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									                                                                                 Press Release

 MUSAC’s Showcase Project will host Printed Matter, the world’s biggest
 non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of publications made
                               by artists

                                           Title: Printed Matter. Learn to read art
                                           Curator: AA Bronson
                                           Coordinator: Carlos Ordás
                                           Place: Proyecto Vitrinas
                                           Dates: July 11, 2009 – January 10, 2010

Starting July 11 2009 MUSAC’s Vitrinas project will be featuring Printed Matter, the largest
non-profit organisation in the world devoted to promoting publications made by artists. AA
Bronson, the organization’s director and the curator of this show, will create a display for
MUSAC so that visitors will be able to get to know some of its most representative
publications —dating from 1976 to our day— including large artists’ books, small format books,
and magazines, catalogues and other artists’ editions produced by the organization.

About Printed Matter
The origin of Printed Matter dates back to 1976, when a group of artists and art workers
created a space for artistic creation and workshops in New York, which was converted into the
current organization two years later. The founders of this organisation include figures of
considerable standing, such as Carl Andre, Edit DeAk, Sol LeWitt, Lucy Lippard, Walter
Robinson, Pat Steir, Mimi Wheeler, Robin White and Irena von Zahn.
Printed Matter specialises in large editions of artists’ books and objects at reduced prices,
which distances it from the concept of “book arts” and “book objects” as these are often
produced in small pricey editions. Over the last few decades, the organisation has positioned
itself as a major agent of investigation and reflection on the changing role of artistic
publications in the realm of contemporary art. Printed Matter’s mission is to foster among the
greater public the distribution, appreciation and study of artists’ publications, whether these
are books or other types of editioned publications conceived as “artworks for the page”. In
many cases, Printed Matter is one of the few resources available to emerging artists who are
beginning to explore the medium, or for those artists whose work is not commercially viable.
Its objectives include fostering critical approach to and discussion about the artistic
publishing field, forging connections between the publishing field and other contemporary
artistic practices as well as with the social and political environment that contains and affects
all art production.

For the purpose of promoting public access to and awareness of its endeavours in its
headquarters in New York’s Chelsea district, Printed Matter has a public reading room where
its more than 15,000 publications by 5,000 international artists are available for viewing and
purchase. It also offers a free consulting service to libraries, art institutions and art
professionals. And there is an extensive educational programme including discussions, book
presentations, public readings, performances and exhibitions aimed at broadening public
knowledge of art publications, as well as offering public visibility to particular artists or artist
groups. Furthermore, in 2006 the organisation created the NY Art Book Fair, with the
intention of re-establishing the city of New York as a centre of artistic publishing production,
attracting more than 700 exhibitors and numerous visitors to what is the only fair that is free
to the public in the city of New York.

Find more information about Printed Matter at www.printedmatter.org

Printed Matter. Learn to Read Art at MUSAC
For the Showcase Project at MUSAC, the project’s curator AA Bronson will create a display so
that visitors will be able to get to know some of its most representative publications —dating
from 1976 to our day— including large artists’ books, small format books, magazines,
catalogues and other artists’ editions produced by the organization. Also, an edition of 3.000
copies of the badge Learn to read art, created for Printed Matter by artist Lawrence Weiner,
will be produced and distributed for free on the opening day. In addition to this, a small
editorial project will be created by Ari Marcopoulos for Printed Matter & MUSAC.

About AA. Bronson
AA Bronson lived and worked as one of the three artists of General Idea from 1969 through to
1994, presenting over 100 solo exhibitions, publishing FILE magazine, and founding Art
Metropole, Toronto, an artist-run centre for artists’ editions and publications. Director of Art
Metropole from 1974 to 1984 and again in the mid nineties, Bronson developed Art
Metropole’s permanent collection of 13,000 artists’ books and editions, and oversaw its
transfer to the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Since 1999, he has exhibited
internationally as a solo artist at the Secession, Vienna; the Museum of Contemporary Art,
Chicago; the MIT List Visual Art Center, Cambridge; and The Power Plant, Toronto. Author and
editor of more than 40 books, including his autobiography Negative Thoughts (2001), he is
also the director of Printed Matter, Inc., New York City. Recent curatorial projects include solo
exhibitions of editions by Barbara Bloom, Aleksandra Mir, Micah Lexier, Fiona Banner, and
Fierce Pussy. His interest in contemporary art history has led him to curate exhibitions such as
From Sea to Shining Sea (1987), The Power Plant, Toronto; I will not make any more boring art
(2006), Printed Matter, New York; and most recently, Learn to Read Art: A History of Printed
Matter (2008), Artspeak, Vancouver. He was appointed senior critic at the School of Art, Yale
University, New Haven in 2006. In 2007, he was named honorary doctor of fine arts by NSCAD
University, Halifax, and most recently was named an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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