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									Integrating Offline and Online: Best Practices
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If you’ve had trouble …

       Integrating online media with offline media
     Integrating online creative with offline creative
      Integrating online creative with online media
      Integrating offline creative with offline media

                    This is for you …

When You Don’t Integrate …

                 Lost Leads and                Lost
                      Sales                Efficiencies

                           Value “Minus”              Employees
       Look and Feel
                                Vs.                 and Publishers
                            Value “Add”

         Customers and
           Prospects         Duplication

The World We Live In …

               Rampant Media Fragmentation
           Changing Media Consumption Patterns
           Blurring of Traditional and “New” Media
               Blurring of Media and Creative
   Clients Seek “Best Of Breed” Partners vs. Single Partner
    Accountability Of Spending More Important Than Ever

          Integration Is A Strategic And Executional
          Mandate To Maintain A Competitive Edge

Key Headlines …

             You all play a part in integration
                  It is your responsibility
            Everyone has a different definition
          Define common terms and expectations
            Integration terms need to be clear
                         It is hard

             Our main goal … make it easier

                      Rule #1: Mandate It

• If you are a client, mandate integration among your
   • Lead regular integration summits
   • Define what you mean by integration
      • Strategic? Executional? Both?
   • Use examples, either in house or from another client/category
   • Hold all partners formally accountable in annual reviews
• If you lead an agency team, work closely with client
  to get them to mandate it
   • Oversee all work and make sure it is integrated
   • Hold your team accountable

                        Rule #2: Enable It

• After mandating it, you need to enable it
   • Educate, using examples
   • Get employees involved
      • Monthly brown bags with team participation
   • Stay on top of well-integrated campaigns out there
   • Develop processes and “ways of thinking” that will enable it
   • Allow your teams and agencies to meet frequently
   • Eliminate silos in your own organization
   • Create an organization that will foster integration
   • Approve travel budgets if your partners are in different cities
   • Be open … forget traditional conventions

                       Rule #3 – Incent It

• If possible, create incentives for your
  employees/partners to develop integrated programs
   • Set clear objectives and deliverables for what an integrated
     program looks like
   • Create a reward system
      • Percentage of bonus for bonused employees
      • Spot bonuses for other employees
      • Other employee recognition programs

                    Rule #4: Processize It

• Develop a clear process to ensure integration
   • Work with your various partners to develop one communications
     briefing document
      • Should guide creative and communications planning all in one
   • Brief all partners at the same time
   • Create rules of “engagement” among partners and client
   • Make the desired outcome clear
   • Make sure senior management is involved at key junctures
   • Allow sufficient time for reworking

                      Rule #5: Notice It

• Go to networking events
   • Award shows are particularly good
• Consume the media – if not natural, force yourself.
  You are in this business
• Read the trades – lots of great case studies in them
• Subscribe to e-newsletters
• Be curious, ask questions
• Keep a file of things you notice that are well-

               Rule #6: Make It Emotional …

• Most “old timers” think new media can’t capture
  emotions like TV
   • If you’re an online person, quit relying solely on the media
     consumption data – it’s the rational side of the story
   • Need to show how online can present the emotional side of a
        • Flash, video, podcasts, blogs
   • Develop a sizzle presentation and shop it around
   • Use your rich media partners to put this together – they have a
     vested interest as well

             Rule #7: Remove the P&L Barrier

• In many media organizations, different P&Ls create
  internal competition for funds by medium
• This is disastrous
• If you are a senior client or agency person, do
  everything you can to eliminate this
• In the meantime, education can help
   • Online education of offline counterparts (who usually hold the
     keys to the budget kingdom)
   • Treat them like your first client
   • Ask how you can help them – not “where is my share of the

                Rule #8: Don’t Forget Anyone

• It’s not just about offline and online media
• Don’t forget
   •   Web Development
   •   Promotions
   •   Events/Experience Marketing
   •   Multicultural
   •   Public Relations
   •   Alternate Channels (Retail/Wholesaler/Dealer Groups)

                       Rule #9: Celebrate It

• When you or your team have done a well-integrated
  job, celebrate it
   •   Internally, and with client
   •   Capture it and share it
   •   Draw conclusions and implications for future programs
   •   Merchandise to upper management
   •   Talk to your PR people – perhaps it’s press or award worthy!

                   Case Studies

• 2006 Hyundai Sonata Launch
• WIP with Azera

                2006 Hyundai Sonata Launch

• Campaign goals
    • Introduce and build excitement for first new vehicle in years
    • Assist in new brand positioning – A Hyundai Like You’ve Never
      Seen Before
    • Ensure consistent communication touchpoint across all media

• Creative Goals
    • Communicate 3 Sonata key pillars
        • Comfort
        • Performance
        • Safety


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