Best Student Awards

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Best Student Awards
The Dadi Awards in association with Leeds Live it Love it and                 Sponsored by:

in connection with digital agency MadeByPi are looking to give
an award to the best digital student. We are calling all students
to enter these awards and be in the running to win one of these
coveted digital industry accolades.
This is a fantastic opportunity for students have their work seen
and awarded by top digital creatives in the industry, including
digital guru Phil Jones and the creator of the “Compare the
Market/Meerkat” campaign, Steve Vranakis.
All you have to do is enter a website you have designed and
developed. You may enter once or as many times as you like but
each entry must be treated as a separate entry. Just like the real
world, the deadline is strict and tight, enter by
Friday 23rd October.

YOu enTrY ShOuLD inCLuDe:
•	 URL	or	Jpeg	images	of	the	website	you	are	entering
•	 300	word	report	on	the	brief	for	the	website	and	
   what was done to fulfil the brief
•	 Complete	one	copy	of	the	entry	form	with	your	details
•	 Email	your	submission	to	

The	cost	to	enter	the	awards	is	£20	per	entry	
£200	per	university	and	as	many	students	as	you	like	can	enter.	
                                                                                      Sponsored by:

Best Student Awards
enTrY FOrM
Student Name:


College / Uni Address:

Tutor name:

Student email address:

Tutor email address:

Entry title:

No of entries:

PAYMenT (please tick)

         £20 per entry

         £200 per university

         I enclose a cheque made payable to Carnyx Group Ltd for £ ________

         Please debit my       Mastercard   Visa    Switch for £ ________

Card No.:

Expiry Date:                                               Issue No. (Switch only):

Security No.:

Name of Cardholder:


Fax	back	FAO	Kim	Baran	on	0141	559	6050	or	post	to	
Kim	Baran,	Dadi	Awards,	4th	Floor,	Mercat	Building,	26	Gallowgate,	Glasgow,	G1	5AB	or	
email	to	Tel:	0141	559	6078