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                 Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) Account Request

A. Account name:

Authorized signature(s)

B. Describe the source(s) of revenue for this account. If a fee is charged, indicate who
is charged and how much. Certain fees charged to students must receive prior approval
from SUNY System Administration.

C. Describe the planned expenditures from this account, including how these
expenditures relate to the activity in this account. If personal service or regular
temporary service is to be expended, list the title, salary, and FTE value for each

D. Requests for waivers of overhead charges.
1. Administrative Overhead: Waiver Category W-

2. Maintenance Overhead: Waiver Category M-

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E. IFR Budget Request
 1. Enter dollar amounts and other information in the unshaded cells only.
 2. Administrative and Maintenance overhead rates are pre-posted at the standard rates.
    Change these rates if you are requesting a reduced rate or waiver.
 3. Fringe benefits rate is pre-posted at the current rate. DO NOT change this rate.

1. Beginning cash balance                                                           $0
2. Gross revenue                                                                    $0
3. Revenue transfers from(+) or to(-) other IFRs                                    $0

4.   Adjustments for overheads and fringe benefits:
a.   Administrative overhead                                6.50%                   $0
b.   Maintenance overhead                                   9.50%                   $0
c.   Fringe benefits                                       43.88%                   $0
d.   Total adjustments (4a+4b+4c)                                                   $0

5. Net revenue available (1+2+3+4d)                                                 $0

6. Allocations (spending plan):
a. PSR base salaries (permanent salaried employees)                                 $0
b. PSR overtime/holiday pay                                                         $0
c. Non-instructional temporary service (hourly, temporary)                          $0
d. Instructional temporary service (adjuncts, summer session)                       $0
e. GA/TAs and student temporary service                                             $0
f. Supplies & materials                                                             $0
g. Travel                                                                           $0
h. Contractual services                                                             $0
i. Equipment or library acquisitions                                                $0
j. Total allocations (6a thru 6i)                                                   $0

7. Ending cash balance (5 - 6j)                                                     $0
(This amount should be equal to or greater than zero.)

Completed by                                             Date

Budget Office use only                     Revenue class(es)
IFR Account #                              Beginning Date
NACUBO Function                            Ending Date
Associated State Acct #                    SMRT Account Group
Major Project                              CMR Number

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