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									         Bathing Suits:
A small look at the history of the Itsy
 Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka
             Dot Bikini

            By Mary Amerson
The first bathing suits were more like the dresses of today’s times.
     This picture was taken between the years of 1890-1901.
This picture was taken around the time of the 19 teens, the
women are still completely fully dressed when going to the
In the past, bathing
suits were full
coverage and
showed little skin.

This is a Jantzen
advertisement that
was featured in
Vogue in June of
Bathing suits such as
these were made of

These stylish suits
were worn in the
By the 1940’s women
were beginning to show a
a little more skin than in the

Carole Landis poses here
for her picture in Movie
Stars Parade in October of
Here are two
sisters in matching
bathing suits
At Coney Island,
in New York.

This picture was
taken in 1967.
  Bathing suits in the 1970’s went more for geometrical
shapes in their suits. Often their patterns were also similar
                to the clothes of the times.
In the 80’s some bathing
suits were modeled off
of a popular movie series,
James Bond. What woman
wouldn’t want to look like
a Bond’s girl?

this particular bathing suit
style includes a belt on the
bottoms and a belt enclosure
for the top.
In the 1990’s women’s
bathing suits began to come
in an array of styles, whether
it was a two piece in a
different style called the
Tankini or a simple one
piece with different shapes
within the bathing suit the
swim suits of the 90’s began
to take a more modest
Now in the year 2004, it seems that less is more and women are
                Showing more skin than ever.
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