Employees Ideas to Save Hospitals Money

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					Employee Ideas That Will Save Hospitals Money
What are some employee ideas that will save hospital money? If your employees are going to save your hospital money, they are going to have to view the hospital as their business. Until they see how the lavish use of products, supplies, and energy will affect them, they will not change. Unfortunately, most people have the what’s in it for me mentality. Change their mind and you will drastically decrease the expenses for the hospital. Here are 5 practical tips: 1. Turn off the lights – one of the biggest expenses are the amount of energy that is being used when no one is in the room or using the equipment. 2. Paper Towels – When washing your hands in the restroom do not grab a handful of towels. Use one. 3. Toilet Paper – You do not need a whole roll to wipe. I will leave it at that. 4. Towels – Do a study that shows how many towels were stolen, or accidentally taken home. But, do not let the numbers depress you. 5. Office Supplies – Most employees do not factor in the cost of something as small as a paperclip, pen or paper. When these are overused the expenses will climb very easily.

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