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                                                                                                   September 18, 2008
                   Our school's bi-weekly newsletter
                   www.peelschools.org/plumtreepark                                                       Volume 1
Friday, September 19 is a reorganization and professional development day. There will be no school for our students. Due to
fluctuations in our enrolment and Ministry classroom size caps, we will be doing some reorganization of students. We are losing one of
our new teachers, Mlle McFarlane, who will be placed in another Peel school. Her Grade 3 French immersion class will be assi gned to
Mme Letchford. Due to insufficient students in our Grade 1 French Immersion level, Mme Letchford's Grade 1 students will be dispersed
to the remaining four Grade 1 classes. All primary classes will meet the Ministry mandate of 20 students and not greater than 23.

In our Junior French Immersion division no teachers will be lost, however there will be a redistribution of a few students in order to best
meet the Ministry mandate for 25 students per class (no greater than 28). As a result of the fixed class sizes, we must create a combined
Grade 5/6 class to stay within the guidelines. Mlle McMurrich will be teaching that class. Thank you to all of the staff and parents who
have made this transition so successful!

A very special Thank You to the Sunshine Committee for the delicious baked goods and refreshments provided for staff on Friday,
September 5th. It was a great way to kick off the new school year! Thank You!

Winners of the draw for reading the opening newsletter and returning the tear off slip were Amanda M. and Parthiv B. in 1EL; Ama M.,
Tabitha J. and Arrefah R. in 5TA; Andrei B. in 2LA; Rachel D. in 6WA; Alex N. in 45C; Lucas G. in 2AR; Breanna J. in 45M class; and
Stephane G. in 3SO. Each student received a Plum Tree Park water bottle.
Milk Program will begin on Monday, September 22 .

Pizza - Today was our first pizza day of this school year. If you have not paid by cheque per term or for the entire year, pizza money is
due on Monday.

Treat Day – Our treat day has been modified slightly to make it easier for everyone involved (students, staff and volunteers). Beginning
Tuesday, September 23 , teachers will be collecting money in the morning and taking 'orders' for treats. These treats will then be
delivered and distributed in the classes for afternoon snack. Our exciting treat choices for term one are as follows: Doritos, Ketchup
Chips, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Fudge Cookies. Thank you for your support so far. Please continue to send
in your loonies to support this worthwhile fundraising cause.

Mark your Calendars - Thursday, October 2nd is our Plum Tree Park Open House and Harvest Social. This is a time for parents
and teachers to meet and greet one another and for parents to visit their children's classroom. We will be pre-selling a "special harvest
treat" on this special day. More information including tickets will be coming home soon!

                                          Safety is our priority at Plum Tree Park!
Attendance Check - We are in need of parents who can commit to one hour each morning to help in the office with our Attendance
check program. A Criminal Record Check is not necessary to begin this role. Without parental support, we may not be able to run this
most worthwhile program. This job would entail phoning the homes of students whose absences are questionable and to verify that they
are safe at home. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Warren at 905-824-0155. Thank you in advance!

Kiss 'N Ride - Parent volunteers are urgently needed from 8:45 a.m. to 9:10 a.m. to assist children exiting from parents' vehicles and
entering the school grounds. Please contact Ms. Sue Marks at 905-824-0155 if you are interested in volunteering. Safety comes first
and we need your help to provide this added service to parents/students.

Parking - Thank you to all those parents who have been parking on the side streets and walking their children to school. Just a reminder
that the Kiss 'N Ride lane and the drive through lane are one and the same. No parking is allowed in this lane. Please note that there
are "NO PARKING" signs on the west side of Tenth Line. PYLONS are being placed across the north and south driveways for
SAFETY REASONS during bus and kiss n' ride drop off from 8:55 a.m. to 9:10 a.m. This reduces traffic congestion and crossing of
bus/kiss 'n ride lanes when entering and exiting. Once again at 3:40 p.m. buses will pull up to the stop sign in the bus lane effectively
blocking off the entrance to the north driveway until loading is complete. The actual student crosswalk drop off/pick up area is now on
the north end of the school closer to the flagpole!

School Hours - As noted in our handbook school begins at 9:10 a.m. Please note that school yard supervision by teachers begins
at 8:55 a.m. Students should not be left in the yard prior to this time. In addition, our lunch hour this year runs from 11:55 a.m. to
12:55 p.m., morning recess is from 10:50 to 11:05 a.m. and afternoon recess is from 2:35 to 2:50 p.m.

Crosswalk Times – Just a reminder that Mrs. Black, the crossing guard at Derry Road and Danton Promenade, is at this intersection
before school from 8:35 to 9:05 a.m., during lunch hour from 11:55 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. and 12:25 to 12:55 p.m. and after school from 3:40
to 4:10 p.m. Students are reminded to cross this busy intersection with Mrs. Black's assistance. Other crosswalk locations for Plum Tree
Park are under review by the City of Mississauga.

Peanut-Free Lunches & Snacks - Due to the ever-increasing number of students and staff with life-threatening peanut allergies, we will
continue to try to keep Plum Tree Park peanut-free. We would like to thank all of our families for not sending peanut and nut products to
school for lunches and snacks and would remind everyone that we will continue this safe practice. W e would also ask that if you would
like to bring in birthday treats to celebrate your child's birthday, they should be non-food items i.e. special pencils, stickers, erasers, etc.

Medication - The policy of Peel District School Board is that parents arrange with their physician for medication which can be
administered before and after school. However, we recognize that this is not always possible. If your child requires medication during
school hours, please contact the school office for a form which must be completed and signed by both the physician and the
parent/guardian. It is essential that the school be aware of and monitor/control any medication at school for the well-being of all our
students. We appreciate your co-operation with this important request.

              Lunch Arrangements - Students who remain at school over the lunch period are expected to remain on the school
              property for the duration of lunch. Students who normally eat lunch at school should bring a note for those rare occasions
              when they have alternate lunch arrangements.
Student Responsibility – Students need to remember to take all their homework and related books home each day. Our custodial staff
are on a very tight schedule each day and every interruption puts them behind. We ask that students and parents do not go into the
hallway beyond the PLASP doors after 4:00 p.m. Once the classroom doors are locked, they must stay that way.
 Fundraising Committee and Magazine Drive - We are pleased to bring back the magazine drive for the 9 consecutive year. The past
 8 years have been very successful under the direction of Karen Davie. Thank you Karen for your commitment and dedication! This year
 with a change in leadership, the fundraising committee has once again partnered with Canadian Reading Plan (CCRP) to kick off our
 2008/2009 school year and fundraising campaign.

 Magazines make great Christmas gifts especially for the “hard to buy” person and they’re a gift that keeps giving all year long! Through
 our magazine drive, you may also renew your current home and/or office subscriptions (which begin after your current subscription(s)
 expire). New subscriptions and renewals all count as sales for Plum Tree.

 The monies raised by our fundraising activities will help to pay for programs such as Dr. B. and skating trips, just to mention a couple.
 By supporting our magazine drive, Plum Tree receives 37% of sales back. Last year we raised $9,600! This year, as in previous years,
 there will be sales incentives for the students who bring in subscriptions. There will be Early Bird Draws, for students who bring in
 subscriptions the week of October 7 , as well as we have BIGGER and BETTER prizes this year. Prizes and incentives will be
 announced at the month-end assembly and in the next Plum Line. STAY TUNED! You won’t want to miss it!

 Our magazine kick off this year will take place on Tuesday September 30th at our morning assembly. Magazine order forms will go
                               nd                                             th
 home on Thursday, October 2 with orders due back on Tuesday, October 14 (day after Thanksgiving). Please help support our
 students and our school programs.

 Parents, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer member of our Fundraising Committee, please do not hesitate to contact the
 school. All are welcome!                                                                                  Snezana Milanovich
Photo Day Thursday, September 25 - Please send your children dressed appropriately and with their biggest smiles. There is no pre-
payment required. Please see attached form.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, Walkman's, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Skateboards, Heeleys - As a reminder, these popular items should remain
at home. In the past, recess play and related activity time with these items results in ever increasing conflicts and injuries and we had to
state that these items were no longer welcome at school. As always, we count on your support for this necessary policy to ensure
positive recesses for everyone and to minimize classroom distractions which interfere with teaching/learning time! If a student chooses to
wear heeleys, the wheels must be up inside the soles of the shoes at all times!

Board sets dates for Teacher Training - The board has set two teacher professional learning days for Monday, November 3, 2008
and Monday, May 11, 2009. These days will provide professional learning to help improve student outcomes in literacy and encourage
student success in making transitions. These new days have been added to the school year of every school in the province and is a
requirement of the Ministry of Education. There will be no school for students on these days.

A complete list of training dates for schools is available on the Peel Board's website at www.peelschools.org in the "Spotlight" section.

Volunteers - If you would like to volunteer on school trips or in the school, we are attaching a volunteer form for completion. Please
return the completed form to your child's teacher. You must also have a completed criminal record check on file with the Board. This
form is available in the office and must be submitted to Peel Police Headquarters. When submitted in September, it can take up to 12
weeks to be processed due to the number of submissions. Please see below.

Criminal Records Check - As part of the Board's responsibility under the law to provide a safe and secure working and learning
environment for students and employees, all school volunteers are required to provide proof of a criminal records check. This reflects
recommendations of a provincial government inquiry, "Protecting Our Students: A review to identify and prevent sexual misconduct in
Ontario Schools" and the government's Code of Conduct for Schools.

Peel Regional police will complete the screening process free of charge for volunteers who live in the region of Peel. A Criminal Records
Check form is available for pick up in the office. It must be submitted in person to Peel Police at the Peel Regional Police Headquarters
at 7750 Hurontario St., Brampton. When completed, it will be returned to you by mail. It should then be immediately submitted to the
school in a sealed envelope with your signature on the seal and also marked "Confidential", "Criminal Records Check". Plum Tree
Park will then forward the criminal reference check to Human Resources at the Peel District School Board. Peel Regional Police is
having a day for submission of Criminal Record Checks on Saturday, October 4 . More information will follow in the next newsletter.
Terry Fox Run - We will be participating in our annual Terry Fox run on Friday, September 26 . We will be requesting a donation of
$2.00 from each student for our Toonies for Terry campaign. We welcome parents and caregivers who would like to join us on our walk
around our neighbourhood. Please see attached letter.

The Buzz from the Phys. Ed. Dept. - Intramurals at Plum Tree Park - Our 2008/2009 Intramural season at Plum Tree Park begins on
September 22 . Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 students will have the opportunity to participate in fun, active lunch recess sports. The goals of our
recreational intramural program are active participation and consolidation of the skills we are developing through our Physical Education
program. Students are encouraged to check the bulletin board outside the Phys. Ed. Office for schedules and further information. We
look forward to a fun and active Fall!                                                                                      Mr. Crossley

Daily Physical Activity - As part of the Ministry initiative, Healthy Schools Program for Daily Physical Activity (DPA), all schools must
participate in some form of daily physical activity for a minimum of 20 minutes every day. Here are some helpful tips to prepare your child
for DPA. Wear clothing that allows for movement, have appropriate indoor and outdoor shoes, have a water bottle, have nutritious
snacks and be prepared to go outside for DPA wearing weather appropriate clothing.

Dates to Remember:
            Tuesday, September 23 – Treat day – treats are $1.00 each
            Thursday, September 25 – Pizza day - $1.75 per slice payable on Monday (11 pizza days left this term @ $1.75 per
            slice/per week = $19.25, 2 term - $21.00 and third term - $22.75)
            Thursday, September 25 – Picture Day
            Friday, September 26th – Terry Fox Walk @ 9:30 a.m. Wear red and white.
                                     th                    rd
            Monday , September 29 to Friday, October 3 – Book Fair Week
            Tuesday, September 30 – Month End Celebration Assemblies and Magazine Kick-off. - Gr. 1, 3 & 5 @ 10:00 a.m. and
            Gr. 2, 4 & 6 @ 11:10 a.m.
            Thursday, October 2 – Open House and Harvest Social
            Sunday, October 5 – World Teacher's Day

Attachments:            Letter from the Director of Education                   Peel Board Trustees
                        Toonies for Terry                                       2008/2009 School Year Calendar
                        A note from your trustee                                Safe Schools brochure
                        Schools use many strategies to keep children safe       Subscribe to receive parent-child activities
                        Volunteer forms                                         Canadian Parents for French flyer (Gr. 1 – 4 FI only)
                        Photo day reminder                                      Parent Talk

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