything with his family, hiking,
   biking, fishing, camping and tennis.

Carla Cole

Art Coleman
      Art is married to Sarah.

Maureen (Connell) Quass
  Maureen married Wayne Quass (WHS alumni) in 1990. They have three children,
  Nicolette Paige (11), Alyson Jayne (9) and Jamison Wayne (5). She works at
  Wisconsin Underwriter Associates as a health insurance underwriter. When not
  working she enjoys camping, boating and motorcycling.

Craig Coulthart
    broncos730@charter.net
   Craig and his wife Lori have two children, Jessica (10) and Carly (6). Craig is the
   Assistant Principal at Prairie View Middle School in Sun Prairie WI. They enjoy
   spending most of their summer camping.

Orson DeMott
   Orson and his wife Michelle live in Ft Atkinson with their two children Bruce (3) and
   Hayley (1). Orson is a Mechanical Designer and Michelle an Accountant. Hobbies
   include biking.

Joe Dempich
    joed@partsnow.com
   Joe and his wife Ida live in Brooklyn WI. They have been married for 13 years and
   have two children, Alexandria (6) and Jackson (4). Following high school, he spent
   six years in the Navy spending time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield. After a short
   time with a computer repair company Joe joined „Parts Now‟ in Madison where he is
   the Director of IT. He and Ida enjoy golfing and yard work. They also have been
   practicing martial arts for 10 years and are part owners of a martial arts studio in

Mike Dravus

Dawn Drays
  Dawn lives in Whitewater and has a six-year-old daughter named Jessica. She works
  at Fair Haven

Rhein Dressang

Jim Dwyer
Greg Earl
    gmanearle@hotmail.com
   Greg and his wife Lisa live in Whitewater. They have been married for almost 17
   years. Greg is a sales rep for a bicycle and bicycle parts supplier traveling Wisconsin
   and Upper Michigan. Lisa is a Supervisor/Teller at the First Citizens Bank. They
   enjoy the outdoors – cycling, hiking and paddling along with their two dogs.

Karen (Eckert) Haden
    karen2e@hotmail.com
   Karen has a daughter named Elise. They have spent much of the past 10 years
   traveling together. They went to Singapore to visit her brother David and went to
   Germany. They also go down south a few times a year to visit her parents and have
   recently gone to New York visiting more family.

Eric Edwards

JoAnn (Edwards) Wilson
   JoAnn is married to Mike and they live in Fort Atkinson. She has three children,
   T.C. (16), Travis (11) and Trinity (18months). She has been a stay at home mom
   since for the past 18 months, however has been working temporarily in an accounting
   department for a manufacturer of plastics. JoAnn enjoys spending time with her
   family going to football, basketball and baseball games, and also enjoys scrap

Sharon (Ferriano) Mischio
    mischio@charter.net
   Sharon is married to Greg and they have two children, Sam (10) and Anna (7).
   Sharon teaches 4th grade in McFarland. Greg works at CUNA Mutual and has a
   freelance writing business. Along with teaching, Sharon also works for „Home
   Highlights Home Staging‟ where she helps people get their homes ready for sale.

Janelle Flitcroft

Dan Folk
   dwrf@netzero.com
  Dan has been married to Denise for nine years and they live in Colorado. He worked
  in land use/city planning/community development for nine years. Dan currently is
  the City Planning Director for Manitou Springs, CO.

Bobby Franke

Sandy (Freeman) Lucht
    bslucht@hotmail.com
   Sandy has been married to Bruce for 11 years. They have two children, Anna (7) and
   Matthew (6). She has worked at the Whitewater Veterinary Hospital for 18 years as a
   certified vet technician, part time since having her children. They enjoy traveling,
   camping, hiking, volleyball, gardening, photography/scrap-booking and having fun
   with family and friends.
Don Frey

Ludwig Frison
   jfrison@jefnet.com / lorifrison@hughes.net
  Ludwig is married to Lori Kobernick (WHS alumni). They have three children,
  Chelsea (12), Nicole (8) and Wyatt (3). Ludwig is a corporate pilot for Quad
  Graphics. Lori is a stay at home mom. They both enjoy exercise, catering to their
  children‟s needs and shopping at Home Depot and Menards.

David Gabbey

Dan Gaffner

Gretta (Gartwell) Van-Someren
    grettavs@new.rr.com
   Gretta is married to Jay and they have three children, Allison (12), Madison (9) and
   Ethan (7). Gretta currently designs jewelry for Pizzazz Creations. Celebrities have
   worn her designs and they have been featured on television and in the press. They are
   sold to wholesale and retail clients worldwide.

Andrea Georgalas
   markandrea@charter.net
  Andrea has been married to Mark for almost 9 years and they live in West Bend.
  They are busy keeping up with their children‟s schedules, Marisa (6) and Matthew
  (2). Andrea is a Category Analyst for the Grocery Merchandising department at
  Roundy‟s Supermarkets, Inc in Milwaukee. She is responsible for advertising and
  product selection for 140+ stores in the Midwest. Her spare time is spent as a lector
  at church and she has taken up knitting.

Sarah Gokey
    saraphin@centurytel.net

Sean Greenleaf

Julie (Grenning) Kuper
     jmgrenning@yahoo.com

Kim Gross
    kimgross@gwu.edu
   Kim is married to Peter Beckerman and they live in Washington DC. They have two
   children, Eleanor (6) and Willa (2). Kim is an Assistant Professor at George
   Washington University.

Rhonda (Grosskreutz) Schemm
   rschemm@charter.net
  Rhonda and her husband Mark have been together for 19 years, married for 14. They
  have an 11-year-old son named Alex. For the past five years, she has been working at
  „Parts Now‟ in Madison. She works in the Human Resources Department as a
  Representative overseeing the operations facility of the company.
Tom Grotelueschen
  Tom (Tag) is married to Christie and they have two children. He owns „Club
  Garibaldi‟ in Milwaukee.

Jeff Hainstock
     kyjeff668@yahoo.com
    Jeff is living in the Louisville, KY area. He has worked for Walgreens since 1986
    and is currently and Assistant Manager. Recently, his free time has been spent fixing
    up his home. He also occasionally participates in bowling tournaments for fun.

Karen Hanson

Michelle Harrison

Scott Hartwell
   Scott has been married to Cheryl for 17 years. They have two daughters, ages 15 and
   12. Scott served in the US Navy for 9 years. He returned to Wisconsin 11 years ago.
   Currently he is working as a plant manager for ITW-Paslode in Portage. In his spare
   time, he enjoys hunting, running, kayaking and family time.

Allen Hermanson

Larry Hicks
    surglh@nnex.net
   Larry has been married to Maureen going on 13 years. They have two children,
   Rachel (8) and Natalie who turns 3 years old in July. He is the Vice President of
   Eagle River Operations for Surgipath Medical Industries.

Lisa (Hillmer) Berglin
    dewaltchic@yahoo.com
   Lisa is marred to Jim and they have an eight-year-old daughter named Alexandra.
   She has had her K-9 Hair Care dog grooming business for 17 years. Hobbies include
   „Show Dogs‟ for 16 years, NASCAR, hunting, fishing, billiards, softball and

Michael Hull
    michael.hull@tds.net
   Michael is the Director of Institutional Consulting Services. Interesting note, he was
   selected as one of 10 outstanding consultants in the United States in 2004 (Registered
   Rep Magazine).

Alissa (Huml) Repinski
     activities@fox-hills.com
    Alissa has been married to Brian for 15 years. They have two sons, Beau (14) and
    Zachary (13). She works for the Fox Hills Resort in Mishicot, WI where she is the
    activities director. Brian is an Environmental Driller for Arby Construction. Based
    out of Green Bay his work takes him throughout the Midwest. Their spare time is
    spent watching the boys play sports and occasional fishing trips.
Kyle Hunter
    khunter@bookmobile.com
   Kyle lives in Minnesota and works for a book printer/publisher. Interesting note, he
   worked on a book cover for Meg Tilly.

Tina Hunter
    hunter2@wisc.edu
   Tina lives in Stoughton, WI with her husband John. They have four children,
   Melanie (18), Rachel (16), Erich (16) and Jasen (13). Tina is a Department Manager
   for the University of Wisconsin Madison and finishing her Doctorate in Educational
   Leadership and Policy Analysis. Their favorite place to visit is Costa Rica. John
   owns a small plane so they travel there as much as they can and hope to move there
   one day when all the children have finished school. She still loves to read, write short
   stories, essays and poetry.

Lisa Jones

Keith Kampe
   Keith is married and has been living in Korea for the past eight years. He has one
   child and is a teacher.

Bridget (Kelly) Perry
   Bridget is married to Tom and they have two children. She is a High School teacher.

Colin Kessler
    ckessler5@hotmail.com
   Colin is married to Reyna and living in Elkhorn. They have three children, Alan (18),
   Stephen (13) and Kevin (9). Collin is a Heavy Equipment Mechanic and School Bus
   Driver. He also is a local Cub Scout Master.

Ben Kienbaum
    kienbaum@wi.rr.com
   Ben is married to Dawn and lives in Menomonee Falls. They have two children,
   Jared (8) and Bryce (5). Ben is self-employed.

Steve King

Chris Kinson
  Chris is currently living in Whitewater and in his words, “No wife, no kids, no

Diane (Kipper) Adam
    ladydi0601@sbcglobal.net
   Diane is married to Joe and they have three children, Mindy (19) John (8) and
   Caroline (6). Diane and Joe own Grout Savers, Inc. A tile installation /grout
   specialty company in Madison. They are currently putting together a do-it-yourself
   grout cleaning and sealing kit. It should be available in stores and via the internet this
John Kitzman

Cathy Klatt

Rhonda (Knaack) Kienbaum
   fxvi@execpc.com
  Rhonda is married to Sterling and lives in Oshkosh. They have two children, Jenna
  (15) and Derek (12). They own their own business in the Fox Valley.

Sandra Knuteson

Steve Krahn

Shelly (Krebs) Castelvechi
   Shelly is married to Tom and lives in Whitewater. They have one 11-year-old son
   named Austin. Shelly has been working for Perlman-Roque for the past 20 years.

Terri Kuhl

Ken Kulinski
    kennyku@charter.net
   Kenny is married to Carrie and they have two children, Megan (10) and Thomas (6).
   They enjoying going up north to their cabin to fish and relax.

Kathy Kutz

Jeff Larsen

Ann Larsen

Lisa (LoBono) Hyland
    lisa.a.hyland@aexp.com
    Lisa has been married to Rich for eight years and lives in Elk Grove Village, IL.
   They have three children, Sophie (5), Cassie (4), and Richie (2). Lisa has worked for
   American Express for the past 11 years and currently works part time as an account
   manager. Rich is a police officer. They love to travel and spend time with the kids.

Laura Long
   Laura is married to Jim Kelly and lives in Minnesota. They have two children, Mearu
   (7) and Audrey (5). She is the Director of Marketing, Thomson-West. Her hobbies
   include running, cooking, reading and spending time with her kids.

Paul Lundin
Carey (Mach) Fero
    cmfero@ticon.net
   Carey married Mark Fero (WHS class of „85) in 1995 and they live in Whitewater.
   They have three children, Madalyn (7), Alexander (5) and Daniel (22 months). She
   has been a teacher for the past 14 years and at Whitewater Middle School for the past
   10. Carey completed her Masters degree in „01 but continues to take classes. She
   enjoys camping, scrap booking, and reading when she can find the time amidst
   keeping up with her children‟s schedules.

Valerie (Manogue) Utrie
    vutrie@reesgroupinc.com
   Valerie is married to Chris and they live in Oregon, WI. They have two children,
   Danielle (15) and Wade (13). Valerie is an Event Planner at the Rees Group Inc in
   Madison. Chris is a National Sales Manager for HAS Home Warranty in Madison.

Brad Markham
    bradleyj@idcnet.com
   Brad is married to Diane (Coleman) WHS graduate – class of 1984. They have four
   children, Tiffany (19), Alicia (15), Emily (10) and Andrea (8). Brad works at CUNA
   Mutual Group in Madison as a Senior Information Technology Consultant (self-
   proclaimed computer geek). Brad and Diane live in Whitewater spending most of
   their spare time helping the girls with homework or attending school and sporting
   events. Hobbies generally involve technology, creating web sites and messing around
   with computers.

Tim Masterlark

Dan Mattrisch

Michelle (Meisner) Bush
   Michelle married John in 2002 and now lives in Milton. They have two children,
   Tyler (10) and Anna Marie (6). Michelle has worked for the Janesville Gazette for
   the past eight years as an Advertising Designer. She also processes all of the
   incoming emails and prepares ads for printing. John also works in Janesville for GM.
   They have a Black Lab named Zena, 2 hermit crabs and fish.

Jeff Miles
     jimiles@charter.net
    Jeff is married to Inger and lives in Whitewater. They have three children, Ethan (14)
    Zachary (11) and Bennett (4). Jeff is the owner of 3D Plastering.

Jim McCulloch
    mccullochs@idcnet.com
   Jim and his wife Karen live in Whitewater. They have three children, Marren (9),
   Elliott (6) and Benjamin (2). Jim owns a theatrical production company and a
   residential cleaning service.

Gina McQuillin

Cory Neider
Deana (Nelson) Grall
    dgrall@rogershospital.org
   Deana has been married for seven years to Doug and living in Whitewater for the past
   six (unbelievably loving it). They have a two-year-old son Elijah. She is an
   Experiencial Therapist working with eating disorders and additions. She continues to
   enjoy running, volleyball, softball, scrap booking, camping, canoeing, climbing, etc.

Wendi (Nelson) Signer
   tmsigner@tds.net
  Wendi is married to Tracy and they have three children, Joe (17), Emily (13) and
  Bailey (2). Wendi is a Customer Service Supervisor.

Scott Nowak

Mike O’Donnell

David Oh
    daveohmd@yahoo.com
   Dave and his wife Christina live in San Diego CA. They have two daughters,
   Elizabeth (4) and Allison (2). He is the Director of the San Diego Blood Bank. They
   love living in San Diego.

Crystal Papcke

Howard Papcke

Laura Park

Janet (Partoll) Dettmann
    jdettman@famousfootwear.com
   Janet and her husband John live in Middleton with their 3-year-old daughter Jordan.
   Janet is a Merchandise Planning Manager for Famous Footwear in Madison. John is
   the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
   Hobbies include UW-Badger football, hiking and running. She also recently took up
   „ultra marathon‟ running.

Christina (Pieper) Kattuah
   mazk@pacbell.net
  Christina has been married to Maz for 11 years. She is a Chef at the San Francisco
  Hilton and Towers Hotel. She also sings in a 60‟s folk band called The Bippies,
  collects vintage clothing and toys. She also spent some time living in London,

Todd Piper

Dan Polglaze
   dpolglaze@comcast.net
  Dan is married to Pam Hermann for 10 years. They have no children and live in
  Plymouth, MN (a western suburb of Minneapolis) Dan is a patent attorney. He
  started is own law firm in 2000. They practice intellectual property. Firm name is
  Leffert Jay and Polglaze.
Amy Potter

Sue Ann (Redenius) Channing
   Sue has been married to Dan (WHS alumni) for 19 years and lives in Whitewater.
   They have three sons, Dustin (19), Donovan (18) and Dalton (11). Sue works for GM
   in Janesville and Dan owns a Heating and Cooling business.

Tom Riedel

Manuel Rodriquez

Donna Roe

Constance Ross
   jagid123@pioneernet.net
  Constance has resided in Langley, WA on Whidbey Island for the past 5 years. She
  owns a restaurant with her partner. She is an Exec Chef and a freelance jewelry

Cindy (Saunders) Beiler
    jcdbeiler@msn.com
   Cindy lives in McFarland with her husband John and their six-year-old son Dylan.
   She has worked in marketing for over 15 years, currently for a company in
   Milwaukee called Jefferson Wells.

Tom Schmeling
  Tom is married to Jaimie and lives in Fon du lac. They have three children, Nate
  (11), Hannah (5) and Leah (4). Tom is a purchasing director for Mercury Marine. He
  has had the opportunity to travel Europe and Asia in the past few years through work.
  His wife Jaimie was a teacher for 12 years and now stays home with the children and
  is a Tastefully Simple Consultant. Free time is spent hunting, fishing, golfing, and
  working out. The entire family frequently takes tennis lessons and participates in
  league play.

Tomi (Schopen) Schaitel
   schaitels@centurytel.net
  Tomi has been married to David for nearly 16 years. They live in Janesville and have
  two children, Tyler (13) and Abbey (9). She is the office manager for Schopen
  Automotive. Her hobbies include camping, NASCAR, walking, reading, and running
  the kids to their practices.

Sandra Schoppe

David Schumacher
    dbschu@idcnet.com
   David married Brenda Hebert (WHS class of 1987). They live in Whitewater with
   their three children, Daniel (11), Sarah (9) and Rebekah (7). David is an International
   Sales Manager for Weiler and Company in Whitewater.

Betty Jo Shepard
Vicki Sherman
   Vicki and her husband live in Whitewater with their daughter Ashley.

Cathy (Sigmund) Hass
    chass@charter.net
   Cathy lives in Lake Mills with her husband Bob and their twins Carly and Benjamin
   who were born last December. Cathy is the Library Media Specialist at Yahara
   Elementary in Stoughton. She continues to further her education and takes classes in
   her field. Before the twins came along, when she had spare time, she enjoyed flower
   gardening and reading. Bob collects Harley Davidson motorcycles and memorabilia.

Sue Smith

Theresa Smith

Jeff Snyder

Amy (Sorg) McKinney
   saddleup@pensys.com
  Amy has two girls, Kristy (14) and Kelly (10). Amy has been living with MS for 13
  years, yet enjoys everyday of her country life. Favorite pastimes include watching
  Kristy with her horse and listening to Kelly play piano.

Traci (Stanelle) Alm
    alm4@charter.net
   Traci is married to Steve and lives in Milton. They have two children, Dustin (14)
   and Amanda (11). Traci works as a Medical Coder.

Brad Stehno

Patricia (Stetter) Congdon
    pcongdon@idcnet.com
   Patty and Wade live in Jefferson with their daughter Autumn who is 4-years-old.
   Patty is a Global Solutions Strategy and Marketing Manager for IBM. She has
   traveled to many countries across Asia, Europe and the America‟s for work. For the
   past 5 years, Wade and Patty have been building their own home. They enjoy scuba
   diving, car racing, cooking, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

Scott Stettner

Aaron Stroessner
    aaronstroessner@hotmail.com
   Aaron lived in New York City for 12 years before moving to LA two years ago. He
   has been playing professionally as a musician (bass, guitar) for several years. He
   worked as an extra on several episodes of the TV show „24‟. He has also been on
   „The West Wing‟, „The Unit‟, Windfall‟ and „Desperate Housewives‟. He admits that
   background acting has been fun but no way to make a living. He currently
   works/teaches in the Music Department at Pierce College in LA and works as an
   audio engineer mixing live shows at Universal Theme Park.
   David Sydow
    cladsydow@comcast.net
   David and April live in Hudsonville, MI and have two children, Cotey (4) and Lilly
   (6 months). He is a Social Studies teacher at Ottawa Hills High School in Grand
   Rapids MI. April is an RN. In addition to the kids and their families, April enjoys
   tennis and scrap booking while David coaches Cross Country, enjoys hunting and

Kurt Taylor

Donna Thurow

Tracy Topp

Mark Trier
   mtrie1@jcpenney.com
  Mark has worked for JC Penney for 13 years where he is a Project Manager.
  Currently, he is responsible for rolling out a Point of Sale System for the company.
  Hobbies are the typical „guy‟ things, golf, the Packers, the Badgers and fishing.

Mike Underwood
    mpu0668@yahoo.com
   Mike is the Principal Trombonist in the Arkansas Symphony Orchestral. He is also a
   Professor of Music at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. His responsibilities
   include teaching music theory, directing a concert band and teaching 20 private
   students. He has visited 40 of the 50 states and has a cat named Claude. Although
   never married, he has been dating a clarinetist in the symphony for the past two years.

Kim (Vannoy) Harrington
    tkcharrington@yahoo.com
   Kim and Todd married in 2000 and have two daughters, Corrin (4) and Joelle (2).
   After graduating from college, Kim taught elementary school and coached for four
   years. After earning her Masters degree in ‟94, she went on to be a Counselor at both
   the Elementary and Middle School levels. Kim spent some time at home being a full
   time mom before accepting an Adhoc teaching position in 2002. She currently works
   part time for UW-La Crosse. Todd is the Lead Production Planner at a manufacturing
   company in Waukesha, WI.

Dan Veium

Ngoc Vo

Sue (Walenton) Nelson
   Sue is married to Brent and they have two children, Catherine (11) and David (8).
   They have their own business „Rock Valley Plumbing Inc‟. They like to go
   swimming and camping in the summers. They also like riding their motorcycle and
   are a corporate sponsor for MDA. A cause they hold dear as their boy has Muscular

Sam Welch
Cindy (Wellens) Harkness
   Cindy and her husband Kurt live in Whitewater and have twin 4-year-old girls, Jillian
   and Lauren. She is an Ultrasound Technologist and Kurt is in the Mortgage Business.

Nate Wendt
   Nate is living in Osceola, WI. He is currently a Systems Analyst for Felines for
   Tomorrow and teaches a cooking class at a local community college.

John Williams
   John is married to Jean and has two children, Jenna (4) and Jonathan (3). He is an
   Associate Director of Client Services. John enjoys family time and activities
   surrounding that. He also likes gardening, home improvement projects, reading and

Laura Winkler

Barry Winter
    bwinter@casablancaresort.com
   Barry has lived in Las Vegas for the past 12 years and is the Corporate Director of
   Risk Management & Security for Black Gaming, LLC. He also owns a wholesale
   autographed memorabilia company supplying high-end stores in Las Vegas. He also
   recently entered into property management with the purchase of rental
   condominiums. Spare time is spent mountain biking and downhill skiing.

Terry Wolf

Daryle Wooley
    darylewooley@hotmail.com
   Daryle married Jill in 2005. He also has a 16-year-old-daughter named Tory. Daryle
   owns a small construction company with branches in Waukesha and La Crosse. He
   took up marathon running in 2003, qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon this
   past spring.

Eileen (Youngs) Marshall
     jeckmarsh@charter.net
    Eileen is married to Jim (WHS alumni) and has two children, Christopher (11) and
    Kayleigh (8). She is a Librarian at the Portage Public Library.

Shane Zahn
    zahns@idcnet.com
   Shane is married to Amy (Marshall) WHS class of 85. They have three children,
   Scott (10), Isabelle (8) and Celine (6). Shane is a Senior Buyer for SPX Corporation
   in Delevan. As part of his work, Shane had the opportunity to spend 2001 in Italy
   near Pisa.
Do you remember these facts from 1986?

Points of interest
    January 26th - The Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl 46-10 over the New
       England Patriots

      January 28th – the space shuttle Challenger exploded one minute fifteen seconds
       after takeoff

      The Oprah Winfrey show debuts

      Chernobyl Accident (first nuclear accident) in Soviet Union

      Argentina wins World Cup Soccer

Grammy Award Winners
     Record of the Year
         “Higher Love” – Steve Winwood
     Album of the Year
         Paul Simon – “Graceland”
     Best New Artist
         Bruce Hornsby and the Range
     Song of the Year
         “That‟s what friends are for”
     Best Country Song
         “Grandpa” – The Judds
     Best Rock Performance – Male/Female/Group
         Robert Palmer/Tina Turner/The Eurythmics
     Best R&B Performance – Male/Female/Group
         James Brown/Anita Baker/Prince & The Revolution

Emmy Award Winners
     Outstanding Comedy Series
         “The Golden Girls”
     Outstanding Drama Series
         “Cagney & Lacey”

Oscar Award Winners
      Best Film / Best Director
          “Platoon” – Oliver Stone
      Best Actor
          Paul Newman “The Color of Money”
      Best Actress
          Marlee Matlin “Children of a lesser God”
      Best Song
          “Take My Breath Away” from “Top Gun”
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Daryle Wooley

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