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Correct as at 28th June 2005


            Please see main catalogue for terms of business etc. (Additional changes correct as at 23rd July 2008)

268-280 Withdrawn                                                     The Molliner Park Ward 2door Corniche is
550    Moved to lot 1599 – NOW IHC F4 magneto                         finished in Royal Ivory with a tan hide interior
559-563 Withdrawn                                                     and a tan “everflex” roof. With all the usual
734    Bugatti style tine plate pedal car, no                         refinements expected in the marquee, this
       manufacturers name evident but clearly a genuine               example is stated to have spent many years in
       period piece, some early repairs                               Florida with a British family and consequently
744    3no framed composite images of vintage cars                    there is no evidence of corrosion. Believed to
888    Elfo Agro; a printed tin sign                                  have been refurbished c.1993 with little use
889    Elf Renault; a printed tin sign                                since, recent work includes a full service, carb
923    2no Jerry cans                                                 overhaul, front brake pads and all 14
                                                                      brake/hydraulic flexible hoses replaced.
955a   1959 650cc BSA Road Rocket                                     Resplendent on white wall tyres and supplied
       Reg. No.OHM 389 Frame No.FA7-227                               with MOT and TAX (April „09), manuals and
       Engine No.CA10R-7697                                           history file.
       This fine example of the alloy head A10 was                    Estimate £13,000 - £15,000
       restored in the 2002 – 2003 period and has been
       in the current ownership for 5 years and has          969      Brenton; a cast iron seat
       covered a mere 145 miles since restoration            969a     John Scoular; a cast iron seat
       having been used for local rallies and shows only.    969b     Woodroffe Lichfield; a cast iron seat
       Stated to be in excellent condition throughout        969c     Eli Buckingham; a cast iron seat
       with correct engine and frame numbers and still       970      Riches & Watts, Norwich; a cast iron seat
       retaining its original London registration number,    970a     Briton 4270; a cast iron seat
       the vendor states that the Rocket lives up to its     970b     Hockey & Co, Chard; a cast iron seat
       name and goes like a rocket! Expected to have 12      970c     Clayton Shuttleworth; a cast iron seat
       months MOT by the time of sale OHM 389 is             971      Barker, Perth; a cast iron seat
       supplied with a SORN certificate and V5C              971a     Nicholson (plain) with badge; a cast iron seat
       documentation.                                        971b     W Smith Bernard Castle (plain); a cast iron seat
       Estimate £5,500 - £6,500                              971c     Ram Head; a cast iron seat
                                                             972      Drown; a cast iron seat
967A   1928 250cc Raleigh side valve                         972a     T W Bates Launeston; a cast iron seat
       Reg. No. SV 5473 Frame No. 115679                     972b     W Smith Bernard Castle & Sons; a cast iron seat
       Engine No. TBA                                        972c     J Buckingham; a cast iron seat
       Believed to be a 250cc Model 15 this nicely           973      W H Reed, Lanson; a cast iron seat
       patinated Raleigh has been consigned from a           973a     Boby (4hole); a cast iron seat
       private collection. The vendor states that it is      973b     Hornsby C65; a wooden seat
       largely untouched with the vast majority of the       974      Martin MS48; a cast iron seat
       original nickel plating in place together with        974a     Howard (plain) SR12; a cast iron seat
       correct parts. It is thought that this machine has    974b     William Doyle; a cast iron seat
       not been apart before. The saddle tank has seen       991      Blackstone; a cast iron toolbox
       some attempt at re-instating the pin striping but     991a     Wexford Engineering; a cast iron toolbox
       contains two petrol compartments and separate         992      W Thomas Carmarthen; a cast iron toolbox
       oil compartment with the total loss lubrication       992a     Ransomes No.28c; a cast iron toolbox
       operated by a hand pump. Said to start readily        993      Royal Mower; a cast iron toolbox
       and run well with clutch and hand change gears        993a     The Plano M‟F‟G.Co Chicago, USA; a cast iron
       working correctly, the Raleigh was last on the                 toolbox
       road in 2007 but will be supplied with a fresh        994      Cambrian Mower; a cast iron toolbox
       MOT by the time of sale, the V5 is present along      994a     Swath Turner Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies; a cast
       with some old MOT‟s. A fine machine for rallies                iron toolbox
       and shows with opportunity for further delving        995      Edlinton (plain); a cast iron toolbox
       into its history. Estimate £2,000 - £2,500            995a     Avery; a cast iron toolbox
                                                             996      Blackstone; a cast iron toolbox
968    1972 6230 Rolls Royce Corniche                        996a     Massey Harris‟ a cast iron lid
       Reg. No. TTT 408H Chassis No. CRH 7871                997      Geo. Henderson; a cast iron toolbox
       Eng. No. CRH 7871                                     997a     Albion; a cast iron toolbox
998    John Wallace; a cast iron toolbox                 1739   Welger WSA350 straw bundler
998a   Ransomes Sims & Jefferies The Ideal Golf Course   1740 * Massey Ferguson 46 2furrow reversible plough
       Mower; a wooden toolbox                           1741 * Ferguson 2furrow reversible plough
999    Blackstone Oil & Petrol Engine Stamford; a cast   1742 * Tractor mounted grass topper, 5ft
       iron toolbox                                      1743 * Grass chain harrows, 2m
1000   Blackstone; a cast iron toolbox                   1744 * Ferguson 2furrow plough c/w skims & discs
1001   Potato Digger; a cast iron toolbox                1745 * McConnel hydraulic angling cutter bar hedge
1002   Pierce (plain); a cast iron toolbox                      cutter
1003   Wallis Steevens; a cast iron toolbox              1746 * Ferguson concrete mixer
1004   Doyle Wexford; a cast iron toolbox
1005   Front Wood; a cast iron toolbox                   1746a * BEDFORD TK
1006   Ransomes No.12; a cast iron toolbox               1765   Withdrawn – NOW 1953 FORD “Patterson” E38W
1007   Barclay Ross; a wooden toolbox                           Greenkeepers Pick-Up TRUCK Reg. No. EX 7702
1008   National Mower; a cast iron toolbox                      Chassis No. 23652 Eng No. 670812
1009   Pierce; a cast iron toolbox                              An uncommon example of the special
1010   Bamfords; a cast iron toolbox (without oil can           conversion with the early fully de-mountable
       holder)                                                  body. A fine vehicle for shows and rallies.
1115 * Withdrawn NOW Ruston Hornsby 25kva generator             Supplied with V5C documentation. Estimate
       set inc. control panel diesel tank                       £3,500 - £4,500
1131 * Withdrawn – NOW Perkins engine                    1779   Now NOT subject to VAT
1236-7 Withdrawn                                         1798 * FORDSON STANDARD N Rowcrop TRACTOR
1282   c.1950‟s Villiers petrol engine (ex elevator)     1820a FIELD MARSHALL Series II TRACTOR
1283   Howard Gem rotovator                                     An earlier restoration
1284   Bamford Rapid Mill c/w tractor pulley             1820b FIELD MARSHALL Series IIIA TRACTOR
1285   1934 Austin engine based garden tractor                  Fitted with new tyres, gear levers, panels,
1286   Ransomes 24inch cylinder mower                           steering wheel etc. A non-runner
1334   Withdrawn – NOW Qty Ford rev. counter             1821   Withdrawn – NOW MASSEY FERGUSON 35X
       assemblies                                               3cylinder diesel TRACTOR Described by the
1336   No lot                                                   vendor as being in very good restored and
1495   No lot                                                   repainted condition and on 11x28 rear and
1496   No lot                                                   6.00x16 front wheels and tyres.
1575-1585 Withdrawn                                      1828 * FORD 3000 Narrow TRACTOR
1601   Quantity of Fordson Major parts                   1829 * NUFFIELD 465 TRACTOR
1602   Half tonne hand winch to fit lorry                1831   Withdrawn – NOW 1981 FORD TW30 diesel
1603   Belt pulley for a grey Ferguson                          TRACTOR
1604   2no Supreme 12.4-28 TR135 rear and 2no 6.00-             Fitted with Super Q cab, PTO and on 20.8 rear
       16 TF9090 front tyres (90%)                              wheels and tyres. Described by the vendor as
1605   Ferguson loader brackets                                 being in original condition having just 1 owner
1606 * 6Stud front axle from a Ford lorry with 6.50x20          for the past 20 years and only used for light
       wheels and tyres                                         trailer work.
1607   David Brown winch                                 1832   Withdrawn – NOW 1964 MASSEY FERGUSON 35
1608   Fordson E27N petrol tank                                 diesel TRACTOR Fitted with new rear wings and
1621   No lot                                                   live drive PTO. Described by the vendor as
1634   No lot                                                   being in original condition.
1641   Withdrawn – NOW Lemken 2furrow reversible         1843   Moved to lot 1765 – NOW CHARITY LOT, sold on
       plough with general purpose bodies c/w discs,            behalf of the Lackham College with proceeds
       skims, depth wheel and hydraulic turnover                being donated to The Sue Ryder hospice in
1641a International 2furrow plough with Ace bodies c/w          Nettlebed, Oxon and Diabetes UK 1960 MASSEY
       discs, skims and depth wheel                             FERGUSON 35 diesel TRACTOR
1656-7 No lots                                                  Cheffins are deluged to have been asked to
1723a Ransomes rope trip duckfoot drag harrow                   offer for sale a MF35 diesel tractor, the entire
1724a Ransomes Sims & Jefferies horsedrawn potato               proceeds will go to charity. First registered in
       spinner                                                  1960 and with just two previously recorded
       Serial No. PPD152                                        owners the tractor arrived in its working clothes
1725a Smythe drill                                              at the college. With parts kindly donated by
1726a Heavy duty chain topper
       Vapormatic the tractor was stripped down and re-   1880   1936 FORDSON STANDARD N Water Washer
       built.                                                    4cylinder petrol/paraffin TRACTOR Serial No.
1876 * TRACK MARSHALL 70 converted to rough terrain              805545
       fork lift                                                 Vendor reports an original barn find on steel
1877 * NUFFIELD 345 TRACTOR                                      wheels, which was painted over green sometime
       Reg. No. VHR 526J                                         during WWII and has retained some paint under
       Stated by the vendor to be re-sprayed and c/w             which can be seen blue. Described by the
       Duncan cab and in very good running order                 vendor as being in ex-farm condition
1878 * FORDSON SUPER DEXTA 3cylinder diesel               1880a * 1960 MASSEY FERGUSON 35 3cylinder diesel
       TRACTOR                                                   TRACTOR
1879   1967 ZETOR 3045 3cylinder diesel TRACTOR                  Reg. No. HJC 277         Serial No. SNM189523
       Reg. No. ONN 723F Serial No. 360172069                    Described by the vendor as being in good
       On steel wheels and described by the vendor as            condition.
       being a good runner in fair condition              1880b *MASSEY FERGUSON 135 TRACTOR
                                                                 Described by the vendor as being in restored
                                                          1881   1930 CASE Model C 4cylinder petrol/paraffin
                                                                 Serial No. C326377
                                                                 Described by the vendor as being part restored
                                                                 having been sandblasted and primed, a good
                                                                 runner that requires TLC to finish off.
                                                          1882   MASSEY HARRIS 102G TRACTOR
                                                          1883 * MASSEY FERGUSON 20B TRACTOR
                                                                 Reg. No. C962 FSU Serial No. 856026
                                                          1884 * MASSEY FERGUSON 135 TRACTOR
                                                          1884a * MASSEY FERGUSON 135 TRACTOR
                                                          1899 * Withdrawn – NOW FORD 3000 TRACTOR with
                                                                 power steering
                                                          1901 * Withdrawn – NOW FORDSON SUPER MAJOR
                                                                 4cylinder diesel TRACTOR Described by the
                                                                 vendor as being in fair condition.
                                                          1902 * Withdrawn – NOW c.1983 DAVID BROWN 1390
                                                          1932 * 1964 DAVID BROWN 990 TRACTOR
                                                                 Fitted with David Brown loader brackets.
                                                          1933   1965 EICHER EDK2 2cylinder diesel TRACTOR
                                                                 Reg. No. AHJ 966C Serial No. 64027
                                                                 Described by the vendor as being in good
                                                                 condition with new pistons, valves, valve guards
                                                                 put in one year ago.
                                                          1934   1959 DAVID BROWN 950 4cylinder diesel
                                                                 Reg. No. 850 OYA Serial No. 57540
                                                                 Fitted with fore end loader and described by the
                                                                 vendor as being in fair condition
                                                          1935 * BELARUS 2wd TRACTOR
                                                          1936   FERGUSON TEF20 TRACTOR
                                                          1937   MASSEY HARRIS 2cylinder TRACTOR
                                                          1938   MASSEY HARRIS 2cylinder TRACTOR
                                                          1939   MASSEY HARRIS 2cylinder TRACTOR
                                                          1940   MASSEY FERGUSON 30 TRACTOR
                                                          1941 * LAND ROVER Series III LWB
                                                          1942 * FORDSON SUPER DEXTA TRACTOR
                                                                 Described by the vendor as being in restored
1943 * MASSEY FERGUSON 65 4cylinder diesel TRACTOR
       Serial No. SNY531907
       Fitted with Lambourn cab and described by the
       vendor as being in good condition.
1944 * MASSEY FERGUSON 65 Multi-Power 4cylinder
       diesel TRACTOR Reg. No. REG 457 Serial No.
       SNDYW568269 Described by the vendor as being
       in good condition.
       Reg. No. 1067-23 Serial No. 9167CR
       Described by the vendor as being in very original
       condition with just 1 owner and fitted with new
       radiator, reconditioned starter moter, fan belt and

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