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					Denied Insurance Claims Contest Improperly Denied Insurance Claims If your insurance claim was denied and you are left without any way to pay your bills, talk to an attorney before you have ongoing contact with an insurance adjustor. Adjustors are highly trained in this area. You are not. Suffering a personal injury is bad enough, let alone having an unfairly denied insurance claim. Contact the Anchorage, Alaska, Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, P.C. for a free consultation if you feel your insurance claim has been improperly denied. Attorney Michael J. Schneider handles three primary types of denied insurance * When you feel an accident or event is covered under your policy, but the company is denying your claim * When the insurance company covers your claim, but you feel like you deserve more compensation * When the wrongdoer’s insurance company fails to treat you fairly What should I do after an unfairly denied insurance claim? You have paid premiums so you could obtain fair compensation from your insurance company for covered incidents. The first thing you should do after a denied insurance claim is contact us and schedule a free initial consultation. We will need to determine what loss or injury you suffered. By examining the actual language of your insurance policy, we will evaluate whether your claim has been improperly denied, then provide you with legal advice regarding your options and rights to compensation. If the insurance claim was wrongfully denied, lawyer Michael J. Schneider will find the applicable insurance policies and seek to enforce payment as governed by the insurance policy language and Alaska law. Alaska Insurance Law Is Complex Attorney Michael Schneider knows what an insurance company must do to properly protect the insured customer and how to get justice and fair compensation for you when an insurance company breaks the rules. Even more important, he has the training, skill, and experience to find all the sources of fair and just compensation for what has happened to you or your family. Years of study are required to appreciate where to find coverage under Alaska’s complex insurance scheme--even experienced attorneys may not be up to the task. In most cases, a working knowledge of policy language, statutory and regulatory rules, and legal cases interpreting policy provisions is required to understand what a given type of insurance can pay or must pay. To give just one example: Assume that, while walking home, you or a loved one is seriously hurt or killed by a drunk driver who has no insurance of any kind. Some of the possible sources of fair and just compensation for the injury or death could include: * The victim’s auto policy * Coverage on a car owned by a relative who lives with the victim, even if one of them is

away at school, in the military, or divorced * Uninsured motorist coverage on the victim’s car * Uninsured motorist coverage on a vehicle owned by a “resident relative” * Health insurance for medical or funeral bills Also, under certain circumstances, payments through different insurance policies could be “stacked,” or added together. For more information about how to contest denied insurances claims, contact lawyer Michael J. Schneider to schedule a free initial consultation or to ask questions about your claim