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					                                                              SECTION A

     Questions 1 - 5                                                         Questions 6 - 10
     Read the announcement carefully. Then, answer the questions             Read the passage below carefully. Then, answer the questions
that follow.                                                            that follow.
     Baca pengumuman di bawah dengan teliti. Kemudian jawab                  Baca petikan di bawah dengan teliti. Kemudian jawab soalan-
soalan-soalan berikut.                                                  soalan berikut.

                  COOKING COMPETITION                                       The banana is a tropical fruit. It grows very well in hot
                            2003                                        countries. It is grown on plantations in many places. The
                                                                        original home of the bananas is the East Indies and Malaysia.
     CATEGORY A : Ladies aged 45 – 55 years
                                                                            A banana plant can grow into a ‘tree’ up to six metres tall.
     Placing      Name of Winner        Type of Food                    About nine or ten months later, the plant begins to flower. A
     First        Rozila Pejok          Beef Rendang                    single bunch of fruit forms at the crown of each plant. When
     Second       Uma Menon             Chicken Kurma                   the bunch is about four months old, it is ready to be cut. A
     Third        Lily Wong             Sweet & Sour Tilapia            banana tree never bears fruit twice.
     CATEGORY B : Ladies aged 35 – 44 years
                                                                            At this time, it weighs anything from 20 to 65 kilograms.
                                                                        There may be as many as 150 individual bananas on it. Each
     First        Natalie Gafrey        Malaysian Mixed Fruit Pie
     Second       Aida Mohamed          Apple Fruit Pie                 banana is known as a ‘finger’. The fingers grow in clusters of
     Third        Roziena Abdullah      Jelly Perak Special             10 to 20, each of which is called a ‘hand’.

     CATEGORY C : Ladies aged 25 -34 years                                  Bananas are always harvested while they are still green.
                                                                        They are transported quickly to other countries in refrigerator
     First        Mary Singam           Black Forest Cake               ships. Bananas are sold in the market the whole year round.
     Second       Rohidah Bejo          Cheese Cake
     Third        Noreena Lim           Dundee Cake                     6   The banana grows well in countries that have a

     Prizes for each category                                               A   wet climate
                                                                            B   cool climate
     First Prize      :      RM1 000 + 2 tickets to Pulau Tioman            C   tropical climate
     Second Prize     :      RM750 + hamper                                 D   Mediterranean climate
     Third Prize      :      RM500
                                                                        7   How tall can a banana plant grow?

1   The competition was most probably held on                               A   200 cm
                                                                            B   400 cm
    A 01 Jan. 2003              C 16 May 2003                               C   600 cm
    B 01 May 2003               D 31 Aug. 2003                              D   800 cm

2   Puan Zarina, who is forty years old, was eligible to take part in   8   A banana plant can most probably bear fruit

    A   Category A                                                          A   once
    B   Category B                                                          B   twice
    C   Category C                                                          C   three times
    D   Category A & B                                                      D   four times

3   What type of food did Lily Wong prepare for the cooking             9   Each banana cluster is known as a
                                                                            A   finger
    A Fish                      C Mutton                                    B   crown
    B Beef                      D Chicken                                   C   bunch
                                                                            D   hand
4   What was the total amount of cash for all the winners of this
    competition?                                                        10 Why do you think the bananas are transported quickly to other
    A RM1 000.00                C RM2 250.00
    B RM1 750.00                D RM6 750.00                                A   They ripen quite quickly
                                                                            B   They ripen very slowly
5   Who do you think Pn. Rozila would take with her on the trip to          C   They can grow fast
    Pulau Tioman?                                                           D   They are popular

    A Husband                   C Stranger
    B Children                  D Pupils

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