Free Printable Purchase Agreement by P_Gallo

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On this day_____/_____200__ I (seller) sell this PET puppy/dog for the sum of $ ________ to (Name)___________________________ (Address)____________________(Town)_______________(state)_________ (zip code ) _______(email)____________________(phone)_____________ Now known as buyer. Puppy/dog description, color _________________ sex_______microchip #_______________and Pets name__________________________ _____The puppy/dog sold on this day was found to be in sound body and free of any communicable diseases by seller’s veterinarian. Seller guaranties this puppy to his/her first birthday (12 months) of a INCURABLE life threatening birth defect. This guarantee by the seller does NOT give any warranty against viruses,(parvo-distemper ect.)allergies, or common cold other wise being sold AS IS AS SEEN. ______ The buyer shall have the puppy/dog examined by their own vet with in three(3) days of purchase. Should this examination disclose an incurable defect the buyer will supply in writing from the licensed veterinarian a copy of the findings. If puppy should past in the first year of its life the buyer is required to have a necropsy report forwarded to the breeder with all the vet records for the life of the dog. The passing has to be from an incurable defect. If any of this is NOT done the contract is VOIDED and there will not be a replacement puppy given. ______ The puppy also MUST NOT be fixed(spayed or neutered) by the time he/she is 12 months of age. If this is done the contract is VOIDED and there will not be a replacement puppy given. ______ The seller and buyer agree that if such genetic defect is found that the seller would replace said puppy with another puppy that is available (SAME COLOR). If the buyer picks out a more expensive puppy the difference will be required or you can wait on another litter to be born the choice is the buyers. If shipping is involved the BUYER will be responsible for that both ways. Also vet bills will NOT be paid or reimbursed for any reason. _____ Also by signing this binding agreement you understand there is no cash refund for any reason partial or in full. _____ The new owner(s) agree to maintain this puppy/dog in a safe, friendly and healthy manner and to provide regular health care maintenance including heartworm preventative. You will also register the puppy within a month from the purchase date so it is not voided out. _____ If animal is cared for in any way which would be detrimental to its health, seller has the right to reclaim the animal at the expense of the buyer. _____ If buyer uses PayPal for payment, 3 percent of the payment amount must be added to cover PayPal charges. Any PayPal payment that does not include this 3 percent will not be considered complete. _____ A dog that is subject to weight pulling before the age of 1 ½ years of age will null and void guarantee. _____ A dog exposed to or participating in any type of protection training will null and void guarantee. _____ Breeder not liable for damage or litigation caused by protection training. _____ IF for ANY reason you need to give the puppy/dog up the breeder reserves first refusal to have him returned. SELLER: __________________________DATE:_________________ BUYER:____________________________DATE:_________________

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