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									Credit Repair Forums
There are several credit repair forums on the internet. Information posted at credit repair forums can be interesting, helpful and sometimes humorous. If you are interested in discussing credit repair issues with other people who are, of course, interested in the same thing, visit a credit repair forum. You may learn something at these credit repair forums. Most people who post comments at credit repair forums or chat rooms or discussion sites or whatever you wish to call them are in the same position that you are; they need or want to improve their credit scores. Improving your credit score can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars annually in interest alone. If you visit a credit repair forum you will see what real people have accomplished on their own or with the help of a credit repair lawyer. A credit repair forum that may be worth mentioning is creditboards.com. They occasionally have representatives from Fair Isaacs, the company which invented the FICO scoring process, available to answer questions. He will not answer specific questions about adding points to your credit score at the credit repair forum, but there is a sample program at myfico.com which can compare the estimated results of certain actions. Credit repair forums are a good beginning point for anyone who is interested in credit repair. At these sites, you can read other people’s experiences and possibly decide which actions may be in your best interest. Education is always advisable. The more that you now, the more you can accomplish. A credit repair forum is a place to share your own experiences as well. One young man shared his frustration over an identity theft issue. At a credit repair forum, he wrote about how someone else had used his social security number, name, address and his good credit to qualify for a car loan. It would not have really been a problem if the thief had never been late on a payment, but the record of late payments lowered his credit score. He would have never known if the late payment notices had not been sent to his address. Every attempt that he made to rectify the situation was met with resistance to say the least. Even the bank which made the original loan did not believe that he was not their customer. This is just one example of stories that you will read at the credit repair forums. The young man finally had to contact an attorney. He did not know about placing a fraud alert (information which is available at credit repair forums) on his credit report and even if he had, it would not have done anything to negate the loan made to the other man. As far as he knows, the other guy is still driving that car, but it made it difficult for him to get a new car when he needed one. For more information about credit repair forums, visit the Credit Repair Blog at http://creditfixnow.blogspot.com.

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