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Internet cashcow

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Use your internet make passive income.

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									   How to raise “Internet
  Cashcows” with a $100

 They will feed you with enough Cash flow
           for the rest of your life

An Easy, Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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              Secret of Making Money on the Internet

If I tell you that you can create massive wealth and a substantial cash flow if you invest a $100 (a mere
hundred dollar bill), would you believe me? Well then, you are not going to believe a story in which a guy who
traded a red paper clip for a flashy, big house using just the Internet. Both statements are true. Indeed, the
guy with the red paper clip traded a number of items and finally ended up with a flashy, big mansion in an
American suburb. I have created a cash flow starting just with a $100 investment. Continue to read on the

Everyone wants to build wealth and a substantial monthly cash flow. However, in real life it is much more a
difficult task as there is a considerable initial investment required. This is why we work for others and try to
make the ends meet for a whole lifetime. Thanks to the Internet era, now anyone can start an online business
and make money, create cashflow and build wealth in enough time, if they have a right idea and execute it
very well. Like any other business, an online business also tests your patience and teaches you lessons and
puts you in a tough position. If you swim past the hurdles and initial tough phase, you would be laughing at

Let me tell you how I came to understand the secret of making money online. On one fine day, I was travelling
by the country-side and saw a group of big fat cows. I decided to stop and ask the farmer about his
experiences on farming and particularly raising and managing those fat cows. I was hoping that I could draw
few lessons from his farming business. I started asking few questions about the farmer and started listening to
his stories. I am glad that I did.

The farmer said, he bought 10 calves of cow species named 'Holstein' (Holsteins are the world's highest milk
producing cow species) on a bank loan. He raised the calves by feeding them like his babies. Days flew,
months gone and just after few years - the calves matured as cows. They are no longer skinny, young calves,
they had become big fat cows. Each healthy cow weighed on an average 1500 pounds and produced between
6,000 to 8,000 litres every year (that is 20-30 litres every single day for whole year). Now, after all those
initial hard-working years, the farmer doesn't spend much time or money on taking care of the cows. The
cows graze over the farm, drink water and roam around whole day and produces milk. The farmer has a herd
of 30 cows as of now and enjoys his days spending most of his time with children. Cows eat whatever they
like, drink when they are thirsty and produce milk for the farmer.

                                       Raise cash cows and benefit from them later

It struck me like a bullet - this is a perfect analogy for us, the people who are trying to make money online.
Yes, the big fat cash cow is the answer to our cash quest. When you start a money making venture online, it is
just like a small, young calf. It needs all your attention, efforts and time for the initial growth period. Mind
you, as the calf grows (your venture rises from the ground) you won't get even a penny for the first few
months. But, we should not give up at this stage. We need to put all our hard work at it. As your calf grows
into a healthy, big fat cow, then the money will start flowing in. In few weeks later, you need not work on
nurturing the cow. The big fat cash cow will manage itself and you will continuously milk it for it's lifetime.
How cool is that? Then what do you do? Either enjoy the fruits of your hard work, go and create another big,
fat cash cow.
         10 Great ideas that raise “Internet Cashcows”
Let us look at 10 online business ideas that you can use to create wealth and cash flow for the rest of your
life. Each one is a big, fat cash cow and you can start any one with just a $100 investment. Yes, with a mere

    1. Blog and Contextual Ads:

        If you like writing, you can start a blog (online journal) and write on a specific topic or a number of
        topics. Choose a topic that you like most and post short snippets of helpful information (about 300
        words eac) on your blog. Once you gain a readership and th posts count reaches 50, include
        contextual ads such Google Adsense, Adbrite and/or Kontera ads. You will earn whenever a visitor
        clicks on the advertisements. The cost of setting up a blog is zero (with a free Blogger or Wordpress
        platform) however, you may buy your own domain by spending $10 to get rid of the .blogspot
        or .wordpress extension from the url. Create a network of blogs and implement Adsense, and you will
        be slowly building a good cash flow from the ad impressions and clicks. For more tips, refer to 5 Little
        Known Things about Making Money with Adsense

    2. Blog and Text link Ads:
   With the same blog, when it is more than 4 months old and a get a decent page rank (3 or more), you
   can rent ad spaces on your main page. These are called text link ads, where you will charge a monthly
   price for displaying a link ad on your blog's sidebar. There are programs such as Text Link Ads,
   Linkworth that offer text link ads and you can specify if you would include a 'no-follow' tag to avoid
   search engine rank penalties. You need good traffic to get a high monthly price and you could get up
   to $100 a month, if you have 300 visitors a day. Read this hub Earn at least $500 per month from Just
   Blogging for more information.

3. Stock Photographs:

   If you have got a digital camera, then spend your weekends in shooting some good quality stock
   photographs. Use brightly lit, white backgrounds with a white sheet and table lamp and shoot some
   commonly published photos. Magazines and online web media designers constantly need stock
   photographs that are of high quality and are ready to give you between a dollar to $200 for a
   photograph. If you shoot stock photographs and submit to stock photo site, whenever someone
   downloads a photo, you will earn a commission of $1 from it. With a popular stock photograph, you
   could earn $100 for every month for 100 downloads. If you own the camera, then the investment is
   zero and you need to learn few tricks of the trade and you can start making money immediately. You
   can download a FREE e-book "How to Make Real Money with a Digital Camera" (2 Mb) that teaches
   how to create a cash flow with stock photography. Right-click and select 'Save Target as' to download
   the .pdf file.

4. Illustrations/Designs:
   If you have got the designing skills, you are very lucky. Millions of bloggers, companies are looking for
   designers to design logos, websites, illustrations and the web has dissolved the boundaries. You could
   create a portfolio (with a free blog), and showcase your best designs and get design orders. You can
   join freelance job sites which offer plenty of offers and design requests and you can make money as
   much as you like. Your time is the investment and you can get the design jobs from some of the free
   job directories.

5. Writing an E-book:

   Got something good for a book? Then, sit down and type it. You can instantly publish your own e-book,
   set a price and start selling immediately. The key is to advertise in the right place for a right price.
   There are plenty of people looking for advice, tips on almost anything right from 'How to make bread?'
   to 'How to attract more women?'. There are some topics that sell like hot cakes and you need to know
   to make your e-book a success.

6. Affiliate marketing:

   You could use your website or the blog to promote products and when you sell a product, you get a
   commission of 20% to 60%. There are a number of market places from where you can choose a
   product and start promoting for sales. Be aware that you will be paid different type of commission
   with each product and the company that offers to you. You need to know some of the tricks such as
   cloaking the affiliate url links, marketing techniques and reviewing skills to make your readers buy
   the product.
7. Marketing yourself:

   Internet is a wonderful to market anything. And the best product that you can market and benefit
   from it is, You. You can market your skills, your beauty and /or your ability to the world with the right
   set of tools. There are social network sites such as Orkut, LinkedIn and Facebook that allows you to
   build profiles, helps you to reconnect with friends using which you can network with anyone across
   the globe. Based on your interests you could find a partner, a better career or launch your business
   making use of contacts you acquire through social network sites.

8. Paid Surveys:

   You probably would have heard about the companies that pay to fill out surveys and that pay you to
   express your opinions. People think that every such company is a fraud and scam. It is not. Companies
   actually spend millions of their money to know what customers like and dislike. Now, with the help of
   internet, their job is easy as they can be at one place and collect valuable opinions and feedback
   from all over the globe. Why wouldn't they pay you get such valuable information instantly? Yes, there
   are bogus companies and scam agents that get your opinions and sell for money and do not pay you.
   That doesn't mean that the opportunity doesn't exist. If only you know which are the genuine offers
   and good companies that are trustworthy, you can make money sitting at home, sipping coffee and
   filling out survey forms. You can download a FREE e-book "How to Make Real Money with Paid Surveys"
   (946kb) that teaches how to genuinely make money by filling surveys. Right-click and select 'Save
   Target as' to download the pdf file.

9. Freelance writing:

   If you are writer or if you can write articles using good English, then you could try your hand at
   freelance writing. As you know, the entire web revolves around good content (Content is the King!).
   There is an insatiable need for good content and you can grab those opportunities if you know where
   to look for. You could earn anywhere between $5 to $25 for a 300 word article. You can use the web to
   research and gather information, but the only criteria is that the content you write must be in your
   own words. You are not allowed to directly quote from other online or offline resources however, you
   may rephrase and include the source from where you got that bit of information. You need to know
   which freelance directories offer good price and prompt payments to you which is critical. You can
   make money using Hubpages writing articles, feel free to download the e-book Make Real Money
   with Hubpages.

10. Offer Live Expert advice:

   If you have a Personal Computer with an Internet connection and a speaker and microphone kit, you
   can offer counseling on web. We offer advices to our friends in daily life, and in the web, there are
        plenty of people seeking such advice and expert tips. And they would be ready to pay as much as $50
        to $150 for an hour consulting session. You can choose your working hours (counseling times) and
        specify the rates that you would like to charge.

                Get Rich Now! Take Actions!!
Now, you know there are plenty of opportunities available on the web that allows you to create wealth by
starting with a less than $100 investment. But, even though plenty of people trying to make money, only few
succeed. Because, they know something that others don't know. There are plenty of free information available
on the web for free. But, those information are useless. What you really need is knowledge - the ability to use
those information in the right context. The free information is cheap but it is also not readily help you to start
an online business. There is a work around, if you are ready to pay, there are highly useful knowledge
resources that teach you how to make a head-start and make your first $1000 on the web.

Yes, you heard from your grand ma that there is no free lunch. We have put together an elaborate e-course,
Get Rich, Blokes! that offers all the tricks and tips on making money online using the above mentioned
methods. The course assumes that you are a novice and teaches all the tricks that you will need to create
wealth using all of the above said methods. It is a compilation of all the expert advices that you might need
for creating the cash flow. However, it is not a quick, get rich scheme that promises you the overnight money.
You will learn the tips and tricks of the trade, you will earn only when you start working on them (as in any
other genuine business).
There is a $50 investment ($10 off of you are lucky) to enrol in the course and you will get heaps of useful e-
books, ready-to-use websites and methods that you can use to build the wealth right away. You will get a
personal, one-to-one coaching and useful knowledge base that teaches everything to make money online. Your
$50 investment will be back by the first week, even if you choose to apply only one of the online money
making method properly. The product comes with a money-back guarantee and if you are not satisified with
the product, we will gladly refund your money. There's nothing to lose if you are anxious about making wealth
online, this is the right way to go. So, what are you waiting for? Get Rich, Blokes!

Enrol at the Get Rich, Blokes ( to get the much needed knowledge on making
money online. Let us teach you the legitimate ways to create wealth from online businesses and guide you to
avoid the traps and scams that 90% of people fall in. The product comes with a money back guarantee and you
could get your investment within the first month of implementing the online business model that we teach.
Why wait, Go and Get Rich.

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