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					Lemon law attorneys The Lemon Law has been made to protect the consumers who buy new vehicles. Every state has different procedures and standards for Lemon Law but have similar coverage. If your vehicle has undergone a number of repairs in the warranty period then your vehicle is considered as Lemon and the manufacturer is either required to replace it or repurchase it. If you have a vehicle that has been determined as a lemon then you might be in need of an attorney depending on the state in which you have bought or registered your vehicle. In some of the states you are just required to file a complaint with the proper documents. In the other states you might have to hire an attorney. In most of the states you can recover the attorney fees. If your attorney files under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act you are given the attorney fees if you win the case. The attorney fee in case of lemon law is based on the actual time that is spent on the case rather than any percentage of the recovery. However, in some of the cases where the person filing the case loses then he or she might have to pay the attorney fees. Choosing a Lemon Law attorney When you select a lemon law attorney the most important thing that you should consider is the experience of the attorney. When you approach an attorney you should ask about the experience that the attorney have in handling such cases and how many cases has the attorney handled successfully. Moreover you should also consider the educational background of the attorney also so that you are sure that he or she specializes in Lemon Law. The laws can be difficult and hence it is advised that you take the help of an attorney rather than handling the case on your own. You can ask the following questions when you approach a lemon law attorney:
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Since when has the attorney been practicing Lemon Law Is the attorney licensed to practice in the state in which you wish to file the Lemon Law case Has the attorney received any recognition, awards or honors previously in the state for his or her work In how many cases handled so far the attorney got success. How much does the attorney charge Does the attorney provide in written about the rights and the responsibilities of the client in the beginning of the case. Is a mechanical expert, hired by the attorney and if so are the charges included in the attorney fees or is he client required to pay separately. How can you assist the attorney in the lemon law case Where is the office of the attorney located Can you speak to the attorney or the staff whenever you have a doubt

How does the attorney help? The lemon law attorney should be well versed with the laws and would represent you in front of the warranty company or the automobile company. It is difficult for you alone to face the companies on your own and hence it is advised that you take the help of a Lemon Law attorney. The attorney would check all your documents regarding the warranty and repair papers. The attorney would get your vehicle examined and determine the defect and the manner in which the company should have acted. Usually the Lemon Law cases are settled out of court but in case the company does not agree for a settlement or if the client is not satisfied then the case goes for trial. The attorney would represent you and make sure that you get the compensation or the replacement for the vehicle. Lemon law attorneys

Some of the lemon law attorneys functioning in different states of U.S are mentioned below. Ron Weiss: He has successfully represented a number of clients against the manufacturers. The attorney would speak to you personally about the case and provides fast service. You can contact him at 7035 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 600; West Bloomfield, MI 48322; Phone: 248-737-8000; Fax: 248-737-8003; Email: Burdge Law Firm: They are a team of experienced lemon law attorneys and devoted themselves to deal with consumer issues related to lemon laws. They have helped a number of clients in getting the right compensation for their vehicles. You can contact them at 2299 Miamisburg; Centerville Road; Dayton, OH 454593817; 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free; 937-432-9500 Phone; 937-432-9503 Fax; 888-331-6471 Toll Free Fax; Email Joseph P. Garin: They have a staff of experienced and professional lemon law attorneys with many years of experience. They have successfully dealt with a number of lemon law cases and helped a number of clients successfully in getting the compensation. You can contact them at 528 South Eight St.; Suite A; Las Vegas, Nevada 89101; Phone: 888-453-6667; Fax: (888) 334-8333 Greg Artim: They are a consumer attorney that specializes in dealing with lemon law cases and protecting the rights of the consumers in other areas also. You can contact them at 1751 Lincoln Highway; North Versailles, PA 15137; Phone: (412) 823-8003 or 1-888-LEMON-44 or 1-888-536-6644. e-mail: Wynkoop & Thomas P.C: They serve clients all over the state of Colorado. They have till date helped a number of clients in getting the compensation for their vehicles under the lemon law. You can contact them at 4410 Yates Street; Denver, Colorado 80212; phone: 720-855-0451; 720-855-0469 (fax).

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