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Foxhound Clan Newsletter finished


									        Foxhound Clan Of Kick Ass Gamers Newsletter

           [01.01.2009] LATE ISSUE RELEASED TO PUBLIC 21st January

         Kicking Ass And Taking Names Since February 2003

                          -<FH>- High Command News

        Wing Zeros Corner Of Pwnage

    •   Well my fellow Foxhound brethren, I bid you all a due at least for now I told Dark
        dragon I will come back to lead the clan in 6 months to a year it could even be longer
        only time will tell but I will be back to lead the clan again.

    •    Some people don’t seem to understand why I have left the clan, let me clear a few things
        up. Real life is demanding more and more time off me at the moment and I need to sort
        my life out I’m also doing very long hours at work which drain me and I don’t think it’s
        fair on any of you to have a inactive leader.

    •   I will still pop on the forums when I have some free time and if im on Xfire you only
        need to message me and il probably have a game or 2 with you guys like I said im not
        quitting Foxhound I just have more pressing matters at this current time which don’t give
        me the time to lead such a amazing clan as Foxhound.

    •   The current High Command Structure for now Is As Follows:

        1st in command, Fleet Admiral -<FH>-Dark Dragon
        2ndin command, Fleet Admiral -<FH>-Elite Prime
        3rd in command Vice Fleet Admiral -<FH>-Sad Genie

Anyways, cya all in space keep kickin ass FHer’s ;)
Founder and Former Fleet Admiral -<FH>-Wing Zero

               -<FH>- Joint Chiefs of Staff News
                  Head of gaming divisions news articles:

       FH Wing Zero’s Head Of Left 4 Dead Division Report

  •   Were doing pretty good to be honest, myself and -<FH>-Sovereign 002 pretty
      much have had it covered this past month and i have managed to recruit a new
      guy on steam and he has recruit Darth Parrot. The game is rife with new players,
      that could easily be convinced to join the good foxhound cause.

  •   Well before i handed in my resignation we had 4 members including myself, i
      want to leave sovereign 002 to lead this division and maybe close the DOW
      division as he himself has said there are pretty much no recruitment aspects in
      there? Unless he thinks he can handle both?

  •   Anyway it's all good we just need to recruit more in there as it has a vast amount
      of potential .

       FH Fox’s Head of Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 Division’s report

  •   None from me as this is my first day on the job, since the division fell apart a
      while back I’m going to treat this division like a new one.

      Fox's random ramble corner

  •   Well me and Wing Zero had a chat and im taking over this division. There will be some
      changes and I’m hoping to pull this game back up out of the ground. I'm going to add a
      lot more information on the forum about the games, and hoping to get some new blood
      into the clan.

  •   There’s not much i can say about the pc version as I have played the ps3 one and played
      many of the past Rainbow Six games so i do know my way around the games, and il do
      my best to make the division great once more.

          FH Sovereign002's Head of Dow Division's report

      •   Things are still rather quiet on the Dow front, seeing as Mad Mikey left, our
          division has lost part of its presence on Dow It's hard to compete with the
    already existing clans there, what's more, a lot of people seem cynical
    towards clans, I guess it's up to us to show that Foxhound isn't just a retarded
    clan like all the others.

•   Dow is a very active game, so not all the news is bad and the Dow Pro mod
    will also help increasing activity.

•   FH Piti seems to have become active again, and Ki from TRF ( The Rogue
    Forums ) has gotten Dow. I've played quite a lot of games lately, trying to
    improve my skill and being relatively good at it. Yet I haven't really played
    against random people, only friends from Parlancia Forums and TRF.

•   We have three recruits, I'm currently trying to get them for a game before
    they decide to actually join us, so we will see on that one.

    Sov's random ramble corner

•   Well, my Left4Dead addiction has only gotten worse! The main problem I
    had before were friends not wanting to play L4D, saying they were bored of
    it already. I'll see what I can do to recruit some people for L4D, if we have a
    few of our people there it shouldn't be too hard. That and playing with
    randoms has its downsides however, now that Foxhound endorses L4D and
    Wing has the game I can play all I want!

•   Ki Adi Mundi, the TRF founder seems interested in a sort of official alliance
    with Foxhound, I plan to have a chat with him to see what exactly he has in
    mind, and see if we can arrange something.

•   A lot of TRF'ers (The Rogue Forums) play Dow with me, so it might be
    good. But we'll see about that in the future. This was Sov, reporting random
    news, take care ya'll and keep kicking ass!

•   So, all FH'ers, get Left4Dead and Join Us On Steam!!

                Head of Department News Articles:

            Head of recruitment news articles:

    FH Sad Genie’s Recruitment report

•   Well it’s been a busy month for recruitment.

•   We've seen a brilliant amount of new members join the forums and wear the
        Foxhound tags in game, In total, i personally have interviewed 7 new
        members which is excellent progress.

    •   Foxhound members are being absolutely brilliant at recruiting, which I thank
        you all for. Sovereign 002 and Torark I want to thank you guys in particular.
        You're always working your asses off in game to recruit, and it hasn't gone

    •   Now, I don’t want to put a negative spin on this, FH has other divisions apart
        from Dawn Of War (Dow) and Star Trek Bridge Commander (BC) Unreal
        Tournament (UT) is what I would to see more recruiting in, and in this new
        year, i would like to see some improvements.
        Also, CoD4, Whoever's leading it, I’d like to some new members in there.

    •   The 360 division is great at the moment, and to say the H.O.D is on LOA,
        then I’m impressed at how many 360 players have heard of FH so, brilliant
        work Celtic fox keep it up!

Thanks again for keeping me working hard interviewing these guys, especially at
3/4am in the morning.


Vice Fleet Admiral & Acting Head Of Recruitment

~Sad Genie~

                   Head of security news articles:

    FH Security Report:

•   Hello FH. I am sorry for the delayed report but I have had a bunch of school work. But
    now that I am on brake I have lots of time. Anyway As you can tell we are gaining lots of
    new members. We have to be careful about this. It is hard to talk to everyone thoroughly
    enough to see if they are legit.

•   Though I am working on it it takes time. Any way I don't have any security breaches to
    report. As always if you have heard something or know something is going on report it to
    me or other admin. Also post it on this topic for all of the members to be aware of. A
    good friend of mine has mentioned to me that people on other sites are using my
    "applefox" name.

•   In fact I have be beginning to notice the applefox name is being taken up quickly. Some
    even using my logo. I am rapidly signing up for all of the legit sites I can find before
    anyone else can take my name. If you see this happening please let me know. Also there
    was someone on skype who called themselves applefoxx shortly after I confronted them
The account was terminated. Be sure when you are talking to someone on FH that they
are actually part of FH.

    FH Security News:

•   Well foxhound has been hacked, and brought back new mods and security measures
    have been put into place as well as banning all Chinese IP’s from Foxhound as it was
    a Chinese IP that attacked our site. Hopefully we will not be hacked again by the
    malicious code sent to seek and destroy PHP software.

               Head of diplomacy news articles:

    FH Allies News:

•   Foxhound has a number of strong alliances with other clans, but our most
    popular ally is the Federation Empires.

•   Federation Empires are lead by President James Morriana/ FE

•   Another on of our close allies Phoenix Xtreme which is currently being led by
    PX Kern as a change of command from PX Iceman need contacting by myself

    FH Sad Genie’s Diplomacy report.

•   Foxhound has been very active this past month, with the hacking, spamming
    and rebirth of the forums as well as our increase in the influx of members, not
    to mention the war in Star Trek Bridge Commander with IKF & SOJ id say
    were doing pretty well.

•   I have been looking at clans that are already established in the games that
    Foxhound support, and could possibly support in the future for the good of
    Foxhound ill keep you all posted.

•   I have contacted a 360 gaming clan, who are very strong in COD. So
    hopefully they will contact me soon about my offer.

•   I have asked to speak with Starfleet Command again, but they have not gotten
    back to me yet

•   I have asked SOJ Razzor if he wishes to make our friendship an official
    relationship, which he has accepted discussions are in progress watch the
    diplomacy section of the forums for more recent updates.
Also, I have been in contact with the {UFP} We are currently talking of a          NAP, or
MPP with this clans, as they share a lot of similarities with FH, and are about the same
age so it’s looking promising.

   So all in all, a busy, but good month.


   Vice Fleet Admiral & Acting Head Of Diplomacy

   ~Sad Genie~

                               -<FH>- Wiki News

       New Foxhound Wiki article new wikis so far 1/1/2009:

                      Foxhound Clan Of Kick Ass Gamers Wiki:

        Welcome To The Foxhound Wiki Article written by X Fleet Admiral Wing Zero!

                    Current Foxhound Logo (Last Updated 17/12/2008)

   •   The Foxhound Clan was founded by -<FH>-Wing Zero & -<FH>- Fox in a game called
       Star Trek Bridge Commander, Foxhound was originally a 2 man clan.

   •   The Foxhound Clan was made an Official clan on Febuary the 18th 2003

   •   The Foxhound Clan currently has it's very own ranking system and chain of command,
       which took many years to improve and secure including our very own home-made rank

   •   The Foxhound Wiki was setup on the 17/12/2008 by -<FH>-Wing Zero and installed by -
       <FH>-Elite Prime on the 16th.

   •   Foxhound Officially became a Multi-Gaming Clan Febuary 2008 when FH Andromeda
       requested to lead the first Foxhound Xbox 360 Division expanding Foxhound onto new
       frontiers, then he got kicked out and started a clan called GX (Gaming Xtreme) who now
       hold a firm stand in Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 on Xbox 360 according to intel (November 16th

   •   The Current High Command Are: -<FH>-Dark Dragon (Leader), -<FH>-Elite Prime
       (Fleet Admiral & 2nd In Command) and -<FH>-Sad Genie (3rd in command & Vice
       Fleet Admiral)
                              Foxhound Members Wiki:

Sad Genie (needs updating Sad Genie)

Joined: 14.02.2008

Rank: Vice Fleet Admiral (3rd In Command)

Acting: Head of Diplomacy & Head of Recruitment

I am FH Sad Genie, i have been part of Foxhound for about 10 months now. I started out
as a Cadet and worked my way up to Head of Recruitment and Head of Diplomacy.

Some of my responsibilities as a dual Head of Department are to:

                                     Head of Diplomacy

   •   To branch out to other clans, who share Foxhounds passion for Online Gaming
   •   To keep contact with our many allies
   •   To stop any wars, fights or personal attacks in game and opn the forums.
   •   To repremand any members who besmearch Foxhounds name by being rude and
       disrepectful in game
   •   To write Diplomatic Treaties, that are un-biased so that all parties involved are
       gaining equal rights.

                                    Head of Recruitment

   •   To be in game, and on the forums often enough to see new members joining
   •   To create a system of acceptance into the clan that is fair and easily understood
   •   To interview every new member, and make sure that they are aware of
       Foxhound's policies and rules
   •   To post an introduction for every new member
   •   To give all the interviews to Head of Security, -<FH>- Applefox.
 When not doing my FH Duties, i'm known as Luke. I'm 16. I listen to any music thrown
                  at me, and like to be in the company of females.
                 My msn address is :
                               Feel free to contact me.

                              Foxhound Affiliates Wiki:

                                Parlancia Forums/PLF

                 Parlancia forums is a neat little webforum located here

It has several sections, Including, A Gaming section, A Graphics section, A Tech Section,
                          A Roleplay section and A Spam Section.

We are not a clan, we are a growing community, and we'll welcome you with open arms.

                                   Feel free to join us!

Hopefully from now on, this newsletter will be monthly on the 1st of each month from now
 on if you have any queries about the newsletter or wish to add a article or 2 to the next
                                issueit please email me:


          Main Publisher and Editor – X Fleet Admiral Wing Zero

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